AMC Update Wednesday 10/13/10

All My Children Update Wednesday 10/13/10


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Erica’s place) Greenlee is getting stir crazy and decides to walk out into the hallway and Jackson is surprised that she has stepped out into the hallway because the press is close by but Greenlee tells him she couldn’t take being in the house anymore. Greenlee wonders why Jackson came by and he says he needs to work on the case but he doesn’t want to leave her in the house alone and Kendall arrives just in time to stay with Greenlee. Greenlee thinks that Kendall should be working on the launch of a new Fusion product but Kendall tells her that can wait because it is important for her to be with her right now and nothing else matters to her not even the company.

(Jesse and Angie’s place) Angie tells Jesse that she doesn’t want to do the amniocentesis because she can’t handle anymore bad news. Angie explains to Jesse that the test is recommended for her high-risk pregnancy but that doesn’t mean that it is mandatory and cold pose a risk to the baby. Angie tells Jesse she has a craving for one of Krystal’s Jalapeno burgers so Jesse drives her to the restaurant but Angie just wants to avoid the topic of the test because she doesn’t feel like arguing with Jesse.

(Krystal’s) Tad is depressed about a case Krystal offers to talk about it with him but he tells her he doesn’t feel like talking about the case.

(Ryan’s place) Madison arrives and tries to get Ryan’s mind off Greenlee’s trial but not talking about it but she knows he can’t think about anything else. Ryan assures Madison that when Greenlee’s trial they can focus on each other and their vacation. Madison tells Ryan she wants to have a fashion show to show him the swimsuits she bought for their vacation.

(Erica’s place) Kendall assures Greenlee that she will get through this because she isn’t alone she has a lot of people on her side. Greenlee tells Kendall that she already feels convicted even before the trial. Kendall decides that Greenlee needs to cheer up so she calls Ryan asking for an idea to avoid the press so that Greenlee can have a party to cheer her up. Madison offers to be a decoy for the press and drive to Confusion so that Ryan and Kendall can drive Greenlee to Kendall’s house. Kendall tells Greenlee not to worry because Ryan doesn’t remember that the vial was in his Jacket pocket so nobody can prove he killed David.

(Krystal’s) Jackson arrives and shows Krystal the list of suspects he has besides Ryan to create reasonable doubt in the mind of the jury. Krystal tells jack he won’t be a very popular guy in Pine Valley if he calls these people to testify at the trial. Jesse and Angie arrive and Jackson asks to talk to Jesse alone. Jackson tells Jesse that he intends to call him and Angie to testify at Greenlee’s trial. Jesse pleads with Jack to call him but not Angie because she has enough challenges in her life and doesn’t need one more. Angie tells Krystal her fears about the amniocentesis test and Krystal says she did the test when she was pregnant with Jenny even though she was scared and felt alone. Krystal assures Angie that she can have the test and face whatever happen because she has Jesse and her family and isn’t alone.

(Kendall’s place) Kendall, Ryan and Greenlee arrive at Kendall’s house where Jake and Amanda are waiting with pizza and a karaoke machine. Jake tells Greenlee that they all believe that she is innocent and will soon be a free woman. Ryan stays for a while but then gets a call from Tad to meet him at Confusion because he has some information that won’t be good for him. Kendall misses Zach and Greenlee tells her that the reason Zach isn’t home isn’t her fault like she thinks and maybe she should call him. Madison arrives and Greenlee asks her to stay and thanks her for helping her today. Madison tells her that Ryan wanted to help and he cares about her a lot and they both want her to be free and get on with her life.

(Confusion) Tad introduces Ryan to Nick Pierce a man who was a guest at the yacht club that night and bumped into him and said that he seemed confused and said someone would die tonight. Ryan persuades the man to testify at the trial because if he doesn’t he will tell his wife about his lover. Ryan asks Tad to hide Nick from Liza since the element of surprise is important for the trial. Tad asks Ryan if he is sure he wants to do this and he is positive that he did it now and he doesn’t want Greenlee to go to jail for a crime he committed.

(Jesse and Angie’s place) Angie tells Jesse to schedule the test for the baby since she can handle anything as long as he is by her side. Angie tells Jesse she heard the conversation he had with Jackson and she can even handle testifying at the trial.

(Kendall’s house) Kendall calls Zach and tells him she has decided to move home with the boys and hopes that he will come home soon so they can work on their marriage like a real couple. Ryan gets a call from Tad telling him that he has hidden Nick until tomorrow and Ryan asks him to tell Jackson about Nick. Ryan goes inside Kendal’s house and Greenlee asks him if he thinks that Kendall and Zach can work things out and he says yes because when a couple is really in love they can get through anything together. Ryan also tells Greenlee that she will be a free woman soon.

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