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All My Children Update Tuesday 10/12/10


Written by Eva
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(Chandler Mansion) Scott tells Caleb that he stole Palmer’s nanotech idea after Palmer’s death and registered it as his own idea. JR and Annie tell Scott not to say anymore but he tells them he is tired of the lies and apologizes to Caleb for betraying Palmer’s trust in him. Caleb is positive that JR and Annie knew about this and covered it up and he is determined to make everyone pay for stealing Palmer’s idea and company. Caleb tells JR that this battle is just starting and maybe he will not only make sure that AJ stays with Marissa but he will take Chandler Enterprises from him just like he stole Cortlandt Electronics from Palmer. JR tells Caleb he can’t use this information in the custody case because he can’t prove that he (JR) knew that Scott stole Palmer’s idea. Caleb tells JR that if he really had any Cooney blood in him he would never have stolen the idea from Palmer. Caleb tells JR that he will find proof that he knew about the stolen idea and he will make sure that he pays for what he done. The FBI arrives because Scott called them and they take him to the police station to make an official statement.

(Hospital) Angie talks to Jesse on the phone and tells him she will be very happy to take a break and have lunch with him. Natalia arrives and tells Angie she didn’t appreciate her telling Krystal that she and Brot were in a relationship together when they don’t have a relationship at all other then friendship. Angie can tell by Natalia’s tone of voice that she and Brot do have a relationship or else Natalia wouldn’t be so upset by her remarks to Krystal. Natalia admits that she doesn’t know what to call what she has with Brot because she has never had time for a romantic relationship since all she has ever done is take care of her mom even before her illness and death. Angie advises Natalia not to be scared to give her heart to someone because although love can hurt it can be the most wonderful thing that can ever happen to her.

(Police Station) Brot asks Jesse when the next detective exam is because he wants to take it and have a chance to be promoted to detective. Jesse thinks that Brot has a problem with Natalia being his superior but Brot tells Jesse he just wants to be Natalia’s equal because its time that he proved to her and himself that he can be equal to her. Brot doesn’t tell Jesse that he also wants to be detective so that he and Natalia won’t have much of a problem having a personal and professional relationship

(Krystal’s) Damon is doing very well as Liza’s assistant it seems he can predict what she wants him to do before she asks him to do it. Damon tells Liza that she can’t torture him into quitting because he really needs the job. Colby arrives and tells Liza she knows that she hired Damon so that she would have a way to keep an eye on her and Tad and find out what is going on in their lives. Liza wonders if she can ask Colby what is going on in her life but Colby says that just because she gave Damon a job it doesn’t give her the right to pry into her life. Damon takes a break for lunch with Colby and he tells her that she is being too hard on Liza. Colby gets annoyed with Damon for defending his new boss and explains to him that he life is such a mess she doesn’t want to share details of it with her mom. Colby tells Damon that Annie and JR slept together again and Scott is devastated and she wishes that she could just go away because she doesn’t want to be in the middle of this mess and she is sad that her family is falling apart.

(Courthouse) Krystal gives Jack copies of the latest legal motions filed by Liza for Greenlee’s trial. Jack wonders if he is doing the right thing defending Greenlee since she is his daughter and she can’t talk to Erica about it since her relationship with Greenlee is complicated. Krystal tells jack that he will win the case because its family and you do anything you have to do for your family. Jackson tells Liza he wishes that he could put her on the stand to testify about how she helped David blackmail Greenlee with fake evidence blaming Greenlee for causing Erica’s plane crash. Jackson tells Liza that after he wins Greenlee’s case he is going after her job because she doesn’t deserve to be D.A.

(Police Station) Natalia brings lunch to Brot and tells him that she has been doing a lot of thinking Brot says the same to Natalia but before they have a chance to talk Natalia gets a call from the FBI telling her that they are bringing Scott in to the police station. Natalia tells Brot they can handle things because Jesse needs time alone with Angie. Natalia and Brot share the lunch she brought for him while they wait for the FBI to bring Scott in to sign his confession.

(Hospital) Jesse arrives to take Angie home to enjoy a special lunch he made for her and she laughs and tells him that he is a cheap date.

(Police Station) Annie arrives just after Scott and asks him not to throw his life away because of what she did to him. Scott explains that when he was walking in the park he remembered his father who always told him to follow his conscious and that is what he is doing the right thing what Stuart would do. Scott tells Annie that he loved her so much that he stole Palmer’s idea so that he could prove worthy of her but what he was blind not to see that she would do the same thing to him she did to Adam. Annie tells Scott that she does love him and apologizes one more time for hurting him.

(Courthouse) Jack runs into Caleb who tells him that he will get Cortlandt Electronics back soon and he has asked Erica to run it with him. Jack thinks that nothing would make Palmer happier then to have him and Erica running his company. Jackson tells Caleb that he didn’t get to know Greenlee until she was grown and he wonders if he is doing the right thing by being her lawyer or if he is trying to make up for the years he wasn’t in her life. Caleb tells Jack that being a lawyer isn’t about who is guilty or innocent it is about persuading a jury the client is guilty or innocent and Greenlee needs a lawyer that is just as passionate as she is about her innocence. Caleb wishes Jack good luck and tells him that he can buy Greenlee an ice cream after the wins her case. Jack wishes Caleb good luck with his case against JR and Chandler Enterprises.

(Krystal’s) JR comes in a little nervous and babbling that he won’t get sent away and that Krystal and Marissa are trying to keep AJ away from him. JR pleads with Krystal to tell Marissa he needs to see AJ.

(Police Station) JR tells Scott that the company lawyer will tell the FBI he had a nervous breakdown and they will get him out soon but Scott tells him that he lost himself for a while but by telling the truth he is saving himself and doing what Stuart would want him to do. JR doesn’t think Stuart would want him to go to jail or ruin the reputation of the company. Scott waives his right to a lawyer and Natalia takes him to give his official statement.

(Jesse and Angie’s house) Jesse and Angie have a relaxing lunch and recall all the cravings she had when she was pregnant with Frankie. Angie laughs as she recalls that she couldn’t stand the smell or the taste of garlic when she was pregnant with Frankie. The phone rings and Angie’s doctor tells Jesse to tell Angie it is time to schedule the amniocenteses to check on the condition of the baby.

(Police Station) Scott tells JR and Annie that he took the blame for everything and didn’t tell the FBI that they knew he stole the idea and covered it up. Scott tells JR and Annie that he did it for Emma and AJ’s sake because they have to learn that you have to pay for your mistakes. Scott tells JR and Annie that they will have to live with the guilt of everything they have done for the rest of their lives. Scott is taken down to a holding cell and JR tells Annie that she doesn’t have any more excuses to justify why they can’t be together because Scott is gone.

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