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Greenlee tells Jack that he has to be kidding if he is thinking of launching an attack on Ryan. Jack says he is doing his best to keep Greenlee out of prison. Jack tells Greenlee that Ryan will be fine because he is not on trial.

Caleb tells Erica that he needs her help. When she doesn’t respond he asks if the cat has her tongue. She says she is shocked to hear those words come out of his mouth but he will have to say more than that for her come on board. She tells Caleb if she agrees to partner with him he will have to make it worth her time. Erica wants Caleb to pitch himself to her. She wants to feel appreciated. Erica says she will be taking time away from planning her wedding and being with Jack to help Caleb. Erica says she wants a peaceful environment. Erica wants Caleb to say that he is in it for the long haul and will not be retreating to the mountains when things get bad. Erica agrees to work with Caleb and says it is time to push the Chandlers. Caleb says they have to get to JR. Erica is infuriated when she learns that Asher works for JR and Asher attacked Caleb and used Miranda as a way to get into Wildwind. Erica says Asher is who they need to get to in order to bring JR down. Erica says Asher may have been involved with stealing something from JR. Erica says they definitely have to zero in on Asher. Caleb gets documents in the mail and says the contents merit a visit to the Chandler mansion.

JR tells Annie that she will have to help him determine how much Caleb and Erica know. Annie says she is tired of getting stuck with JR and having to help him. Scott enters the room and JR and Annie look shocked. Scott tells them not to worry since they both have their clothes on. JR tells Scott that they will have to put their anger to the side and work together because something big has happened. Annie tells Scott that Erica and Caleb are on to Scott. Annie says Caleb overheard JR saying that Scott stole from a dead man. Annie says they have figured out the dead man is Palmer. JR says that it is probably a bluff and they can contain it. JR says everything is at stake—Chandler Enterprise and the family.

Scott listens to Annie and JR’s pleas and goes to the safe. He holds a gun in his hand while the safe is open. Scott’s back is to JR and Annie so they do not see the gun is in his hand. Scott has flashbacks of finding JR and Annie in bed together. When Colby enters the room and asks Scott if he is okay, Scott pushes the gun back into the safe and closes the safe. Scott leaves the room and says he cannot help JR and Annie.

Asher sits in the park reading a letter that tells him one day he will be reunited with the family he lost.

Madison and Ryan come home to find Kendall in Ryan’s living room folding Spike’s clothes. Kendall is upset about tons of emails about requests for interviews. Kendall says this scandal with Greenlee is probably going to hurt business. Kendall feels this scandal is hurting the morale of her employees. Ryan tells Kendall to tell the employees that Greenlee is innocent. Ryan insists that Greenlee is innocent and Jack will get her off. Kendall says fine she will forget about the PR stuff and focus on her boys. Madison remembers that a famous shoe designer had a similar scandal a few months ago and they did something to flip the tables on the media. Madison volunteers to do some research to see if the same can be applied to Fusion.

Madison hurries off to get busy on the research after Kendall gives her the go ahead. Kendall tells Ryan that Madison is amazing. Ryan agrees and says Madison understands that he has to see this thing to the end with Greenlee. Kendall wonders if Greenlee is found not guilty if Ryan will want to be Greenlee. Ryan says when the trial is over he and Greenlee will go their separate ways. Ryan says this is what Greenlee wants. Ryan wants to know if Kendall is taking sides.

Greenlee continues to argue about Jack strategy of pointing the finger at Ryan. Jack says Greenlee will have to put her feelings for Ryan to the side. Jack says he has lost Greenlee once and will not do it again. Jack reminds Greenlee that Liza will not ease up off of her. He also shows her a tabloid magazine that suggests she and Ryan wanted David out of the way. Greenlee says she wants to do an interview to tell her side of the story. Jack cautions against it. Jack continues to tell Greenlee that they need to use Ryan as having motive. Greenlee is adamant about not doing so. Jack tells Greenlee that the tabloids are calling her the “Green Widow.” Greenlee says she has her own money. Jack tells her the tabloids are in the business of selling papers not telling the truth. Greenlee changes the subject and wonders where she should sleep tonight. Jack says Greenlee will not like his suggestion.

Asher literally bumps into Erica at Krystal’s. Erica tells Asher that she has seen him somewhere before. Asher says he would remember seeing Erica Kane. Erica says she say Caleb Cortlandt arguing with someone the other night when she pulled up and now remembers that it was Asher. Erica asks Asher his name although she knows full well who he is. He tells her his name is Asher. Erica says she will remember his name since it is the same name of her favorite diamond. Erica asks Asher what’s his story. Asher says he works for Caleb’s competitor, JR Chandler. Erica says JR is her competitor too because she is partners with Caleb. “Too bad for you because you partner is one phony son-of-a-bitch,” Asher tells Erica.

Colby wants to help JR and whatever is wrong. JR will not tell Colby. He says its business. Colby says since JR asked her to work for Chandler maybe she can help. JR will not divulge the information to Colby. Colby says she loves JR but hates what he has allowed Annie to do to their family. Colby says Annie is at the center of their problem. JR leaves Colby alone with Annie so he can make phone calls.

Scott sits on the Stuart Chandler bench in the park. He hears JR’s voice taunting him about being a good guy. He also recalls the vows Annie took promising to be truthful and by his side. Scott hears Stuart telling him that Stuart has always been proud of him.

Colby tells Annie that she hopes Scott throws her out. Annie says she knows she has hurt Scott but now her main priority is Emma. Colby says she has no sympathy for Annie and doesn’t know why Annie is telling her about her commitment to Emma.

Caleb comes to the Chandler mansion to share his news. Caleb shows JR the papers the judge signed to give full custody to Marissa. Caleb says the pictures of the house in chaos after Annie’s party illustrated why the Chandler mansion was a bad place to rear a child. JR says no one will take his son away from him. Caleb says it has already happened. Caleb says it feels good to take something away from someone that doesn’t belong to him. JR says he bought Corlandt Electronics fair and square. Annie says that JR is a wonderful father. Caleb says Annie is the perfect character witness.

Erica tells Asher JR must have fed him a pack of lies in order to get Asher to hate Caleb. Erica admits that Caleb can be gruff but that he does have a heart. Erica says Caleb’s priority is family. Asher asks how Erica knows that. Erica says Caleb understands the value of family loyalty and has stayed in Pine Valley to fulfill Palmer’s dying wish. Erica says JR must really value Asher because JR doesn’t trust most people. Erica says JR is the bad guy. She says the Chandlers stole things that don’t belong to them. Erica says if Asher brought any information to her and Caleb, Asher would be handsomely rewarded. Asher says no reward is worth it.

Erica returns home to find Greenlee toting blankets and pillows to the guest room. Erica says she wonders if Greenlee hates being in her home as much as she hates having Greenlee there. Jack tries to keep the peace between them. Greenlee apologizes. Greenlee has a tantrum when Jack drops his cell phone and sees Jack was trying to call Ryan. Greenlee says she told her father and lawyer to leave Ryan out of it. They storm out of Erica’s house to go to Ryan’s house.

Colby walks into her bedroom to see Asher playing with a tennis ball. Asher tells Colby about his run in with Erica at Krystal’s and how Erica tried to put doubt in his head about JR. Colby says her life is a mess because her dad is not there. Colby asks Asher about his dad and what he remembers of his dad. She asks Asher what he would say to his dad if he were to see his dad. Colby says Asher’s dad would be proud of him for saving his life.

Greenlee and Jack barge into Ryan’s home. Greenlee says making Ryan look guilty is not her idea. Ryan says it was all his idea. Kendall says she can’t believe they will go after the father of his child. Ryan says they should forget about him and do what needs to be done to help Greenlee. Greenlee says she will fire Jack if Jack does not listen to her. Ryan says Greenlee will do no such thing. Ryan says there is no need to fight this and she will be happy when she hears the words, “Not Guilty.” Jack escorts Greenlee out the door and tells her he is going to put her in a cab, call Erica and let Erica know that Greenlee is on her way, and he is going to go prepare Greenlee’s defense.

Scott enters the room with Caleb, JR and Annie talking. Scott says that a crime was committed and it is time he came clean about what was stolen from Palmer. JR begs Scott to keep his mouth closed.

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