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All My Children Update Friday 10/8/10


Written by Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee wakes up from a nightmare in her jail cell. She hears Ryan’s voice calming her down and taking her on a relaxing journey.

Madison burns an omelet. She apologizes to Ryan. Ryan dismisses it. Ryan says he is sorry that they are not able to take their get-away trip to the Mediterranean.

Colby wants to know why Scott is throwing things out of his bedroom and sleeping in the guest room. Scott says, “JR and Annie.” Colby figures from the looks of things that JR and Annie made love in Scott and Annie’s bed. Scott tells Colby that maybe he is just weak when it comes to Annie. Colby tells Scott that now he is free to find someone who really loves him. Colby says that it is good this has happened now and at least years has not passed by and it’s good they don’t have a child together.

Erica visits Wildwind and tells Caleb she was up all last night thinking. Erica says she thinks the dead man that Scott stole the company from was Palmer. Erica suggests that she befriends Annie to get her to talk and open up and find out what Scott stole. Erica says Annie is desperate and needs someone on her side. Caleb wonders if Erica should trust someone who stabbed her. Erica says Caleb needs to stop thinking women are not capable of doing things. Erica thinks Caleb was in the mountains for too long.

Annie returns to the Chandler mansion calling for Scott. She does not see him. JR walks in and says he needs to talk to her. Annie tells JR to get away from her. Annie tells JR that she just wanted to be the perfect mother to Emma. Annie says JR only wanted to see her destroyed. She says that she tried to make the right decisions in life and one stupid moment has ruined the life that she wanted to give her daughter. Annie asks JR how she will live with the fact that she has ruined Emma’s life. Annie wishes she could rewind back to yesterday morning. Annie says that what goes on between her and JR is insane. Annie says that JR only made love to her to grind Scott into the ground. Annie says she has been stupid all the time. She says JR has never ever cared about her it has only been about JR hurting Adam and Scott. JR says that they will get through things. Annie says, “There is no ‘we’ so please leave me alone.”

JR tells Annie that last night was not a mistake. JR says one day Annie will wake up and see she married the wrong man. JR says that he and Annie have a connection. JR says right now he cannot make a commitment to Annie because he is fighting for custody of his son. Annie says that there will always be an excuse on JR’s part. Annie says JR wants her but he has never loved her. Annie says the only thing she is to JR is a quickie. She says she can’t continue on this road. Annie says she is fighting to hold on to the small sliver of self respect she has.

Ryan gives Madison a key to his house. She wonders if he is certain about it. Ryan says he wants her to be able to come and go and feel comfortable in his home. Madison says she has been having nightmares about killing Henry. She says she felt so safe last night in Ryan’s arms. They talk about their plans for the day. Ryan says Greenlee has a bail hearing and Ryan does not have to tiptoe around it. Madison tries to convince Ryan that she is okay with Ryan being there for Madison.

Jack gets Greenlee a new bail hearing. Jack says he and the judge go way back. He brings her a new change of clothes. Jack asks Greenlee how she is coping in the tight space. Greenlee says she is okay and has coping techniques. Jack apologizes for turning his back on Greenlee.

Jack argues that Greenlee will not skip bail. Jack says that Greenlee has no reason to go anywhere. Jack gives his personal guarantee that Greenlee will not skip bail. The judge releases Greenlee on $100,000 bail despite the fact that Liza argues Greenlee has been charged with a capital offense.

Caleb finds Scott at Krystal’s sulking. Caleb tells Scott that if he wants what he wants Scott will have to fight dirty. Caleb says he knows fighting dirty isn’t Scott’s way. Caleb tells Scott, “If you’re enemy is attacking you, you don’t reason with him. You go for the jugular because if you don’t he will kill you.” Scott says he knows exactly what he has to do.

Erica comes to the Chandler mansion to see Annie. Erica tells Annie that the editor at Tempo wants to do a feature on the new generation of the Chandlers and the Cortlandts. Erica says she would like to see Annie do the feature to get back at Brooke English for stealing Adam from Annie. Annie says she knows Erica does not like her so what is the real reason Erica is there. Erica says she heard Scott stole something from a dead man and Erica knows the dead man is Palmer. Annie does not admit anything to Erica but is clearly flustered by Erica’s questions. Erica questions the communication between Scott and Annie.

Colby snaps on JR for sleeping with Annie. Colby says she is upset because she stood up for JR to Marissa. Colby says the house is toxic and JR’s behavior is an indication. JR assures Colby that he has a shark of a lawyer and anyone who gets in his way is in trouble. Colby says JR is his biggest problem.

Erica goes to Wildwind to report to Caleb about her conversation with Annie. Erica says Caleb is enjoying the battle with the Chandlers. Caleb says if JR is protecting Scott then the secret has to be something major that will bring Chandler down. Caleb says that his way is totally different from Erica’s. Erica says she knows what is in this for Caleb but she wonders what is in it for her. Erica says she has a wedding to plan. Caleb says he will run the company with Erica.

Jack and Greenlee toast their victory with champagne. Ryan joins them and she learns Ryan contacted Jack about her case. Greenlee thanks Ryan for being there for her and for contacting Jack. Greenlee tells Jack that even though she boasts about being independent and not needing anyone she still needs her dad. There is an uncomfortable exchange when Madison joins the party. Madison says she is happy that Greenlee is free. Ryan insists that Madison joins the party. Madison says she has a lot of work to do. Ryan says Greenlee is one of her bosses and will be okay if she takes a break. Greenlee says to Madison, “It wouldn’t be a party without you.” Madison apologizes for telling Liza that Greenlee said she wanted to kill David. Madison tells everyone that she told Liza that she lied about her statement and Liza was upset. Madison offers to make things right by having a celebration dinner at Ryan’s house. She jokes that she is not the best cook in the world and has something in the slow cooker as they speak. Madison says if things do not go well they can order in.

Reluctantly, Greenlee accepts the dinner offer. When Madison and Ryan leave the restaurant, Jack asks Greenlee if she is okay with Madison and Ryan's relationship. Greenlee says she has to be because someone might see this as motive for her killing her husband. Jack says he may show Ryan had motive to kill David as a means to get the heat off of Greenlee.

JR overhears Annie calling Scott saying that the company is being threatened. JR says the company, his son, her daughter is fine but it something is threatening them Annie has to tell him. Annie says that Erica told her that someone overheard Scott and JR arguing about stealing something from a dead man. Annie says Erica has figured out that the dead man is Palmer. JR says this is bad and he needs Annie’s help.

Colby finds Scott at Krystal’s and tells him that JR says he messed up. Scott says he is going to go handle something that he should have handled a long time ago. Colby says she is worried. Scott tells her that she is not the one who should be worried.

JR tells Annie that Scott needs to step up. JR argues that he will not lose his company and says Annie needs to get Scott on board. Annie says that JR has lost everything. Scott walks into the Chandler mansion and overhears JR and Annie having a heated discussion. He has a flashback in his mind to finding JR and Annie in bed together.

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