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All My Children Update Thursday 10/7/10


Written by Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Erica and Jackson are at Wildwind. Erica tells Jackson she will meet him at home after she finishes talking to Caleb. Erica snaps on Caleb for losing Cortlandt Electronics to JR. Erica reminds Caleb that Palmer wanted her to work with him. Erica tells Caleb he needs her to get Cortlandt Electronics back. She says that Caleb needs her expertise. Caleb tells Erica it is not a race to get Cortlandt Electronics back. Erica says she is the right person to take on the Chandlers. Erica asks what is going on with Annie and Scott. Caleb tells Erica that JR sabotaged Annie’s party. Erica says Annie is a maniac and tried to stab her in the past. Erica tells Caleb that Annie is the golden ticket Caleb needs to get his company back. Caleb says he is not interested in hearing all the dirt and gossip Erica has on Annie.

Scott does not receive a welcome home greeting from Annie. Instead he finds Annie and JR in bed together. Annie begs and pleads with Scott to listen to her and hear her out. Scott tells Annie to get out. JR suggests that Annie come along with him. Annie tells JR to leave. Scott says he was detained by JR’s pilot and cannot understand why Annie slept with JR. Annie says that JR took advantage of her and the situation. She says JR tore her up and ripped her apart. Annie says she slept with JR due to a moment of weakness and Scott not being there. Scott tells Annie not to blame the situation on him. Scott says Annie always takes whatever she wants whenever she wants it and that she and JR are so much alike. Scott says he no longer cares about their marriage and that he is done. Annie in a desperate attempt to get Scott to allow her to stay says she forgave him when he slept with Marissa.

Marissa stops by the Chandler mansion to get a stuffed animal for AJ. She notices the room where Annie’s party was going to be held is a mess. Marissa asks what happened in the room. JR says it was just Annie’s cocktail party. When Marissa tries to go upstairs to get AJ’s stuffed animal, JR volunteers to go get the stuffed cow. Marissa takes pictures of the mess on her cell phone. When JR comes back with the toy, he asks Marissa if she needs anything else. Marissa asks why JR didn’t want her to go upstairs. JR reminds her that the Chandler mansion is no longer her home. Marissa says she heard yelling and doors slamming. JR says he heard none of that.

Opal stops by Krystal’s and tells Krystal that she needs to go out and have fun. Krystal says she has some bad relationships and the relationship with Tad wasn’t so great. Opal says Krystal can’t let what happened with Tad stop her from going out.

Jack and Erica spend time at home. Erica hopes that Greenlee knows how lucky she is to have Jack representing her. Erica and Jack recall how great their trip was. Erica tells Jack he is a great lawyer and to trust that. She suggests that Jack take a break from work which leads them to the bedroom. After spending time in the bedroom, Jack and Erica go out for dinner.

Marissa tells Caleb she was over at JR’s and the place was a wreck. Marissa wonders what kind of cocktail party trashes a house. Marissa shows Caleb the pictures. Caleb wants copies of the pictures for their case.

JR tells Scott what happened in Scott’s bedroom was inevitable. JR says, “Annie and I were always meant to be.” Scott says Annie was just a trophy for JR to get his hands on. Scott says he took Chandler Enterprises and JR tried to take his wife. JR laughs and says, “Not try, Scotty boy.” Scott says this is the last win JR will have. JR says that he belongs at the helm of Chandler Enterprise not Scott. JR says Chandler is his birthright. Scott says Adam didn’t see it that way. JR says his father was upset because his father’s wife didn’t want him but JR instead. Scott says JR has lost the company, his son, and his marriage. JR says he can have all three of those things if he wants them. Scott says JR cannot taunt him and break him down like he did Annie. JR says he can. Scott says he is not going anywhere. Scott says he saved and protected the family. Scott says he brought the company back from the brink. JR reminds Scott that he stole a company from a dead man. Caleb enters the room and clears his throat after JR’s comment about Scott stealing a company from a dead man. Caleb tells Scott he came by the Chandler mansion to see how Europe went. Scott gives Caleb some reports. Caleb says he will look over the reports and get back with Scott in the morning. Scott says he wonders what Caleb would say if he knew JR slept Annie. JR says he wonders what would happen if Caleb knew Scott slept with Marissa. Scott says that JR was so proud of himself for having slept with Annie. Scott says he will take everything away from JR that JR feels he is entitled to including AJ.

Annie meets Amanda at ConFusion. Annie tells Amanda that things in her marriage to Scott are a mess and she has committed the ultimate “no-no.” Amanda tries to console Annie and tells Annie whatever happened can be worked out and Scott will forgive her. Annie tells Amanda that she slept with JR. Amanda continues to try to console Annie and tells Annie things will be okay, yet Amanda’s face says something totally different. Annie tells Amanda how JR sabotaged her party and she still slept with him. Annie tells Amanda that she doesn’t love JR. She says she only slept with him because he manipulated her. Annie says she is now the lying whore everyone thinks she is. Amanda says she knows what it feels like to feel less than. Amanda says when she was pregnant with Trevor that she had 3 potential fathers. Annie says she had a perfect safe home and a man who adored her and now it is all gone. Amanda says Annie still has Emma and in Emma’s eyes Annie is perfect. Annie wants to be a mom that Emma can be proud of. Annie says she keeps making promises to Emma that she cannot keep and she feels like a failure. Annie wonders how she can still want JR when JR is the cause of two failed marriages.

Opal and Krystal go out to ConFusion for Girl’s Night Out. Krystal is happy to get a text message from Jackson. Krystal learns that Jack will need her help with Greenlee’s case. Opal asks Krystal how Marissa is coping and Krystal. Marissa is so focused with the custody case that Krystal isn’t sure if Marissa has even thought about Greenlee having to stand trial for David’s murder. Opal breaks down when she sees Erica. Opal is happy to see Erica but yet she misses Palmer. She cries when she sees Erica because Erica was so close to Palmer. Opal vents to Erica about Caleb losing Cortlandt Electronics. Erica tells Opal she will work with Caleb to get the company back. Opal says Palmer knew exactly what he was doing by having Erica and Caleb team up. Opal says Caleb is going to have to earn the Cortlandt name.

Caleb tells Erica about his visit to the Chandler Mansion and overhearing JR telling Scott something about stealing a company from a dead man. Erica asks what dead man and what company? Caleb says he isn’t sure what they were talking about. Erica says this may be the information they need. Erica urges Caleb to trust her. Erica rushes off the phone in hopes of being able to eavesdrop on Annie and Amanda’s conversation.

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