AMC Update Wednesday 10/6/10

All My Children Update Wednesday 10/6/10


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Chandler Mansion) Annie cries as she yells at JR for ruining her party and she tells him that he has won so he should be very happy.

(ConFusion) Kendall asks Bianca to tells Zach that there is a problem with Gabrielle’s preschool application and the school has asked to see her biological father to come fix the problem. Bianca knows Kendall just wants Zach to come back to town but she will not help her ambush him. Kendall knows that Zach is right her family should come before her friends and she wonders why she keeps choosing Kendall and Ryan instead of her family. Bianca wonders the same thing and asks Kendall why she didn’t tell Zach the truth when she was first arrested for destroying evidence. Kendall tells Bianca she was scared that Zach would be upset with her and now he is even more upset because she waited so long to tell him of her arrest. Bianca tells Kendall that she Greenlee and Ryan will always be connected to each other and Kendall hopes that she can learn that her connection to her friends.

(Outside Wildwind) Asher considers telling Caleb his identity but then remembers what JR told him about waiting for the perfect time to tell Caleb and doesn’t say a word to him. Erica arrives and Asher takes the opportunity to run away from Caleb’s questions about why he was sneaking around on the grounds. Erica does a double take to make sure it is Caleb and is pleasantly surprised by his more civilized look and thinks that civilization agrees with him. Erica is startled by the thunder and grabs Caleb once the thunder has passed Erica and Caleb go inside and she apologizes for grabbing him and explains that she is scared of thunderstorms. Caleb tells Erica that Bianca and Kendall aren’t home and the kids are asleep upstairs. Erica thanks Caleb for saving Miranda’s life and he tells her he really didn’t do anything. Erica is upset that Caleb allowed JR to take Cortlandt Electronics from him and he tells her he changed his last name and intends to get the company back and run it for Palmer’s sake.

(Chandler Mansion) Annie thinks that JR did this so that she could be as miserable as he is since he has lost his wife, possibly his son, and his company. Annie continues to cry and yell at JR that she regrets donating the bone marrow that saved his life because she hates him now. Annie runs outside in the rain JR chases after her and saves her from being hit by a falling tree branch.

(Jail) Greenlee’s lawyer informs her that Liza intends to charge her with first-degree murder and he advises her to take a plea bargain. The lawyer tells Greenlee he needs to know why she waited so long to tell the police about the vial of digitalis and promises that whatever her story is he will make it work for her defense. Greenlee is upset that even her lawyer believes that she killed David so she tells her lawyer he is fired. The lawyer tells her that she won’t be able to get a better lawyer to defend her. Jackson arrives a few minutes later and apologizes to Greenlee for not being there for her through David’s death. Greenlee tells Jackson he was right about David all along and she wished that she had listened to him. Jackson asks Greenlee for the opportunity to be there for her as her lawyer as well as her father and Greenlee wonders why Jackson hasn’t asked her if she killed David. Jackson knows that his daughter isn’t a murderer and is determined to prove her innocence. Greenlee gives Jackson a hug and tells him she is happy to have him home. Greenlee tells Jackson everything that led up to David’s death except she leaves out that she found the digitalis in Ryan’s pocket.

(Chandler Mansion) JR is holding Annie by the arm as they head back into the house and she tells JR he shouldn’t have saved her since her life is ruined anyway. Annie sits on the stairs and continues to cry since she thinks JR ruined her chance to finally gain self-respect since the whole town has always thought of her as crazy Annie or Annie the god digger but Annie tells JR he would never understand since the chandler name gets him respect. JR tells Annie that he never meant to hurt her and Annie corrects him by saying she isn’t hurt she is broken. JR cries as he tells Annie that he wanted to break Scott for taking everything from him Adam’s respect, the company, and her. JR tells Annie that he can’t stand to see her with Scott because he loves her and she is a strong woman he can’t be broken by anyone. JR tells Annie to stop fighting her feelings for him and they kiss and JR carries Annie upstairs where they make love. Colby leaves a message for Damon just as Asher climbs in her window and asks her if he can stay in her room since Caleb is chasing him. Colby asks Asher why he attacked Caleb and he tells her he did it to help her family because Caleb is more dangerous then he seems. Colby is sad about Marissa filing for custody of AJ and Asher tells her that at least Marissa cares enough to fight for her child. Colby allows Asher to stay in her room for the night and wonders why he won’t talk about his family. Asher tells Colby that a little mystery is food and refuses once again to talk about his family.

(Wildwind) Erica hugs Bianca and Kendall and says that Jack is visiting Greenlee at the police station. Kendall tells Erica that David caused her plane crash and Greenlee didn’t know about it until later and adds that Greenlee didn’t kill David. Erica worries about Kendall’s relationship with Zach and advises her not to let anyone come between her and her family. Kendall goes upstairs to check on her kids and Erica wonders about Bianca and Reese and Bianca tells her that she and Reese are fine she is just in Paris on business. Bianca also goes upstairs to check on the girls to avoid any more questions from Erica.

(Krystal’s) Caleb asks for a beer and tells Krystal that Erica has returned and Krystal tries to figure out how Caleb feels about that but all he will say is that Erica got on his case for losing the company and she was right to be upset with him. Krystal is worried about Caleb because she knows he has feelings for Erica but he says he is okay and finishes his beer and leaves to avoid any more questions.

(Jail) Kendall arrives after Jackson leaves and Greenlee tells Kendall she told Jackson everything except that she found the vial of digitalis in Ryan’s pocket. Kendall thinks Greenlee made a mistake leaving out that part of the story but Greenlee knows her father can prove her innocence without involving Ryan. Kendall tells Greenlee Erica is upset with her for taking her side and Greenlee suggests that she keep her distance until after the trial. Kendall tells Greenlee she can handle her mother and offers Greenlee a place to stay after she is free from jail.

(Wildwind) Erica hugs Miranda and Ian and is touched when the kids hug Caleb and begin to tickle him. Erica smiles and thinks Caleb is a kid magnet but he tells her that isn’t true because he doesn’t like kids. Jackson arrives and hugs Bianca and then tells her that he will be defending Greenlee. Caleb thinks it will be tricky for Jackson to defend his own daughter. Bianca tells Jackson that Caleb wants to stay in town and start his own law practice. Erica tells everyone that once Greenlee’s trial has ended she wants to start planning her wedding.

(Chandler Mansion) JR wonders how Annie feels and she tells him that what they did was wrong just as Scott walks into the room and catches them in bed together.

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