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All My Children Update Tuesday 10/5/10


Written by Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

JR speaks with a board member who will not be able to make it to Annie’s party. Asher tells JR he notices that Annie is going all out for the party. Asher says he had a vibe that JR didn’t want the party to happen but seems like it is going to happen. JR tells Asher to keep his vibes to himself. Asher says he believes Annie will be pissed if the party does not go according to her plans. JR tells Asher not to worry about the party. JR says he will handle the party. “Tonight, I am going to show everyone who is still king around here,” JR tells Asher. JR tells Asher he does not want Asher around the mansion tonight. JR says that he needs Asher to help him with Caleb.

Colby comes to Annie’s bedroom upon Annie’s request. Annie says Colby will be bored out of her mind at the party. Colby says she will stay away from the party. Colby warns Annie that the only person who will blow up the party is Annie. Colby tells Annie that Annie did not belong when Annie was married to Adam and Annie still does not belong. Annie says she loves Scott very much. Annie says that Scott believes in her unlike Adam. “Tonight will prove that I am a woman that my daughter can respect,” Annie tells Colby. Annie asks Colby not to do anything to ruin the night for Scott. Colby assures Annie that she will not ruin the night but asks Annie not to allow Scott to go down when Annie goes down.

Caleb asks Marissa if she is having second thoughts about him taking her case. Marissa says she is not having doubts but with Caleb being a contract lawyer she wonders if he will be okay handling a divorce. Caleb says marriage is a contract. Marissa says she thinks the case will get ugly since JR is out for blood. Marissa says she is scared for AJ and AJ has been through so much in his life. Caleb asks Marissa if she wants to back out and Marissa says she is going to fight. Caleb vows that one person will win the custody suit and he intends for it to be Marissa.

JR tells Asher that Caleb is making a mistake by helping Marissa with the custody battle. JR laughs at the fact that Caleb doesn’t know that Asher is his son and Asher is helping JR. Colby walks into the room and both JR and Asher become silent. Colby continues to question JR and Asher about their work relationship. JR says that Asher is his “IT guy.” Colby is not buying it but JR is not forthcoming with any information.

Angie returns to work as Chief-of-Staff, despite the fact that Jesse wants her to stay home at least until the baby is born. With Jesse by her side, Angie gives the staff a lecture about what to expect and she does it with a sense of humor. Angie says she will run the hospital just as well, even better than she did before. She says that the loss of her sight has not caused her to go “soft.” Angie says that her OM specialist will assist her with getting around the hospital. Angie tells the staff that she is in the process of learning Braille. Angie snaps on Frankie when she hears him speaking on the phone asking for departmental budgets. Frankie says he was only trying to help. Angie threatens to write Frankie up at the end of his shift. Angie says she will send Frankie before the disciplinary board. Angie says that Frankie continues to disregard the orders of his superior and he has crossed the line.

Jesse tells Frankie and Jake that he is worried about Angie. Jesse asks Jake to assist him for a couple of hours so that he can understand what Angie is experiencing. Jesse needs Jake to blindfold him so he can experience things as a blind person.

JR assures Annie he will not be at the party. Annie says she wants everyone to be happy. JR says that Annie must return the favor. He says he is not happy with the fact that Annie argued with Marissa in front of AJ.

Caleb tries to get Marissa to think about what JR will use against her. Caleb says that JR’s lawyers will argue that Marissa manipulated JR into marrying him when he was sick with cancer and that she will ask for a huge amount of money since she adopted his son. Marissa argues that she loved JR and she loves AJ and this is not about the money. Caleb asks about JR’s drinking problem. Marissa says JR hasn’t had a drink in over a year. Caleb says that every drunk is just one weak moment away from a bottle. Marissa says JR’s drug of choice is power, taking over Caleb’s company and wanting Scott’s wife. Caleb says that he has not heard Marissa say anything about JR being a good father. Caleb wants Marissa to tell the courts that JR slept with Adam’s wife. Marissa admits to Caleb that she slept with Scott before he married Annie.

Colby tries to get Asher to tell him what the real deal about his relationship with JR. Asher says it is nothing more than him being a good computer technician. Colby says JR is always trying to prove he is the toughest Chandler of all in order to prove himself to Adam.

JR talks with the pilot who assures JR that Scott will not make it to the party. JR’s lawyer calls JR and tells JR that Caleb is such a great lawyer. JR tells his lawyer, “I’m aware of Scott’s reputation and you’re aware of mine.” Annie walks in as JR completes his phone call. Annie tries to move JR along quickly. Annie asks JR if Scott has called him. JR asks Annie why Scott would call him. JR suggests with the storm approaching maybe Scott has been delayed. Annie says that Scott promised to be at the party and he will be there.

A reporter from The Bulletin is the first person to arrive at the Chandler mansion. The reporter wants a quote from JR but Annie quickly dismisses the idea and says that JR is running late for a meeting. JR goes along with the story and says that it is Scott and Annie’s event and rushes off. Annie poses for pictures and tells the reporter that since she and Scott didn’t have a real reception this is an opportunity to present themselves as a real couple.

Colby learns that Marissa is going to seek full custody of AJ while at Krystal’s. Marissa says she has to do it because the Chandler mansion is poison. Colby asks Marissa not to do it. Colby says that she knows her parents loved her but all the hate and bitterness she saw from them was not good. When Marissa goes to check on AJ, Krystal says she is worried about Colby. Krystal tells Colby that Asher is dangerous. Krystal tells Colby that Asher attacked Caleb.

Angie apologizes to Frankie for snapping on him earlier. She says that she helped him when he injured his hands but it was up to him to muster the strength to treat patients. Frankie says he knows he is a doctor and Angie is Chief-of-Staff but it is hard for him to turn their mother/son relationship off. Angie tells Frankie that is exactly what he does when he clocks in as a doctor. Frankie says he will understand if she writes him up. Angie says she will not write him up this time but next time she jokes she will go upside his head with her cane.

JR shows up at Krystal’s and asks to see AJ. Krystal says Marissa took AJ home. JR wants Krystal to talk to Marissa about the custody. JR reminds Krystal how bad things were when Krystal tried to take AJ from him in the past. JR says that Marissa fired the first shot and he is merely responding. JR warns Krystal that this will not end well for anyone who crosses him.

Annie tells her party planner and the reporter that the guest will arrive shortly. Annie says that everyone is just being fashionably late. Caleb Cortlandt is the first and only guest. Caleb speaks with Annie quietly and says Scott is not going to be the only “No Show,” for the party. Caleb says he received a call from a Chandler board member and that JR has said anyone who shows up at Annie’s party will regret it. The reporter overhears the conversation. When Caleb leaves the reporter asks Annie if it is true that JR sabotaged the party. Caleb tells Annie to have Scott call him and for Scott to watch his back. The reporter asks if it is true that JR purposely sabotaged Annie’s party. Annie says that it has been a misunderstanding and tries to excuse herself when the telephone rings. The reporter says for Annie not to worry as she has her story. Scott tells Annie that he is stuck in Florida. Annie is frustrated and says her life has been ruined.

Jesse shares how his day went as he tried to maneuver around the house being blind. Jesse says he went outside with Angie’s spare cane and the horns honked and everything. He tells Angie that Angie is amazing.

Caleb catches Asher trying to break into Wildwind. Caleb tells Asher that he must have a death wish.

Annie cries as she realizes she is alone. She throws glasses and items. JR stands outside the door laughing at Annie. When he opens the door, a flying object whizzes past his head.

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