AMC Update Monday 10/4/10

All My Children Update Monday 10/4/10


Written by Eva
Pictures by Lark

(Hospital) Kendall is surprised when Jake is her supervisor in charge of keeping track of her community service hours. Kendall asks Jake if he will just sign her in and out and say that she completed her hours but Jake tells Kendall he can’t do that and introduces her to Leona who gives her a cleaning cart.

(Krystal’s) Colby wonders if Damon has called Tad because she found out from a girl that took the GED with him that he passed the exam. Colby and Tad both wonder why Damon hasn’t called either of them to plan a party to celebrate the good news.

(Park) Damon bumps into Liza knocking down all her papers he quickly picks up the papers and tells her he doesn’t have time to talk to her because he has a job interview.

(Police Station) Greenlee tells Ryan she will be okay because she will just think of being on the beach with him and she will be fine. Ryan tells Greenlee that if he could he would get himself arrested so he could be with her when she feels claustrophobic Ryan leaves although he doesn’t want to and tells Greenlee not to worry because she won’t be alone for very long.

(Park) Liza is frustrated because her assistant can’t seem to remember to make simple phone calls for her so she explains to her assistant that she needs too call the Mayor for an appointment and the assistant on the other line wonders if that is the same Mayor she called last week. Madison tells Liza she lied when she said she heard Greenlee say she wanted to kill David. Madison explains to Liza that Greenlee keeps getting in the way of her relationship with Ryan so she wanted her to be out of the way. Ryan arrives and Madison leaves without saying a word and Liza informs Ryan that she didn’t believe Madison’s story and still intends to call her as a witness in Greenlee’s trial.

(Hospital) Leona informs Kendall that she did a terrible job of cleaning the toilets and then proceeds to tell her how to clean the toilets properly. Leona also tells Kendall that she won’t give her special treatment just because her mother is Erica Kane. Jake arrives and tells Kendall that he community service assignment has been changed and informs Leona that she will be cleaning toilets by herself.

(Krystal’s) Tad and Colby try to persuade Damon that he should take a break and celebrate that he passed the GED but Damon tells them he doesn’t have time to celebrate because he has an interview with someone from an employment agency. The lady arrives to interview Damon and once she finds out that he isn’t a college graduate, has a police record, and ADHD she tells him to stay at his current job because it’s the best place for him right now. Damon is depressed and starts cleaning tables and Tad tells Colby he must go talk to Jake but asks her to stay and cheer up Damon. Liza arrives after Tad leaves and Colby gives her the cold shoulder when she sees her come in the door Liza overhears Damon tells Colby that he will never get a better job.

(Hospital) Zach calls Jake to ask him for a big favor and once Jake finishes talking with Zach Amanda arrives and Jake tells her that he has something to discuss with her. Jake explains to Amanda that Zach wants him to make some introductions for him of some people that he knew when he worked with Doctors without Borders and in order to do that he has to go back to the area where he worked in two days. Jake reminds Amanda that Zach sent Aiden to save his life when he was kidnapped and he feels he owes him. Amanda doesn’t want Jake to go but she understands how he feels and is okay with the trip. Jake talks about planning a special good-bye with her and Trevor and then realizes that he doesn’t want to leave his family. Jake tells Amanda that he can do Zach the favor using the Internet so he won’t have to leave his family or the hospital since Angie also needs him.

(Police station) Kendall wonders why they changed her community service assignment so quickly and Greenlee figures out that Ryan probably spoke to Jesse so that she wouldn’t feel alone in jail. Kendall tells Greenlee that Madison told Liza she overheard Greenlee say she wanted to kill David. Kendall tells Greenlee that she set Madison straight and told her to tell Liza that she did it to get Ryan away from her because she feels threatened by their connection to each other. Greenlee thinks that Madison didn’t mean to say anything to Liza she just blurted it out to defend Ryan. Greenlee tells Kendall that she wants to concentrate on the trial and once she is free she will concentrate on her feelings for Ryan. Kendall tells Greenlee that it might not be as easy as she thinks getting Ryan away from Madison. Greenlee thinks that Ryan cares for Madison but he doesn’t think he loves Madison.

(Ryan’s place) Madison cries as she crumples up the itinerary for her and Ryan’s vacation and Ryan walks in and sees her crying. Madison explains to Ryan that what she said to Liza in the park earlier was a lie because she felt badly for hurting Greenlee’s case. Ryan tells Madison he already knew that because she isn’t that type of person anymore she has changed. Madison admits to Ryan that she is scared that the old Madison will come out again and Ryan tells her that he understands because he lives with the same fear about himself. Ryan makes love to Madison to prove to her that he only wants to be with her.

(Police Station) Greenlee advises Kendall to be patient with Zach because he will come back to her. Kendall gives Greenlee a new packaging concept for a new fusion product to keep her mind off jail and tells her she will be back tomorrow to get her ideas.

(Hospital) Tad tells Jake that Damon passed his GED but is depressed because he had a bad interview with an employment agency. Jake tells Tad its time to let Damon make his own decisions because that is the only way he will learn and grow up.

(Krystal’s) Liza offers Damon a job, as a file clerk because the person she has in the job is useless. Damon thinks Liza has an ulterior motive but she only asks Damon to tell her how Colby is doing once in a while. Colby arrives and wonders why Damon is talking to Liza and he tells her that Liza offered him a job and he took the job. Colby tells Damon this is a bad idea because Liza only wants to split them up but Damon doesn’t want to pass up this wonderful job opportunity. Damon tells Colby he won’t let Liza pull any of her tricks on him. Tad arrives and Colby tells him about Liza’s job offer to Damon and asks Tad to tell Damon this is a bad idea but Tad grits his teeth and says it is Damon’s decision to make so Damon shakes Liza’s hand and tells her that he will take the job.

The show ends with a music montage where we see Greenlee in jail concentrating on the idea for the new Fusion packaging concept and thinking of Ryan. Kendall is at home looking at a picture of Zach while Ryan and Madison are making love. In the last scene we see Greenlee in jail crying.

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