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Written by Nicole
Pictures by Lark

Caleb watches the fire burn in the fireplace and has a flashback. Krystal interrupts Caleb’s thoughts. She tells him that she will probably not be able to continue working with him as his paralegal when Jackson and Erica return. Krystal tells Caleb that she was Jackson’s paralegal.

Scott tells Annie that he has to make a trip to Paris but assures her that he will be back before the cocktail party. Scott says he will present Annie to the board, key players and important people. Scott says he will introduce Annie as his better half, Director of PR for Chandler Enterprises, and woman at the head of the household. Scott says that Annie deserves to be recognized. Annie says that she wishes she could go to Paris with Scott. Scott says there will be a time for them to vacation in Paris. Annie talks about her past reputation of being a gold digger and trying to dig her claws into the Chandlers. Scott says he does not see Annie like that and soon everyone will respect Annie and know who she is. Annie talks about wanting to have this party so she can see the real Annie. Annie wants Emma to see her mom in a positive light and to respect her mom.

Ryan thinks that Greenlee has been evasive and his withholding information from him. Greenlee tells Ryan to stop questioning her and that she did not kill her husband. Ryan says the story about finding the vial on her hotel room floor does not add up. Greenlee tells Ryan to leave and she will be fine. Ryan says he does not understand why Greenlee will not allow him to help. Greenlee tells Ryan that he needs to be with Madison. Ryan says he will not abandon her because he has promised to stay by her side. When Jesse comes to get Greenlee for the bail hearing she tells Ryan that she does not want him there. Ryan insists that he will be there but will sit a couple of rows behind her and she won’t know he is there even though she will know he is there.

Asher asks JR why JR hates Scott so much. JR says Scott is not a real Chandler. In fact JR says that he and Asher are more related that JR and Scott. “Being related by blood doesn’t mean a damn thing,” Asher tells JR. JR says he wants Asher to trail him in board meetings. Asher says that he thinks JR just likes the fact that he will be putting a father against a son.

Krystal asks Caleb what he was in deep thought about. Caleb dismisses it as nothing. He says that he hates that he didn’t follow his instinct regarding Asher. Krystal asks how Caleb’s head injury is and Caleb says everything is fine.

AJ whines to Marissa that a boy teased him and said that his family gets divorced while they were playing in the park. Marissa says the divorce is not AJ’s fault and that she loves AJ. AJ wants to know why Marissa cannot love JR. Marissa says that she will talk to the boys mom. AJ runs off to greet Marissa. Marissa snaps at Asher and tells Asher to stay away from her son. She says Asher is the reason AJ has nightmares. She is upset that Asher bashed Caleb in the head. Asher says that Caleb deserved it. Caleb hears the exchange between Marissa and Asher and asks Marissa if Caleb is bothering her. Marissa says not anymore. Marissa says she is going to leave to take AJ to get some clothes in case he wants to spend the night with her before they head to Wildwind to have a play date with Miranda.

Brot and Natalia talk about their picnic date. They argue again about who asked who out. Brot thinks that they should tell Jesse about their date. Natalia tells Jesse that Brot needs to be reminded that she is his superior. Brot wants Natalia to stop pulling rank. Natalia says that if people knew they are a couple as this would be a violation of rules. She says that she doesn’t want Jesse to have to keep a secret that is not a big deal. Natalia says Jesse has to worry about Angie, Hayward’s death and the mayor and she does not want him to worry about something that is not a big deal. Brot says it is a big deal to him.

Scott goes to Wildwind to tell Caleb he is going to Europe. Scott says he heard that Asher bashed Caleb in the head. Caleb says he can handle Asher. Caleb is shocked to hear that Annie is not going to Europe. Caleb questions Scott’s decision to leave JR and Annie in the same house. Scott says that he trusts his wife.

JR runs into Annie at the Yacht Club. He tells Annie that since Marissa has pushed him, he is meeting his divorce lawyer. Annie asks JR to stay away from the mansion and the cocktail party. JR complies. He asks why he would want to see Scott trying to impress the board members and that would not be fun. Annie says that Scott is not doing it for fun but doing it because he knows what she needs. Annie says that Scott keeps her grounded and from spinning off out of control. She says she finally about to get what she and Emma have always wanted. JR tells Annie, “Sometimes when you fight so hard for something and you finally get it you realize that is not what really wanted after all.”

Asher asks Caleb if he has a problem with keeping a son away from a father who really wants to be a part of his son’s life. Caleb says he has a problem with Asher. Caleb tells Asher to stay away from him and everyone he knows. Caleb tells Asher that he is nothing.

Greenlee’s bail is denied. Liza argued that Greenlee would be a flight risk since she disappeared for a year in the past. Ryan says her disappearance was due to a near death experience and she was unconscious for the most part. Greenlee says that Liza sees herself as David’s avenger. Ryan says he will help Greenlee when Brot cuffs her and takes her to her cell. Ryan says he will help Greenlee. Greenlee tells Ryan to go live his life and that he has done enough.

JR meets with his divorce lawyer. His lawyer says he cannot represent JR because Marissa retained him. JR tells him to drop Marissa or he will never work for the Chandler’s again and he better make sure JR wins.

Annie overhears Marissa telling AJ to get his clothes for the sleep over. Marissa tells Annie that the Chandler mansion is toxic. Annie asks if Marissa has told JR about the sleepover. Marissa tells Annie that she doesn’t have to report to Annie regarding AJ. Marissa tells Annie that she did leave a message on JR’s cell phone. Annie tries to tell Marissa how mean and nasty custody battles can be. Annie says she is speaking from experience. Marissa tells Annie that she has had a lot of EXPERIENCE. Annie says that she does not need Marissa putting JR on edge. Marissa says that Annie probably has been consoling JR a lot. Annie says she is concerned that JR will probably not be able to have more children due to the chemo. Marissa tells Annie not to bring up JR’s cancer. Annie says that she helped JR survive his cancer. Marissa says that Annie seduced and slept with a married man. Annie says she is done with trying to reason with Marissa and that if Marissa goes after JR lots of people will get hurt including AJ. Annie says she is going to focus on her party and stop trying to help Marissa be at peace with JR. Marissa tells Annie that Annie is a joke. Marissa says Annie is crazy to think anyone will view her as a socialite. Annie tells Marissa that Marissa is jealous. Marissa says to Annie, “All you do is teeter around in your high heels and remind everyone that you are Mrs. “Fill in the blank” Chandler. You’re just a bad cliché’ a pathetic wanna be. Get out of your house the one you slept your way into. Everyone knows that you’re nothing more than a gold digging slut.” Annie’s reply is “You’re invisible.” AJ becomes upset when he sees Marissa and Annie fighting. Marissa and Annie apologize for their fighting. This is why Marissa wants her son out of the Chandler household.

Brot offers to stay with Greenlee to help her get adjusted. Greenlee says that is sweet but since she knows he should be off duty she tells him she will be fine. Ryan tells Jesse he should be with Greenlee because she is claustrophobic. Jesse says Ryan has done enough. Later Ryan visits Greenlee in her cell and helps calm her nerves by taking her through a visual exercise on the beach.

Natalia brings grilled chicken, homemade apple pie and potato salad to the picnic. Brot asks where Natalia bought the food. Natalia says she made the food and is a “kick ass” cook. Brot tells Natalia his eye is better. Natalia says it looks better and she noticed it. Brot asks if Natalia noticed that he could not keep his eyes off her. Krystal sees them having a picnic and says it is good to see romance still exists. Natalia tries to convince Krystal that nothing is going on. Natalia denies that she and Brot are together. When Krystal leaves, Brot tells Natalia to stop snapping. They share a kiss and he asks if that makes them together.

JR comes home to find AJ gone and blows up. Annie tells him that Marissa left a message on his phone. Annie says she told Marissa not to pursue the custody battle and how they exchanged words and AJ overheard it. JR is upset and tells Annie to stay out of his affairs.

Marissa tells Caleb about wanting to have full custody of her son and that he will be staying over. Caleb says AJ is always welcome to stay at Wildwind anytime. Caleb tells Marissa that both he and she passed the Bar. Marissa is excited and says she is going to tell AJ his mom is a lawyer. JR comes to Wildwind to see AJ. Caleb will not let JR in the house. JR tells Caleb that Marissa made a mistake trying to hire a Chandler lawyer to represent her. Caleb admits to making the recommendation. JR says it will be hard for to find a lawyer to take on the Chandlers. Caleb says he will handle Marissa’s case. JR says that he will destroy Caleb. Caleb says, “Good luck with that. You took my company. I’m going to make sure Marissa takes your son. Have a nice day.”

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