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All My Children Update Thursday 9/30/10


Written by Nicole
Pictures by Lark

Scott and Emma present Annie with a picture. Emma says that she painted the picture because Annie is a great mom and Scott chimes in that Annie is also a great wife.

Greenlee and Kendall chat at the police station before Greenlee’s attorney arrives. Greenlee thanks Kendall for all she has done including putting her marriage with Zach on the line. Kendall says Greenlee should get Jack to represent her. Greenlee says she doesn’t want to bother her father and has an attorney who is the best money can buy. Kendall tells Greenlee she is crazy to sacrifice her freedom for Ryan. Kendall asks Greenlee if she killed David. Greenlee says she didn’t kill David.

Marissa and JR have an encounter at the Yacht Club. Marissa hands JR the divorce papers. JR tells Marissa she has to be crazy to think that he will give her primary custody of his son. He reminds Marissa that she is not AJ’s biological mother. Marissa tells JR she is ready to fight him in court for her son.

Ryan and Madison discuss their vacation plans. Madison enjoys the planning although she knows they will have to wait until Greenlee is totally off the hook for David’s murder. Ryan and Madison share a kiss until a knock at the door interrupts the couple. Ryan opens the door only to find Liza on the other side. Liza barges in without invitation and says she has questions for Ryan. Madison tries to intervene to get Liza off of Ryan’s case. Ryan tells Madison that she doesn’t have to say anything. Liza tells Ryan that she doesn’t think Greenlee acted alone in killing David. Liza says she thinks that Ryan helped Greenlee kill David. Madison tells Liza that she heard Greenlee says she wanted to kill David. When Liza tries to get more information out of Madison, Madison suddenly can’t remember anything. Liza tells Madison that she is obstructing justice by not cooperating. Ryan tells Madison not to say anything more until they get a lawyer and he tells Liza to get out of his home as she is no longer welcome in his home. Liza suggests to Madison that Madison is crazy to protect Greenlee, the woman who is in love with Ryan.

Madison asks Ryan if he thinks Greenlee could have killed David. Ryan says Greenlee did not kill David. Madison says that she understands the history that Ryan has with Greenlee and why the protect one another.

Marissa tells Scott that she plans to seek full custody of AJ and that JR is fuming. Scott tells her that she is a great mother and she should pursue it. Marissa states that she may have to bring up the fact that Annie and JR had an affair. Scott says that he understands. Scott tells Marissa that his life with Annie is great and he understands why she has to do what she has to do.

Annie sees that JR is upset after having been served with divorce papers. JR tells Annie that Marissa is seeking full custody. Annie says that she would tell a judge that JR is a great father. JR spills all his inner thoughts to Annie. Annie says JR does not have to worry about her judging him. She says that she gets JR. Annie says AJ needs JR in his life fulltime. She says he gets his strength from Adam but his good qualities from his mom, Dixie. Scott walks in and says he has heard about Marissa filing for full custody. JR asks Scott if it is Scott’s intention to gloat. Scott says he wants to tell JR what he can do to make things right despite the fact that Scott feels JR has brought this situation upon himself. Scott suggests that JR convince Marissa that AJ is safe around him. Scott tells JR that he needs to listen to people and let the people who care about him help. JR says he will come to the cocktail party if that will paint him in a good light.

Greenlee meets with her lawyer and tells him she is behind the bogus suicide letters. He suggests that she accept a plea bargain. Greenlee says she will not plea to killing David. She says David made her life miserable by blackmailing her, but she did care about David. Greenlee says David saved her life and she could never take his life. Liza barges in and informs Greenlee that she will be denying bail for Greenlee.

Madison suggests that Ryan go visit Greenlee in jail. She says she is sorry for opening her big mouth and how can she make it better. Ryan tells her the fact that she is there with him is making things better. At the jail, Ryan apologizes to Greenlee about Madison and tries to get her to admit that she's scared, but Greenlee puts on a brave face. Ryan urges Greenlee to trust him and tell him everything, but she insists there's nothing else to tell.

Madison later sees Kendall at Fusion and tells Kendall what she said to Liza. Kendall asks Madison how dumb can she be. Kendall tells Madison that if Greenlee is sent to prison for the rest of her life that will assure Madison of having Ryan all to herself. Madison tells Kendall that she and Ryan are in a good place and she would never intentionally throw Greenlee under the bus. Kendall says that may be true but if Greenlee were to take a trip for 20 years that would put Madison and Ryan in an even better place. Kendall suggests that Madison tell Liza that she felt her relationship with Ryan was threatened thus Madison made up the story of Greenlee threatening David.

Liza tells Greenlee and Greenlee’s lawyer that she plans to show David as a man who was so in love with his life that he went to outrageous lengths to get his wife to stay—blackmail. Greenlee however so desperately wanted to be with her ex that she and her ex plotted to kill her husband. Greenlee says that she will mention the poison vial, show a picture of Greenlee giving David his last drink and additionally use her witness who heard Greenlee say that she wanted to kill David.

JR sees Liza at the Yacht Club and tells her not to show up at Annie’s cocktail party. Liza says she already RSVP’d and since her social calendar is not full, she plans to attend. JR strongly warns Liza not to attend since he's already warned the other guests not to go. Liza asks JR if he is threatening her. JR says no but if Liza would like to make things right with Colby, she should not flatter Annie as Colby cannot stand her. Liza tells JR to give Annie her regrets.

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