AMC Update Wednesday 9/29/10

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/29/10


Written by Nicole
Pictures by Lark

Caleb tells Krystal that he knows Asher and JR are in cahoots. He believes that JR put Asher up to attacking him. Caleb tells Annie that he is going over to the Chandler mansion to confront JR.

Damon is so exhausted from work and studying that he falls asleep during his shift at Krystal’s. Colby sees Damon asleep on the job and asks Krystal if she can take him home. Krystal tells Colby it is okay to take Damon home. Damon tells Colby he cannot leave work early. Colby tells Damon that she has gotten the okay from Krystal to take him home. Once home Damon is in study mode and Colby tries to sneak some time with Damon. She remarks she misses his “Bad Boy” style. He tosses the books off the bed and begins to show him just how bad he can be.

JR and Asher have a conversation regarding the fact that Caleb is Asher's father. Asher states that he has not brought this up to Caleb yet. JR says he admires Asher's style and inquires about Asher's future plans. Asher doesn’t share his plans with JR. He tells JR that he truly doesn’t like Caleb. JR and Asher hear Caleb telling one of the servants that he is there to see JR. JR tells Asher to get lost so Caleb will not see him.

Annie dreams about JR but lies to Scott about it. She and Scott talk about their future in their bedroom. Scott wants to move. Annie doesn’t want to move. She says their moving would make JR feel as if he won. Scott could care less how JR views their moving. Annie then says the move would be traumatic for Emma. Emma nearly lost her dad and then had to deal with the fact that her dad almost went to prison. Scott does not want to be the bad guy nor the person that puts Emma in a traumatic state so he says the move will be delayed. Annie is thrilled to have gotten her way. She then suggest that they host a huge party at the mansion and invite all of the Chandler board member and elite to come to the party in an effort to upstage JR. Annie feels that she can pull off the party of the year since she is now head of PR for Chandler. She feels this will give her an opportunity to prove herself to all the people who viewed her as nothing more than a trophy wife when she married to Adam. Scott says no to the idea and suggest that the wait on the party until they get their own place.

The officers at the police station congratulate Jesse and Angie on baby. Brot announces to Jesse and Angie that the officers have agreed to make themselves available to driving Angie around when they are off. Additionally, they will assist around the house with chores and when the baby comes with babysitting.

Brot ushers Natalia into a room under the guise of discussing a case. Brot noticed Natalia becoming emotional at the outpouring of support for Jesse and Angie. Natalia says she is not an emotional being but just became overwhelmed. Brot calls her sweet. Natalia says she anything but sweet. In fact she’s rough and tough. Brot and Natalia share a laugh. Natalia shares with Brot that Angie says she noticed the chemistry between the two of them. Natalia musters up the courage to ask Brot out to dinner. Brot says, “NO!” Later he tells her that he turned down the invitation because he wanted to be the one to ask Natalia out. They argue about it and finally Natalia agrees to go out with Brot.

In the middle of their romantic tryst in Colby’s bed, Asher knocks at Colby’s bedroom door. Damon tells Colby to ignore the door. Colby says that she can’t. Asher is out of sorts when Colby comes to the door and asks if they can go for a ride. When Asher sees Damon and Colby adjusting their clothing he puts two and two together and realizes his timing is bad. Colby asks Asher if he is okay and Asher tells her yes to forget he was ever there. She and Damon make love. After making love she and Damon begin to talk and she begins to wonder aloud what the deal is with Asher and all his secrets. Damon says that he wants to focus on Colby and himself and not talk about Asher.

Angie, Tad, and Jesse go to lunch at the Yacht Club. Angie bumps the table and spills water. She is a little upset about the incident. Jesse tries to blow it off as nothing. Angie later tells Tad that it is so frustrating not to be able to see.

Caleb confronts JR about Asher. JR tells Caleb he doesn’t know anything about Asher attacking him. Caleb tells JR that he may just take over Chandler.

JR goes up to Scott and Annie’s bedroom to talk to Scott about Caleb. Annie is wrapped in a bath towel combing her hair and tells JR to leave her room because Scott isn’t there. JR doesn’t leave and flirts with Annie with his eyes. Annie drops the towel from her body and tells JR to have a good look because he won’t be seeing her body anymore. JR has a good look too and tells Annie that he likes what he sees. JR also tells Annie that she should have never convinced Scott to bring Caleb into the company because now Caleb is making threats about taking over the company.

Outside the Chandler mansion, Caleb backs Asher into a corner and warns him about coming around him, Bianca and the children. Caleb tells Asher that he knows Asher attacked him. Asher tells him to call the police. Caleb says he will handle it. Asher tries to get Caleb to him but Caleb won’t. Asher says that he has been waiting for this moment for a long time. Caleb looks puzzled by Asher’s statement but walks off in haste.

After the run-in with Caleb, Asher tells JR about it. JR asks Asher if he mentioned the paternal matter to Caleb. Asher says he didn’t. JR tells Asher to stick with him and they will run Caleb back to the mountains. Asher just listens but doesn’t say anything.

Annie announces to JR that there will be a cocktail party at the Chandler mansion. JR tells her he looks forward to seeing Annie look like royalty at the cocktail party. JR tells Annie that she should be treated like royalty and that she needs diamonds not costume jewelry. He suggests that he knows what she needs and she should tell her husband to get her diamonds. Later when Scott comes home, he tells Annie she can have her cocktail party, but she should anticipate JR fighting her every step of the way. Annie tells Scott she can handle JR. She also tells Scott that she should look like royalty and diamonds will do the trick. Scott looks at her in disbelief and exclaims that she looks beautiful as she is.

Caleb tells Krystal that his visit to the Chandler mansion was uneventful. He says he didn’t hurt JR or Asher. Then he says out of the blue, “Some men shouldn’t be fathers.” Krystal says that Marissa is going to fight JR for full custody of AJ. Caleb says he will help Marissa and she will win.

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