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All My Children Update Tuesday 9/28/10


Written by Eva
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(Police Station) Ryan tries to persuade Jesse not to arrest Greenlee because anyone could have put the digitalis in the glass before Greenlee handed the glass to David. Ryan asks Jesse to think of Greenlee’s state of mind since at the time David was blackmailing her to stay married to him. Jesse points out that David’s blackmail just gives Greenlee more of a motive to be David’s killer so he must arrest her and do his job. Kendall tries to persuade Greenlee to tell the police she found the vial of digitalis in Ryan’s Jacket pocket but Greenlee refuses to do it because she feels its her responsibility to protect Ryan. Greenlee wonders if Kendall would do the same for Zach if he were in the same situation as Ryan and of course Kendall says she would do the same for Zach because he is her husband and she loves him. As soon as the words come out of Kendall’s mouth she figures out that Greenlee is still in love with Ryan and wants him back in her life. Greenlee doesn’t say a word and Kendall knows that is the reason Greenlee insists on protecting Ryan.

(Chandler Mansion) JR calls Asher and leaves a message asking where he is and telling him to come some him now then Colby walks in and wonders if Asher has done something wrong. JR asks Colby how well she knows Asher and Colby tells him that they met while he was searching for a lost dog in the park and he later admitted to her that he told her that so he would have an excuse to talk to her. Colby also tells JR that on the same day they met he was there to catch her when she almost fell when a railing collapsed and she felt like he had followed her to the building. JR asks Colby if she thinks Asher is after money and she tells him Asher isn’t after money because she can spot the people that just get close to her for her money. Colby thinks that Asher just wants to be accepted by people and have friends since he doesn’t seem to have any family. Colby thinks that JR has the same look on his face Adam used to get when he knew something nobody else knew and when JR tells her that he has no idea what she is talking about she repeats the words with him because Adam would have said the same thing. Colby tells JR that Adam still loves him and that she is glad that he has taken control of the family. JR asks Colby if she knows where Asher is and she tells him that Asher mentioned he was going to Wildwind to work on Bianca’s computer. JR rushes out of the house and Colby is left to wonder why JR is in such a hurry to leave the house.

(Krystal’s) Marissa calls Caleb again because she wants to tell him that Asher works for JR and Marissa worries when the phone line suddenly cuts off her call to Caleb. Krystal calls Marissa that Greenlee has been arrested for David’s murder and that she faked the letters from David to make it appear that David killed him.

(Wildwind) Asher pulls the phone out of the wall so Caleb won’t hear Marissa’s message. Caleb wonders why the phone is pulled out of the wall and Asher tells Caleb he pulled it out of the wall because he needs to talk to him right now.

(Police Station) Marissa arrives to confront Greenlee and calls her cruel for writing those letters from David and making her believe her father loved her. Greenlee tells Marissa David did love her very much but it was hard for him to show his feelings to anyone. Greenlee tells Marissa she wrote the letter hoping it would give her peace she didn’t intend to hurt her. Greenlee apologizes to Marissa if the letter caused her any more pain and Marissa wonders what she ever did to Greenlee to cause her to be so cruel. Kendall tries to talk to Marissa and explain that Greenlee meant well by writing the letters but Marissa thinks that good intentions don’t give Greenlee the right to hurt people.

(Wildwind) Asher is about to say something to Caleb but JR arrives and interrupts them by telling Caleb that he wants to buy his shares in Chandler enterprises and he insists that Asher leave the room so he and Caleb can talk alone. Caleb makes it clear to JR that he just invested in the company and he has no intention of selling the shares back to him and he warns JR that the nest time he bursts in the house like that he may find himself staring down the barrel of a shotgun.

(Ryan’s place) Madison leaves a message for Frankie asking him for a guy’s point of view on the vacation destinations she has chosen for her vacation with Ryan. Randi arrives and tells her that Frankie isn’t the right person to ask since he has alone been to Iraq. Randi recommends Venice, Rome, and Tuscany to Madison as beautiful romantic destinations for her vacation with Ryan. Randi makes it clear to Madison that she doesn’t think a man and a woman can be just friends and she better make sure nothing more then friendship happens between her and Frankie. Randi also tells Madison that she will fight anyone or do anything to keep Frankie with her. Madison explains to Randi that she doesn’t have romantic feelings for Frankie that he helped her turn her life around and she feels like she can confide in him. Randi tells Madison that Frankie rescued her too and they soon became friends and later fell in love. Madison tells Randi that her relationship with Frankie isn’t the same because Frankie told her he fell in love with her (Randi) the first time he saw her. Madison tells Randi that she hopes to have the same type of strong friendship with Frankie that Jesse had with tad’s sister Jenny. Randi still isn’t convinced by Madison’s words and warns her that she will be watching her closely.

(Police Station) Ryan tells Greenlee not to say another word until her lawyer arrives and thinks that Greenlee should call Jackson to help her. Greenlee doesn’t want to call Jackson and ruin his honeymoon and she doesn’t think that it is the right time to call him. Greenlee thinks Jackson will believe the evidence that Jesse has against her but Ryan thinks Jackson will give Greenlee the benefit of the doubt. Greenlee insists that she won’t go to jail because she is innocent but Ryan is worried about her. Greenlee asks Ryan not to worry about her and focus on his vacation with Madison because Madison has been very patient with him. Ryan takes her advice and leaves even though he still looks worried about Greenlee. Greenlee tells herself that she has an unlimited amount of patience and she will wait as long as it takes to be with Ryan.

(Wildwind) Krystal and Marissa arrive looking for Caleb but he isn’t home so they decide to wait for him. Marissa tells Krystal that Asher is working for JR and she is worried that Asher could hurt Caleb. Marissa also shares with Krystal that she is worried that she might not get custody of AJ because she isn’t his real mother. Krystal assures Marissa that she has been a good mother to AJ and she is doing the right thing trying to get AJ away from JR. . Marissa knows JR will fight dirty and Krystal advises Marissa not to stoop to JR’s level or she will become just like him. Marissa thanks Krystal for the advice and gives her a hug then Krystal leaves and Marissa stays to wait for Caleb.

(Chandler Mansion) JR tells Asher he saved him today because he knows that Asher’s last name isn’t Pike its Cooney and he is Caleb’s son. Asher denies it and starts to leave but JR tells him that he doesn’t need to keep secrets from him because they both want the same thing to crush Caleb. JR guesses that Caleb abandoned Asher at a young age and that is why Caleb doesn’t recognize him now. JR thinks that is why Asher hates Caleb so he asks Asher to use his twisted brain against Caleb. Asher couldn’t be more thrilled and tells JR he is in on whatever plan he has to stick it to Caleb.

(Police Station) Kendall thinks that Greenlee should stop worrying about Ryan and concentrate on getting herself out of jail. Kendall also tells Greenlee that Zach is mad at her for helping her and Ryan so Greenlee promises to make Zach understand why she helped them.

(Ryan’s place) Ryan tells Madison he is ready to concentrate on their vacation but Madison can tell Ryan is distracted by thoughts of Greenlee so she postpones the vacation until Greenlee's ordeal is over because she wants Ryan to only concentrate on her when they go on their vacation. Ryan is touched that Madison is making yet another sacrifice for Greenlee and givers her a kiss before they have dinner.

(Wildwind) Marisa tells Caleb that Asher is working for JR and he was probably the one responsible for the attack against him. Caleb tells Marissa he already suspected that but he can’t quite figure out Asher yet.

(Chandler mansion) Asher explains to JR that he had never met Caleb before and shows JR a letter that Palmer wrote to him asking him to come to Pine Valley to try and get to know his father. JR explains to Asher that he is part of the family now since his mother Dixie was Palmer’s niece that makes them family and they must stick together. JR tells Asher that they must wait for the right time to let Caleb know he is his son.

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