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All My Children Update Monday 9/27/10


Written by Eva
Pictures by Lark

(Tad’s house) Jake and Amanda get ready for a dinner date with Scott and Annie but Jake isn’t that thrilled to be going and thinks Amanda shouldn’t be trying to make friends with Annie. Amanda thinks Annie deserves a second chance and is determined to give her a chance despite Opal’s warning to stay away from Annie and keep Jake away from her as well. Amanda thanks Opal for baby-sitting Trevor and adds that she hopes he won’t be too much trouble.

(Yacht club) Annie is nervous about the dinner and orders champagne because she wants this to be a special evening and hopes that Jake and Amanda will become her friends. JR is walking and talking on his phone a little upset because the private detective he hired isn’t working fast enough to get information on Asher. Annie is walking with her glass of champagne and JR bumps into her spilling the champagne on her dress. Annie gets upset and tells JR that she is excited because she and Scott are meeting Jake and Amanda for dinner and she won’t let the champagne he spilled on her ruin her evening.

(Wildwind) Asher arrives and gives Miranda a mouse pad she hugs him and says thank you and then runs upstairs to put it by her computer. Asher tells Miranda that he will be up in a little while for her computer class but first he has to install a program into Bianca’s computer. Caleb thinks that children should be playing outside instead of staying inside playing with machines. Caleb watches Asher carefully because he is suspicious of him. Marissa tells Caleb she can’t believe she is getting divorced and working out joint custody for AJ. Caleb tells Marissa he can give her advice on anything regarding the woods and the law but he isn’t good with family matters.

(Fusion) Kendall tells Bianca that she is nervous that Zach won’t understand why she had to get involved once again to help Greenlee and Ryan. Bianca reminds Kendall that Zach loves her and he will understand that she was trying to help her friends but Kendall worries that Zach will be mad at her.

(Park) Greenlee is about to tell Ryan what he said about her under hypnosis but is interrupted by Jesse who tells her that she has to come down to the police station because they found a vial of digitalis in her glove compartment. Ryan thinks that Jesse is being unfair with Greenlee because she would never kill her own husband. Jesse advises Greenlee to get a good lawyer because if they test the vial and it matches the digitalis that killed David he will have to arrest her for his murder. Jesse also tells Greenlee he knows she faked the letters that David left for her, Amanda and Marissa but Greenlee tells him that she only wrote those letters to give Amanda and Marissa some peace and begs him not to say anything to them about the letters being fake. Greenlee tells Jesse that she found the vial in her hotel room but Jesse reminds her that David couldn’t get the vial and kill himself because he couldn’t practice medicine anymore.

(Wildwind) Marissa asks Asher to give AJ computer classes and he tells her that he likes Miranda but he really isn’t good with kids. Marissa tells him that he is good with Miranda and wonders if he has any brothers or sisters. Asher changes the subject and says he forgot something he needs for Miranda’s class so he leaves quickly to go get it.

(Police Station) Once Ryan and Greenlee are alone Ryan asks Greenlee if she killed David and promises that whatever she says will stay between them.

(Park) Kendall leaves a message for Zach saying that she is waiting for him in the Park and Can’t wait to see him A few minutes later Bianca arrives to tell Kendall that Zach called Fusion to tell her that he isn’t coming because he is hurt that she couldn’t tell him about her arrest when it first happened and the fact she waited so long to tell him shows that she doesn’t trust him. Bianca tells Kendall that Zach will contact her once he is less hurt and angry.

(Yacht club) Jake, Amanda, Scott, and Annie sit down to dinner and Jake is tense and it is obvious by his face that he doesn’t want to be there. The couples begin to talk about Trevor and Emma and once that subject is finished Amanda tells Annie that once a week they have a date night in where they put Trevor to bed early and have tacos followed by romance. Amanda wonders if Annie and Scott have anything special they do together and Annie says they haven’t had time for a date night because they have both been busy working at Chandler. Annie thinks they should all go out for Mexican food sometime and Jake tries to change the subject by ordering some beer for himself but makes sure he tells Scott the wine he ordered was very good he just prefers beer. Amanda wonders if Annie and Scott plan to have kids and Annie tells her that they haven’t talked about it lately but she wants to have kids soon the news is a surprise to Scott who has a surprised look on his face.

(Chandler Mansion) Asher arrives and advises JR to be more aggressive in his fight with Caleb and JR makes it clear to Asher he shouldn’t hurt Caleb, Bianca , or the girls an Asher says “yes boss” which irratates JR who tells Asher not to call him boss. Marissa arrives and hears the last part of the conversation and thinks JR hired Asher to attack Caleb. JR denies the accusation but Marissa doesn’t believe him. Marisa tells JR that AJ is imataing the same hurtful behavior that he sees in JR and that is why AJ is fighting at school. Marissa thinks AJ wants attention and love from JR but JR is neglecting AJ because he is so focused on the company. JR tells Marissa that he loves AJ more then anything and has always been there for him ever since his real mother died. Marissa tells JR that she has decided to fight for sole custody of AJ because she wants to protect AJ from him. JR warns her that if she asks for sole custody he will fight dirty and bring up her past working in a massage parlor as well as her affair with Scott. Marissa calls JR disgusting and she tells him that she intends to do anything she has to do to win custody of AJ and she will be ready for whatever JR intends to use against her.

(Police Station) Greenlee tells Ryan that she didn’t kill David and she found the vial in their hotel room. Ryan wonders why Greenlee didn’t tell the police when she found the vial and she tells him that she thought it was David’s because he always had medicine in his medical bag and she thought it fell out of his bag. Ryan wants Greenlee to call Jackson for help but she refuses to interrupt his honeymoon. Greenlee assures Ryan she won’t go to jail because she is innocent.

(Yacht club) Amanda and Annie talk in the bathroom and Annie wonders how Amanda and Jake have such a good marriage. Amanda says it takes work but the important thing is to love and trust each other. Annie tells Amanda that she and Scott haven’t had much time as a couple because Scott is too focused on this competition he has with JR. Amanda advises Annie to find time alone with Scott so he can relax and take his mind off work she also tells Annie if she continues to show Scott how much she loves him everything else will fall into place. Scott asks Jake his impression of Caleb and Jake fidgets in his chair and he says that Caleb seems like a good guy although he is very private. Scott tells Jake that Caleb invested in Chandler and Jake finds it’s strange that Caleb would invest in Chandler since the Chandlers and cortlandts have always been rivals. Annie and Amanda return from the bathroom and Jake decides its time to ask for the check because he wants to leave.

(Wildwind) Bianca wonders if Caleb is okay and he thanks her for caring about him but he is fine. Bianca tells Caleb that Erica sent Miranda a tweet saying she will be home soon to plan her wedding to Jackson. Caleb tells Bianca he is happy for Erica but once Bianca leaves the room Caleb thinks about everything he and Erica went through in West Virginia and takes a drink.

(Police Station) Kendall is upset that Greenlee didn’t tell her she wrote the letters from David. Greenlee tells Kendall that Ryan said he loved her while under hypnosis and that is why she must make sure that he doesn’t go to jail so he can be with his children. Greenlee wants Kendall to promise she won’t tell the police anything that will incriminate Ryan. Kendall wants Greenlee to face reality because she could go to jail but Greenlee insists that she won’t go to jail. Ryan asks Jesse not to arrest Greenlee but Jesse says he must do his job because the tests show that the vial found in Greenlee’s car matches the drug that killed David. Jesse also shows Ryan surveillance video from the yacht club that shows Greenlee giving David a drink from a glass with a tiny chip in it the same glass that they proved has traces of the drug that killed David.

(Tad’s house) Jake asks Amanda not to become friends with Annie and Opal gives Amanda the same advice but Amanda is determined to give Annie a second chance.

(Chandler Mansion) Annie thinks that the dinner went well and is happy that nobody noticed the stain that JR caused on her dress. Scott is upset that Annie didn’t mention that JR spilled Champagne on her dress but Annie says JR isn’t worth mentioning because all that matters is that she loves him not JR. Annie sits on Scott’s lap and starts kissing his cheek but Scott isn’t paying attention to her because he is distracted by thoughts of how to get JR. JR’s detective arrives and JR looks at the file on Asher’s identity and says that this information could be very good or very bad.

(Wildwind) Caleb asks Asher if he got what he needed and turns his back to read a file and Asher grabs a wrench and thinks about hitting Caleb again.

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