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All My Children Update Friday 9/24/10


Written by Nicole
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Angie spends time with Frankie prior to going to her last appointment of her first trimester. Frankie assures Angie that everything is fine with the pregnancy. Jesse tells Angie that he is glad to be accompanying her to the appointment. Angie is sad that she will not be able to see the baby.

Ryan assures Madison that their future looks bright. He is ready to move on with their life and as soon as this investigation is wrapped up he is ready to focus on their future. He suggests Madison finds a wonderful vacation get-away for them. Madison is leery that Greenlee will show up.

Tad and Greenlee sit in the park and talk about the letters David left. Tad tells Greenlee that he knows why she wrote the letters. Greenlee denies writing the letters at first. After much probing from Tad, Greenlee admits to writing the letters. Tad tells Greenlee that her letters are comforting and bring closure to the people they are addressed to. Tad asks Greenlee if she wants to know who killed her husband. Greenlee says that there will always be questions about David’s death. She fears that the person who killed David is one of their friends. Tad tells Greenlee that while it was a great thing to write the letters it is obvious that David didn’t write the letters. He fears that Greenlee will get in trouble for obstruction of justice. Greenlee believes that Jesse will not pursue the investigation any further as Frankie and Angie had reason to want David dead. Tad says he will not pursue the matter any further. On the other hand, Tad says he will not lie for Greenlee.

Natalia and Randi have a conversation at the police station. Natalia hopes that there might be a baby in Randi and Frankie’s future. Randi says she is busy with her super model career and Frankie is picking up extra hours at the hospital. Natalia says she is glad that Frankie is staying busy and out of trouble. Randi asks Natalia what she means by that statement. Realizing that she has said too much, Natalia tries to say she meant nothing. Randi is not buying it. Natalia says that she is worried about Madison always popping up and Frankie coming to her rescue. Natalia says that they are all friends. Natalia says that after all Madison has put Randi and Frankie through she finds it hard to believe that they are all now BFFs. Randi tells Natalia that her marriage is fine and not to worry.

David’s ghost visits Greenlee. David wants to know how could Greenlee write those letters and why she portrayed his as a coward. Greenlee tells David it is time everyone put this behind them. David asks Greenlee if she thinks Ryan killed him. David says Greenlee is only concerned with protecting David. Greenlee admits to David that she has always been in love with Ryan. David is furious that Greenlee did not seek justice for his murder.

Ryan appears in the park just as David’s ghost disappears. Ryan announces to Greenlee that he has been looking for her and that she is right—he must move on. Greenlee asks if Ryan is done with her because she has gotten him in this huge horrible mess. Ryan says he will never be done with Greenlee. He says that he is happy that they are finally in a place where they can call one another friend. Greenlee continues to apologize for getting Ryan into this mess. Ryan says there is no need for apology and now that Greenlee is free to pursue her life she doesn’t need him anymore. Greenlee asks if Ryan loves Madison. Ryan does not say that he loves Madison. He says with all that has been going on he has not had time to focus on his life or Madison and this upcoming get-away will Madison will help him focus. Ryan tells Greenlee that they need to put some distance between them.

Brot asks Natalia how could she tell Randi what she was thinking about Frankie and Madison. Natalia says she can spot when a woman is trying to make a move on another woman’s man. Brot says that Frankie is madly in love with Randi and doesn’t see any problems in their marriage. Natalia says that she only shared her thoughts and observations with Randi so that Randi can nip this potential problem in the bud. Brot says that Natalia’s instincts make her a great cop but when it comes to things outside of police work they are no good. Brot says despite the fact that Natalia thinks Madison is a “skanky homewrecker,” Randi and Frankie will stay together.

Angie’s appointment goes well. She asks Jesse to tell her what he sees on the monitor. Jesse sees the heart beating and the baby kicking. After the appointment Jesse gets a phone call. He learns that there were no fingerprints on the letters and the signature does not match. Tad walks in and overhears the conversation. Tad suggests that the suicide letters doesn’t mean that the person who forged them killed David. Jesse says the letters have caused the case to take a different turn. Tad wants to know if Jesse wants to pursue it as a murder case knowing that it might mean putting a friend in prison. Angie tells Jesse that she loves the fact that Jesse pursues matters no matter how difficult. Tad suggests that Jesse and Angie name their baby after him.

Tad spends time with Angie. They speak about Angie’s pregnancy. Angie shares with Tad that she knows how her blindness is impacting her family. She says she doesn’t want them tiptoeing around her like she is an invalid.

Frankie goes to Fusion and runs into Madison who is having computer trouble with her mouse. Frankie fixes the problem. Madison tells Frankie that she and Ryan are planning on going on a vacation get-away. Frankie asks Madison if she is worried that Greenlee will suddenly need Ryan to save her from a situation while Madison and Ryan are away on their get-away. Madison says she is not worried. Frankie asks Madison where she will be vacationing. Madison says she will have to run it past Ryan. When discussing several places, Madison realizes she does not speak the native language. Frankie and Madison share several laughs when Randi walks in unbeknownst to Frankie and Madison. After Madison leaves, Randi comes out of hiding. Frankie asks Randi on a date. She accepts and hugs him. Her eyes show sadness.

Jesse finds Greenlee in the park with Ryan. He tells her that he needs her to come to the station for questioning because the letters she found are a fraud. Brot brings Digitalis to Jesse and states that it was found in Greenlee’s glove compartment.

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