AMC Update Thursday 9/23/10

All My Children Update Thursday 9/23/10


Written by Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Caleb is hit over the head with an object and passes out. Asher tosses the package into the bushes. Asher steps over Caleb’s body and steals the agreement between Caleb and Scott from Caleb’s briefcase. AJ sees Caleb passed out and screams for Marissa. Marissa and Krystal find Caleb on the ground. Asher assists Krystal with getting Caleb to the couch. Caleb doesn’t know who attacked him nor did he see anyone. Asher doesn’t have any answers for Krystal regarding what happened to Caleb. Asher says he thinks someone tried to rob Caleb and all he saw was someone run off. Krystal wants Caleb to call the police. Caleb refuses. Krystal and Asher both suggest that Caleb should go to the hospital. Caleb insists that he is okay and medical attention will not be necessary. AJ is concerned that the “bad guy” may still be in the house. All of the adults immediately dismiss AJ’s statement and Asher quickly excuses himself.

JR tells Colby that Damon is not good enough for her. He reminds her that Damon is a high school dropout and she is a college student. JR suggests that Damon may be with her just for the money. Colby doesn’t see it that way and says that Damon busts his butt working so that he will have money to pay for their dates. Colby reminds JR that Damon is not some random guy and that he is Tad’s son which almost makes JR and Damon brothers. JR says that he has enough extra relatives to deal with and is not interested in trying to claim another. JR feels that Damon is lucky to have Tad and Colby in his life but urges Colby not to limit her options.

Damon and Tad speak at Krystal’s. Damon says that JR has made it clear that Damon is not good enough for his sister. Tad offers to speak to JR but Damon begs Tad to leave it alone. Tad says he will not allow anyone to rundown his son, Damon Martin. Damon believes his life will be better once he figures out what he wants to do.

Ryan tells Bianca the murder charges have been dropped and that he is clear. Bianca says she is saddened that David killed himself. Ryan tells Bianca that he is not buying that David killed himself. The letters David left behind are not enough to convince Ryan. Ryan tells Bianca that the night he was at David’s room David didn’t seem suicidal. Ryan tells Bianca he will not give up until he has answers about David’s death.

Some people take their work home. Greenlee brings her home to work. She totes a suitcase in to Fusion. Greenlee reads a letter from David and says to herself that she is sorry. Kendall tells Greenlee that some people don’t believe the letters are real and that David wanted to die. Kendall tells Greenlee that David didn’t seem like the type of person who would be suicidal. Greenlee tells Kendall that David experienced so much loss in his life and then when their marriage didn’t look like it would survive he used blackmail. Kendall and Greenlee talk about Digitalis being found in Ryan’s pocket and death by Digitalis searches in Ryan’s cell phone.

Asher shows up at the Chandler house with research he thinks JR will be interested in. JR is not happy to see Asher at first. Colby wants to know more details about the research Asher has handed over to JR. JR will not tell Colby about it. Colby whines that she works with Chandler Enterprise. Still JR keeps his mouth closed about it and gives Colby money so that she and Damon can go to dinner.

When Caleb realizes that his agreement with Scott is missing he tells Krystal he needs some air. Caleb goes to the Chandler household and tells JR about his attack. He tells JR that initially he thought it was a robbery. Caleb shares with JR that the only thing missing from the home was an agreement between he and Scott. The agreement would not mean anything to anyone but JR.

Liza offers Kendall and misdemeanor plea with 250 community hours. Kendall’s lawyer says it is a god deal. Kendall whines that it is too much and Liza is only doing it because she has a personal vendetta against Kendall. Kendall suggests that Liza drops the charges since David committed suicide. Kendall’s lawyer states that it is a very fair deal. Liza says that Kendall should be happy to spend hours beautifying the community that his forgiven her time and time again.

Greenlee reminisces about David putting a ring on her finger after opening a jewelry box with a ring in it. Her mind also goes to when Ryan gave her a ring. She chuckled at the fact it was a mood ring. Later when Greenlee bumps into Ryan at the hospital she questions him about why he is there. He tells her that he is there to see Dr. Frankel. Greenlee doesn’t want Ryan to undergo hypnosis and questions him as to why since everyone knows that David punished himself. Ryan tells Greenlee that they need to move on with their lives. After his conversation with Greenlee, Ryan cancels his appoint with Dr. Frankel. Ryan heads home and lets Madison know he is ready to move forward with their relationship.

Colby invites Damon to have dinner with her compliments of JR. Damon is hesitant but agrees that to go dinner with Colby. Colby invites Asher to have dinner with them. Damon tells Asher that he doesn’t want to seem like a freeloader. Asher assures Damon that he is not a freeloader and says that if someone offers you something you should take it. Asher says he is okay with taking everything he can get. Asher shares his observation of his classmates from boarding school with their parents. When asked about his father Asher does not give up any information. JR calls Asher and orders him to come to the Chandler home for a meeting. Damon tells Colby that he likes Asher but when they finally are able to go out to a 4-star restaurant he wants it to just be him and Colby. Damon says he is not trying to spend his hard earned money on Asher.

Kendall tells Bianca of her fears that Zach will leave her. Kendall says that she has made so many empty promises to Zach. Kendall is unable to convince Bianca to break Kendall’s brush with the law to Zach. Bianca says she will not do it. Kendall talks to Zach and tells him about her brush with the law. Zach is on his way to Pine Valley so that he and Kendall can talk face to face.

Marissa shares with Greenlee that she read the letter from David. Marissa tells Greenlee that she blames herself for David’s death. Marissa says that she pushed David away and even deleted the last message that David left her. Greenlee tells Marissa that she thinks David wrote the letter to give her peace. Tad is in the park eavesdropping as Marissa and Greenlee speak. When Marissa leaves Tad approaches Greenlee. Tad admits to Greenlee that Ryan hired him to find out what happened to David. Tad gets Greenlee to admit that she is the one who wrote the letters from David.

Caleb tells Krystal that he thinks JR hired someone to attack him. Asher is summoned to the Chandler house by JR. JR is upset that Asher attacked Caleb. JR wants to know why Asher is doing so much and Asher tells JR he wants to make his employer happy. JR dismisses Asher. JR calls Lenny. JR asks Lenny to find out everything on a kid named Asher Pike. JR suspects that Asher might not be the kid's real name.

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