AMC Update Wednesday 9/22/10

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/22/10


Written by Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall visits Bianca and tells Bianca that while she appreciates Ryan, she had to get out of his home. Kendall says she needed to give Ryan some privacy. Bianca lectures Kendall about jumping bail and speeding. Kendall tells Bianca that she feels bad enough for what she has done and wonders if Bianca is trying to make her feel worse. Bianca tells Kendall not to pull another stunt like this again. Kendall still refuses to accept responsibility for her actions and states, “Even dead David is wreaking havoc even from the dead.” When the doorbell rings, Bianca jokes, “Maybe that’s his ghost right now.” It is Marissa at the door with AJ. Marissa tells Kendall and Bianca that she thinks she did well on the Bar exam yesterday. Marissa states that she is thankful to Caleb for assisting her with her studies. “You don’t look like someone who kicked some Bar Exam Butt,” Kendall tells Marissa. Marissa seems to be distressed and shares with Kendall and Bianca her source of stress is related to a letter from David to her as well as the fact that the police want Marissa to clear out David’s room. Marissa thanks Kendall for taking the children to school today as she leaves.

Damon and Colby awake to one another in Colby’s bed. Damon wonders what he has done to deserve Colby in his life. Colby begs Damon not to leave but Damon is running late for work. Colby decides to get up with Damon. She believes Asher is already downstairs waiting to show her the new GUI, (Graphic User Interface) a new social networking program for Chandler Enterprise. Colby tries to steal a few more minutes with Damon. Damon tells her he has to leave now or else he will be fired. When Damon returns to the Chandler house for his break he tells Colby he is going to find his way in the world. Colby assures him that she is fine with him and his working at Krystal’s.

While Asher waits for Colby to come downstairs for their meeting he looks at the family pictures. When he is approached by Annie who is wearing a silk robe, Annie inquires why Asher is in her house. Asher tells Annie he is a friend of Colby. Annie asks Asher if Colby has dumped that Damon guy. Asher says, “No. I am both of their friends.” When Asher asks Annie, “Don’t I know you?” Annie replies, “No.” He then butters her up by asking if she is an actress. Annie tells Asher, “I’m Mrs. Chandler.” He then states that she couldn’t possibly be Colby’s mother. She tells him that she is Colby’s cousin-in-law.

Scott and JR have a conversation about Chandler’s overseas business. Scott informs JR that he has made a huge decision in his new position. JR smile fades when Caleb walks up to the table where he and Scott are sitting and Scott announces Caleb is a new investor. JR tells Scott that they are not taking any new investors. JR invites Caleb to have a seat so that they can have a discussion. Caleb throws a file on the table and tells JR to read it and learn something. Caleb leaves. JR asks Scott if he has a wish to end up in prison. He tells Scott that bringing Caleb on board is a huge mistake. Scott tells JR that he can contain Caleb and may send Caleb to Europe like JR tried to do with him.

Damon bumps into Tad at Krystal’s. There is an awkward moment when Damon tries to figure out if he should call his father Tad or Dad. Tad assures him it is okay to call him “Thaddeus.” Tad notes that he has not seen Damon in awhile. Damon says he has been hanging out with Colby. Tad tells him to be safe. Damon shares that he is going to retake the exam for the GED and that he is nervous. Tad encourages Damon that he will do well the second time around since Damon is taking the medication for ADHD. Tad offers to help Damon. Tad tells Damon he is a little on edge because he is going to go see Liza. Damon is surprised and thinks that there may be something of a romantic nature going on. Tad tells Damon he is going to see Liza to ask for a favor. Damon asks Tad to say something to repair the mother-daughter relationship between Colby and Liza. Damon says he feels he is the cause of Liza and Colby’s estranged relationship.

Asher and Colby review the website as Annie hangs back while pretending to be reading a magazine. Annie tries to spy out what is going on with the webpage. Colby is annoyed with Annie hanging around and asks her why she is still hanging around. Taking the cue that she should leave, Annie walks out of the room but not before telling Colby that she needs to “check her attitude if she is trying to snag a new dude.” Asher pretends not to notice the comment. Colby is clearly embarrassed by Annie’s comment but continues to speak with Asher about the website. Colby makes some suggestions for changes to the website and then comments on the nice job he’s done with the site in such a short time. Asher tells Colby he’s a geek who is dedicated to his work. Colby tries to find out if Asher has a love interest. Asher states that he doesn’t have time for a love life. Colby seems to be digging Asher.

Marissa goes to David’s room to clear out its contents. Kendall and Bianca show up to support Marissa. Marissa tells Kendall and Bianca that she has to be strong for her son but this is a difficult moment for her. In life, she felt that David tried to control her and now she feels with this letter he is going to try to control her from the dead. Marissa discusses her disappointment related to the nonexistent relationship she had with David. She always had hoped David would step up and be a father. Kendall encourages Marissa to throw a lamp and release her pent up aggression. After Marissa releases some of her anger and attempts to pick up another lamp to throw, Bianca tells her not to go overboard.

JR is upset that Scott is trying to destroy the company. He tells Colby that Scott has brought Caleb on board with Chandler Europe. JR fears that Scott may have a side deal with Caleb. If JR can get his hands on that deal he knows he will be able to take Caleb out. Asher listens without comment as JR vents to Colby.

Caleb is reluctant to let Asher into the house when he shows up at the house. Caleb tells Asher that Miranda is at school and there will be no computer lessons. Asher states that he is at the house to install drivers and software.

Tad shows up at Liza’s office and Liza can’t help but wonder why Tad has called a private meeting. Tad wants to put some of the bad blood behind them. Liza is skeptical of how nice Tad is being. Tad asks Liza to have a heart and to help Kendall. Tad reminds Liza that she has done some things that the law would frown upon and he helped her so now he is calling in a favor. Liza says she will see if she can get Kendall’s court date moved up. Tad presses Liza to do more. Liza says she will recommend community service.

JR goes to Annie’s bedroom. Annie tells him to get up. JR tells Annie that he knows she is the mastermind behind Scott bringing Caleb on board. JR reminds Annie why she married Adam and Stewart. JR tells Annie that Scott does not have the same killer instinct that she and JR have. He thanks her for showing her hand because he now sees just how much he has gotten to her. Annie shows JR her pictures from her honeymoon and tells him how happy she is with Scott. Annie tells JR that she has gotten to him and JR can’t stand the fact that he will never have her again. JR tells Annie that when she was on her honeymoon making love her mind was on one man—JR.

When Bianca, Kendall, Marissa and the children arrive home they play games. Asher notices the warmth and love in the room. Suddenly, he announces that he has to leave to get a new program. Bianca states that her fear is she will not have access to her computer and important information. Caleb announces that he keeps all is important information in his briefcase.

JR tells Colby she is too good to be Damon. Colby tells JR she will do what it takes to make her relationship work with Damon and the fact that he works at Krystal’s does not bother her.

When the doorbell rings, Caleb answers it to find a package on the ground. When he bends down to pick it up, he passes out.

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