AMC Update Tuesday 9/21/10

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/21/10


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Krystal’s) Jack and Amanda kiss and he considers not meeting Tad for their time of brotherly bonding and going back home and making love to his wife. Amanda tells him she must get to work and Tad arrives and interrupts a good-bye kiss and Amanda leaves to go to work. Jake explains to Tad that Amanda has a good heart and she feels badly that David died although he was a bad person she doesn’t think that he deserved to die. Jake and Tad toast to life in Pine Valley after David they think it will be a happier life without him. Liza arrives and Jake and tad give her the cold shoulder since she still thinks Ryan is the prime suspect in David’s murder. Liza explains to Jake and Tad that she is only doing her job and then leaves since the guys won’t talk to her.

(Fusion) Madison tells Frankie that the hug he gave her when he took her home after Caleb’s party felt different and Frankie agrees although he doesn’t know why or where it came from he thinks that he feels protective of Madison and hated to see her so sad about Ryan. Frankie and Madison decide not to let one strange moment ruin their friendship and decide to forget about the whole incident. Madison starts to hug Frankie and then stops herself and she just tells him good-bye.

(Ryan’s place) Kendall advises Ryan to let this go because maybe his brain is telling him that he shouldn’t remember the night David died. Ryan remains determined to find out what happened and tells Kendall he is leaving to get some answers about what happened that night.

(Yacht Club) Greenlee tells Jesse that Ryan fought with David but she is positive that Ryan didn’t kill David. Greenlee tells Jesse that she thinks that after David and Ryan fought David realized that he has lost her and probably killed him because he couldn’t handle the pain. Greenlee tells Jesse that David had a secret locked drawer in his desk where he kept important papers and Jesse opens the drawer and finds a letter David wrote to Grenlee and also a letter he wrote to Amanda. Greenlee and Jesse go downstairs to read Greenlee’s letter because she doesn’t want to read it in the room she shared with David. Greenlee reads the letter, which basically says that after David fought with Ryan he realized that he had lost Greenlee and couldn’t live with the pain of not having her in his life. Jesse takes the letters and tells Greenlee he will make copies and enter the original letters into evidence after he has dusted them for fingerprints.

(Krystal’s) Ryan arrives and tells tad he still wants him to investigate what happened the night David died. Tad and Jake both advise Ryan to let this go because they don’t think he could live with himself if he found out that he poisoned David. Ryan insists that he could live with it because he protected David from hurting anyone else. Tad tells Ryan he will investigate but if he finds any evidence against him it could disappear because both Tad and Jake think that whomever killed David made the world a better place.

(Hospital) Randi wonders why Frankie never told her he took Madison home the night of David’s party. Frankie apologizes to Randi telling her that he didn’t mean to keep it a secret from her he has just been so busy he forgot to tell her about it. Frankie tells Randi that Madison got drunk because she was upset that Ryan went to help Greenlee and he felt he had to take her home. Randi understands that Frankie was concerned about his friend Madison but she wants Frankie to tell her everything that happens in his life. Frankie promises not to keep any secrets from Randi and they make love in the on call room. Frankie thinks it would be great if they began to try and have a baby but randi tells Frankie she isn’t ready yet because she wants to concentrate on her career.

(Ryan’s place) Madison arrives and Kendall explains that a condition of her new bail is that Ryan has to supervise her and make sure she doesn’t leave town. Madison asks Kendall to put in a good word for her with Ryan but Kendall says she can’t take sides although she admits she thinks that she (Madison) can offer Ryan more stability she can’t take sides in the situation. Madison tells Kendall that she is worried that Greenlee wants Ryan back and Kendall tells Madison that Greenlee always gets whatever she wants in life. Kendal advises Madison to be patient because she thinks both Ryan and Greenlee are trying to tie up loose ends in their lives so that they can move on with their lives.

(Park) Tad runs into Liza and apologizes for being so harsh with her earlier and admits he is disappointed in her for going after a good man like Ryan for killing a bad man like David. Liza admits that she doesn’t like going after a friend for Killing David but a human life was taken and it doesn’t matter if David was good or bad. Tad tells Liza that he knows she is only doing her job he just wishes that she didn’t enjoy it so much. Jesse arrives after Ryan leaves and tells Liza he has some news about David’s case.

(Krystal’s) Greenlee tells Ryan about the letters David left for her and Amanda and that now the police are investigating the theory that David committed suicide so if its true he will no longer be a murder suspect. Ryan doesn’t think that David would have killed himself but Greenlee thinks Ryan should stop pushing himself to remember what happened that night. Ryan is still determined to remember what happened that night Greenlee gives Amanda the letter David wrote to her and Amanda reads that David wrote that she is a good mother and that despite the fact that Trevor wasn’t his child he still felt connected to him. David also tells Amanda in the letter that she shouldn’t worry anymore because her family is safe from him. Greenlee tells Amanda that the letter was a gift to them from David. Amanda tells Jake that she saw David had a heart when he spent time with Trevor and Jake gets upset tears up the letter and when Amanda tells him its disrespectful he tells her that he respects the person who got rid of David.

(Yacht Club) Kendall tells tad she hasn’t told Zech about he latest trouble with the law and she asks tad to talk to Liza and see if he can persuade her to move up her court date because it will be easier to tell Zech once everything has passed. Tad agrees to help and he thinks Liza will do it because she is eager to prove she is a D.A. with compassion.

(Ryan’s place) Jesse arrives to tell Ryan about the letters but he says he already knows but Madison is happy about the news and gives Ryan a hug. Ryan still has a gut feeling that David didn’t commit suicide because David wasn’t the type of person who would commit suicide.

(Yacht Club) Greenlee walks around the room grabs a picture of her and David puts on her pajamas, lays in bed and clutches the picture tightly as she cries and says please forgive me.

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