AMC Update Monday 9/20/10

All My Children Update Monday 9/20/10


Written by Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Natalia reads a glowing review from the newspaper to Angie about her being able to remain Chief of Staff. Natalia spends the day with Angie and assists her with maneuvering around the home. When Angie bumps into a stool, she snaps at Natalia and then apologizes as it is difficult for her to maneuver around the home without her vision. Brot visits Natalia at Angie's house. He sees Angie's frustration. Brot agrees to stay with Angie while Natalia runs errands. Angie just wants to be alone, but Brot knows that she needs to vent. He shares how he felt when a single instance in the Middle East changed his life. Brot encourages Angie to deal with her feelings. Angie shares her feelings with Brot and reveals that she feels overwhelmed and does not want to deal with being blind. Angie laments that she will never be able to see the child she is carrying. Greenlee continues to eavesdrop on Ryan's session with the hypnotherapist. Ryan tells Dr. Frankel that he went to David's room because he's still in love with Greenlee and felt the need to protect Greenlee from David. Ryan tells Dr. Frankel about his feelings of anger and bitterness toward David.

When Ryan says of David, "He deserved to die," Greenlee immediately storms into the session and demands that Dr. Frankel bring Ryan out of the trance. Ryan asks Greenlee to stop interfering with him trying to remember what happened the night David was killed. Dr. Frankel is unable to go on with the session despite Ryan's request. Greenlee is disappointed that Ryan says he only remembers being angry the night David was killed. Ryan asks if there is anything else he should remember and Greenlee says, "No." Madison walks into Fusion and finds Randi and Frankie lip-locked at the elevator. Frankie apologizes and says, "Our bad." Randi reminds Frankie that they are married and there is no need for an apology, before she returns to work. Frankie hurries to excuse himself and tells Madison he has to go to the station to make a statement. Madison reminds Frankie that he was not at the party when David collapsed as they were together. Frankie tells her that he has to help the police find out what happened the night of David's murder by making his statement. Madison asks Frankie what happened that night between them. Frankie tells her to "relax, it was a party; we were hanging out."

Randi asks Madison why she never mentioned that she was at the party with Frankie. Madison tells Randi that she went to the party with Ryan who had to leave and go to Greenlee's rescue and that Frankie assisted her while she was in a drunken stupor. Randi tells Madison that Madison needs to find someone other than Frankie to come to her rescue. Kendall tries to convince Jesse not to lock her up for jumping bail. Jesse reminds Kendall that even though there is pressure from the mayor to find David's murderer; Kendall destroyed evidence in a murder case as well as jumped bail. When Jesse hears Kendall tell her sons that she will not be coming home due to having to be at a sleep over, he finds it in his heart to call in a favor to the judge. Ryan comes to the police station to tell Jesse about his hypnotherapist session when he spots Kendall. Kendall explains to Ryan she was trying to meet Zach in person to tell him of her situation. Kendall's bail has been increased but she is able to leave. Kendall is afraid to take the money out of her bank account as this would alert Zach that there is something wrong. Ryan agrees to float the bail money and to be responsible for Kendall's whereabouts. Upon release from jail, Kendall moves into Ryan's home with her sons. Kendall asks Ryan if his feelings for Greenlee came up during the session. Ryan tries to evade Kendall's question. Kendall presses Ryan for an answer. Ryan says he has finally closed the door on what he and Greenlee had in the past. "It's over...I can't love her anymore," Ryan tells Kendall regarding his feelings about Greenlee.

Greenlee swears Jake to secrecy and then tells him she eavesdropped on Ryan's hypnotherapy session with Dr. Frankel. Greenlee says she realizes that she still loves Ryan after hearing him say he loves her. Greenlee regrets breaking Ryan's heart and doubts Ryan will trust his heart with her now. Jake tells Greenlee either she can walk away from Ryan or she can fight for his love. Frankie tells Jesse that he left the party early to take Madison home. Frankie has a flashback of the evening. He and Madison share a hug that says they are more than just friends. Frankie is careful to leave that part out. Frankie returns to Fusion where Madison tells him of the conversation she and Randi had earlier in the day. Additionally, Madison tells Frankie that Natalia is wrong for thinking that something going on between them. Madison tells Frankie that she was drunk that night but they both know that there is more to it. Randi arrives at Angie's home only to find Frankie has not arrived. Greenlee and Jesse return to the scene of the crime. Greenlee tells Jesse that she killed David.

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