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Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Angie and Jesse’s house) Natalia reads a newspaper article to Angie, which tells about her staying on as Chief of staff despite her blindness. Angie asks Natalie if she made one or two holes in the milk carton so she would be able to feel which was the milk and which was the orange juice. Natalie explains that she switched and made one small whole for the milk and two for the orange juice carton. Natalia offers to help Angie pour the milk when she sees that she is struggling and Angie yells at Natalia that she can do it herself.

(Fusion) Madison steps off the elevator and interrupts a kiss between Frankie and Randi and when Frankie apologizes to Madison Randi tells him they are married and they can kiss each other before she goes to work. Randi gives Frankie another quick kiss and reminds him they are having dinner with Angie and Jesse tonight. Frankie tells Madison that he has to stop by the police station to give a statement about what happened the night of Caleb’s party. Madison looks worried but Frankie tells her everything is going to be okay and she has no reason to worry.

(Police Station) Kendall begs Jesse to help her get out on bail again because she can’t be away from Spike and Ian. Jesse tells Kendall he doesn’t know if he will be much help to her since the Mayor is on his case to find David’s killer and handle everything by the book so whomever killed David goes to jail for a long time.

(Ryan’s place) Greenlee is surprised to hear Ryan admit under hypnosis that he felt angry with David because he was hurting Greenlee and he felt he had to protect her because he loves her. Ryan also tells the hypnotherapies that he thought that someone should wipe David off the face of the earth. Ryan remembers seeing David holding a champagne glass but he is unable to remember any other details. Greenlee interrupts the session and tells the therapist to stop because Ryan is recovering from an amorism and this can’t be good for him but the therapist tells Greenlee Ryan was doing fine until she interrupted the session. Ryan comes out of hypnosis and tells Greenlee he is fine and wants to continue the session but the therapist tells Ryan he is too agitated and gives him her card so that he can call her when he wants to continue the sessions. Greenlee is surprised when Ryan tells her all the things he remembered under hypnosis but he leaves out the part where he remembered he loves her. Greenlee apologizes to Ryan for interrupting his session but insists that she only did it because she was worried about him.

(Fusion) Randi wonders why Madison never told her that she went to Caleb’s party with Frankie. Madison explains to Randi that she was Ryan’s date for the party but he left her alone to go check on Greenlee so she got drunk and Frankie took her home. Randi advises Madison to find another person to do that job next time.

(Police Station) Kendall calls to talk to Spike and Ian and explains to them that she might have to have a sleep over and she doesn’t know when she will come back home. Kendall hangs up the phone and Jesse tells Kendall he will see what he can do to get bail for her but he can’t make any promises.

(Angie and Jesse’s place) Angie trips over a chair and almost falls and then wonders who moved the chair from where she had placed it to make it easier for her to move around the house. Natalia assumes that Jesse sat in it and moved it back a little but and Angie is frustrated because nobody understands her situation. Brot arrives to check on Angie and Natalia whispers to him that Angie is having a bad day and asks him to encourage Angie. Angie asks Brot if he would like some orange juice and he says yes and Angie is proud of herself for pouring a glass of orange juice for Brot. Angie can’t figure out where Brot is to give him the glass and the glass slips from Angie’s hand and falls to the floor. Brot cleans up the mess and Natalia tells Angie she needs to give herself time to adjust to being blind. Angie tells Natalia and Brot she appreciates them but she needs to be alone. Natalia doesn’t want to leave Angie but she insists that she will be fine alone. Natalia and Brot close the door and pretend to leave but Angie catches on to the trick and tells them she is blind but that doesn’t mean she can’t tell they haven’t left the room. Brot tells Natalia to leave and Brot wants to stay and talk to Angie. But Angie doesn’t need a baby sitter and Brot has no intention of being her babysitter. Brot tells Angie that she doesn’t need to be brave around him and challenges Angie to take her frustrations out on him.

(Police station) Frankie makes his official statement to Jesse and tells him that he left the party early but doesn’t tell him the reason he left the party early. Jesse coaxes Frankie a little and he admits that he took a drunken Madison home but he doesn’t mention that he held Madison a little too long when he dropped her off at her place.

(Angie and Jesse’s place) Angie tells Brot she has accepted her situation and Brot explains that her experience reminds him of when he was first injured and woke up in a German hospital. Brot tells Angie that he tried to be brave and told everyone that he had accepted his situation but he was really frustrated and scared and he wasted so much time ignoring his feelings and he wishes that he had admitted his feelings to himself and others sooner. Brot encourages Angie not to do what he did and waste so much time he tells Angie to let her feelings out because it is better for her. Angie cries and admits she is frustrated and scared and also tells Brot that she has always been able to find the good side of every situation but she can’t find the good in not being able to see Jesse’s eyes or her baby when it is born. Brot tells Angie she will be able to feel her baby and hear its laugh but Angie says that she can’t handle this situation.

(Police Station) Ryan arrives to tell Jesse about his session and is surprised to see Kendall back in jail. Jesse explains that Kendall tried to jump bail to go see Zack. Jesse is able to vouch for Kendall with the judge and get her out on bail but she has to pay more money and she has to be under Ryan’s constant supervision. Ryan pays Kendall’s bail and agrees to the judge’s terms for Kendall’s release. Ryan tells Kendall what he remembered under hypnosis including that he loves Greenlee but he tells Kendall that he and Greenlee aren’t good for each other because they only hurt themselves and others. Ryan is determined to forget Greenlee and try to live a peaceful life with Madison.

(Hospital) Greenlee tells Jake everything she overheard during Ryan’s hypnosis session but first she hakes him swear on his painting of dogs playing poker that he will keep it a secret. Greenlee wonders what she should do about Ryan’s admission of love for her and Jake tells her she can either fight for Ryan or give up on her love for him. Jake thinks Greenlee should be happy with Ryan but Greenlee thinks that Ryan is protecting himself from her by being with Madison so she decides to let Ryan make the next move. Greenlee does want to persuade Ryan that he didn’t kill David but she doesn’t know how she will do it yet. Greenlee gives Jake a kiss on the cheek and thanks him for listening to her problems.

(Jesse and Angie’s place) Natalia finds Brot cutting carrots for dinner and Angie cutting spinach. Angie smiles because she knows Natalia has entered the room before she says hello. Natalia is happy that Angie is in a better mood and Angie admits that Brot knew just what to say to make her feel better. Natalia, Brot and Angie finish preparing dinner and Natalia tells Angie she doesn’t know if Jesse will be home for dinner.

(Fusion) Madison tells Frankie that both Natalia and Randi told her to stay away from him because they think there is something going on between them. Frankie tells Madison that Natalie and Randi are wrong but Randi tells him that she was drunk but she knows something more then friendship happened between them that night.

(Ryan’s place) Kendall thanks Ryan for letting her and the boys stay with him so she won’t have to go to jail. Ryan tells Kendall that he fears he might have killed David.

(Police station) Jesse gets a call from Greenlee telling him that she needs to talk to him and Greenlee tells Jesse where to meet her.

(Yacht club) Greenlee meets Jesse in the room she shared with David and when Jesse wonders what they are doing there Greenlee tells him she killed David.

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