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Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Outside the hotel room in New York, Tad confronts Liza with the pictures of her on Damon's phone. Liza tries to answer and Damon starts to walk away. Damon says that he is going to find Colby, but Tad says that he needs answers. Damon tells Liza that Tad deserves the truth and Liza says that she is going to give Tad the truth.

In his hospital room, Madison tells Ryan that she got her hours at Fusion changed so that she can spend more time with Emma while Ryan is indisposed. Bianca shows up and gives Ryan a card from Miranda. Madison says that Bianca made sure that she got the more flexible hours and that Greenlee wouldn't have been so understanding. Ryan says that Greenlee is different these days.

In their room, Greenlee tells David that she wants time apart and he asks what it means. Greenlee says that she needs some space and David asks how long it will take. Greenlee says that she doesn't know and asks if they can do it without a time frame. Greenlee says that they both need some time and David asks if she wants out of the marriage. Greenlee says that she wants to be honest with David and asks him not to say anything until he hears what she has to say. Greenlee tells David that she wouldn't have survived without him and that nobody else understood the hurt and betrayal that she felt. Greenlee says that she needed David's unconditional love and she will always be grateful. David asks why Greenlee suddenly needs space and then says that he already knows.

Madison says that she could use some water, but Bianca and Ryan say that they are okay. Bianca tells Ryan that she approves of Madison. Bianca says that Ryan scared the hell out of her, but that she is relieved that he is okay. Ryan asks about things between Bianca and Reese. Ryan says that he is glad that Bianca is back. Bianca says that Paris is Paris, but Pine Valley is her home and now she just has to wait for Erica and Kendall to get back. Ryan reminds her that Reese isn't there either.

In the hall, Frankie and Madison talk about her taking care of Ryan when he gets out of the hospital. Madison says that it will give Frankie some time alone at the apartment until Randi gets home. Frankie says that he will miss Madison's coffee though and Madison says that she will teach Randi how to make it that way too. Madison heads back to Ryan's room.

In the hotel room in New York, Liza tells Tad that Damon drove her home when she was drunk. Liza says that Damon took her up to her apartment and that she got undressed, thinking that Damon was gone. Liza says that Damon starting saying inappropriate things and took the pictures of Liza. Damon tells Tad that Liza is lying. Damon asks Tad if he is getting kicked out and Tad says that it is the part where Damon gets real, no matter how much it hurts.

Greenlee tells David that it's about them, not Ryan. David says that it is coming on the heels of Ryan's near death experience and Greenlee says that she has been thinking about this for a while. David asks her how long she has been thinking about taking a break and Greenlee says that it is coming out all wrong. Greenlee says that things have never been easy for them and Greenlee says that she is tired and doesn't want to be fighting David. Greenlee says that David deserves devotion and asks if David thinks the marriage is working. Greenlee says that they keep things from each other and lying about it, but that isn't the way a marriage is supposed to work. David says that every relationship is different. Greenlee says that she needs some time alone right now to figure things out because she can't do that with him. David tells Greenlee that he understands and reminds her that he promised her freedom in the marriage. Greenlee thanks David. David asks Greenlee for a final dinner before she leaves, so they can toast what they meant to each other and Greenlee says that she would love to.

Bianca tells Ryan that she has noticed the difference in Greenlee too. Ryan says that Bianca can bring back the better Greenlee, but Bianca says that her money would have been on him. Madison brings Ryan some water and Bianca says that she is glad Madison is there to take care of Ryan. Bianca leaves.

Colby calls Adam and apologizes for hanging up on him. Colby tells Adam that she and Damon are in love.

Damon goes off on Liza. Tad asks Damon to tell him what happened. Damon says that Liza faked being drunk to get him to drive her home and set him up. Liza says that she would never hurt her daughter like that. Damon brings up Liza's mother hurting her. Damon tells Tad that Liza told him all about Tad sleeping with Liza's mother. Liza tells Tad that he knows that she would never do that to her daughter. Tad tells them both to shut up. Tad says that one of them is lying and he is going to figure out who. Liza tells Tad that Damon is acting just like he was before he was on the meds and Tad asks Damon if he is still taking the medication. Tad asks Damon why he didn't say something before. Damon says that he thought he could use the pictures to get Liza to back off. Damon says that he is going to find Colby because it is clear that Tad is on Liza's side. Damon says that Tad is just like Paul and leaves.

Bianca walks into Fusion and sees Greenlee sitting at the computer. Bianca asks about the advertisers convention and Greenlee says that it was pointless. Bianca says that she just saw Ryan and Greenlee asks how he is doing. Bianca says that Ryan is much better. Greenlee has problems with her computer and Bianca fixes it for her. Greenlee thanks Bianca and tells Bianca that she is looking for an apartment alone because she and David are taking a breather.

David stands over Ryan's hospital bed while Ryan sleeps.

Bianca and Greenlee talk about David's reaction to the break. Greenlee says that David was very understanding. Greenlee says that it was part of the deal in the beginning because they agreed that if one of them decided that they wanted out of the marriage, they were free to leave.

Ryan wakes up in the hospital to find David standing over him. David says that if he hadn't been in the park, Ryan would be dead. David leaves.

Damon finds Colby in the lobby of the hotel. Colby says that she left a message for Adam and asks if Damon is okay. Damon says that he is cool. Colby suggests that they should talk about their relationship. They agree that things were perfect before Tad and Liza interrupted.

In the hotel room, Tad and Liza talk about Damon. Liza says that she kept those things from him because she didn't want him to get hurt and that everything is going to be okay. Tad realizes that Damon was there the night before Jake and Amanda's wedding, when he went to Liza's apartment. Tad says that now things make sense. Tad says that he thought Liza kept pushing him toward the door because he was loaded, but he understands that she was uncomfortable. Tad says that he remembers that she was completely sober that night.

David walks in on Greenlee getting dressed up for dinner. Greenlee asks David to help her with the zipper. David says that Greenlee looks amazing. David says that he has to get dressed up, so that he can be suitable arm candy for his date.

Ryan thanks Madison for bringing him some Jell-O. Madison asks if Ryan could use anything else and he makes some jokes. Madison says that she is going to the gift shop and isn't asking Ryan if he wants anything. Madison leaves and Bianca walks in. Ryan asks Bianca how Greenlee seemed at Fusion. Bianca says that Greenlee was okay. Ryan says that David was just there and he seemed different and Bianca says that Greenlee is apartment hunting alone. Bianca says that it sounds like David and Greenlee are over.

David and Greenlee have dinner at the Yacht Club. David tells Greenlee that when he saved her, he also saved himself because helping her was one of the best things he has ever done. David thanks Greenlee for showing him what it means to really love. David says that there is nothing he wouldn't do for Greenlee because the marriage is everything to him. David says that he doesn't want to go back to the person he was before the marriage, but it is up to Greenlee. David says that Greenlee's choice for a break is a bad one and he is asking her to reconsider.

In the hotel room, Tad and Liza talk some more about Damon. Tad says that Damon has turned lying into an art form, but Liza puts Damon to shame. Tad says that he forgot how good Liza is at bending the truth, but should have remembered because she has been doing it since she was a teenager. Tad says that he doesn't believe Liza.

In the lobby, Damon and Colby talk about Adam and about going to San Francisco. Colby asks Damon to go with her because it would be like a mini-vacation. Damon looks away and then says that he is in, but only if they leave and don't come back.

Ryan and Bianca talk about David and Greenlee. Bianca says that Ryan shook Greenlee up and changed her priorities when he collapsed.

David presents Greenlee with a new purse and tells her to look inside. Greenlee pulls out a new phone and David says that the phone the mechanic was called from Greenlee's old cell phone. Greenlee realizes that David set her up. David says that the mechanic will testify that Greenlee hired him and paid him. Greenlee realizes that David is blackmailing her to stay with him and he says that it is one way to look at it. David says that he loves her and is just trying to protect and hold onto her. David says that he is prepared to do whatever it takes to make Greenlee realize that she needs him just as much as he needs her.

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