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Jesse shows up at Tad's. Tad says that Damon is gone and asks Jesse to help find him. Jesse says that there comes a time when you have to man up. Tad says that they grew up because they knew they had family to fall back on, but they have to make sure that Damon knows he has the chance too.

Damon and Colby get into the hotel room in New York. Colby says that she is tired and doesn't want her dad to think that she has been out partying all night. Colby says that she wonders what Adam will think about Scott and Annie's engagement, while Annie is still hung up on JR. Damon says that it isn't Colby's problem. Colby says that it is her family and she is hoping that Adam can fix things. Colby says that she is hoping that Damon and Adam can get to know each other. Colby says that she needs her dad more than ever.

Liza shows up at David's room and asks if he is alone. David says that he needs to get to the hospital and Liza follows him in the room. Liza says that she needs more drugs.

Greenlee asks Angie how Ryan is doing. Frankie asks if Greenlee has been there all night and Greenlee says that she fell asleep in the waiting room. Angie says that Ryan is out of surgery and is doing well. Greenlee asks if it was definitely an aneurysm. Frankie says that it was probably a weakness in the vessel from the shooting. Angie says that a full recovery will take a while, but so far he is doing good. Greenlee asks if she can see Ryan and Angie says that it is fine as long as it is short.

Ryan opens his eyes and asks Madison what happened. Madison says that Ryan had an aneurysm, but will be fine. Greenlee waits outside the door while Madison and Ryan talk. Madison says that Ryan was talking in his sleep and mentioned Greenlee.

Tad and Jesse talk while they wait for Tad's car to be tracked. Jesse asks why Damon took off this time and Tad says that Liza caught Damon with his hands in the register at Krystal's. Tad tells Jesse that Damon kissed Liza. Jesse asks who told Tad and Tad says that he found out from Liza. Jesse says that Tad needs to get both sides of the story and Tad says that he will if they can find Damon.

Damon and Colby unpack. Colby brings out a charm bracelet that Adam bought her when she was a year old. Damon puts it on Colby's wrist and Colby tells Damon about the history of the bracelet. Damon pulls Colby into a kiss and there is a knock on the door. Colby opens the door to find a man there. The man says that Adam won't be coming to New York, but will call and explain and gives Colby a box before leaving. Colby closes the door and sits down. Colby's phone rings and she asks Adam why he isn't there. Colby hangs up and tells Damon that she didn't find out why Adam isn't coming because she hung up on him. Colby says that Adam knew how much it meant to her, but didn't care. Damon tries to comfort Colby.

David gives Liza a bottle and she thanks him. David asks how long Liza plans to feed Damon placebos. Liza says that she is doing it until Colby dumps him. David and Liza discuss their deal. Liza says that she just wants Damon away from Colby. They bring up each other's relationships. David tells Liza that Ryan was admitted to the hospital yesterday because he collapsed from an aneurysm.

Greenlee walks back to Angie and Frankie and says that she will visit later because Madison is in there right now. Angie goes to check on Ryan. Greenlee asks if Ryan will need special treatment after he gets out of the hospital and Frankie says that Madison will give him all the care he needs.

Angie walks into Ryan's room and Madison asks if she needs to leave. Madison says that she will go check on Emma and Ryan thanks her. Angie says that Ryan gave everyone a scare, but he is doing much better. Ryan says that he is still trying to figure out how he got there and Angie says that David and Greenlee brought him in. Ryan remembers arguing with David in the park. Angie says that Greenlee came up on them after Ryan collapsed and called for an ambulance. Angie says that Greenlee was by Ryan's side when he came in. Greenlee walks into the room and Ryan turns his head to look at her.

Jesse tells Tad that he got a trace on the car and Liza walks in the door. Jesse says that the car is tracked to New York. Liza asks if anyone is going to fill her in. Tad says that Damon borrowed the car and asks if Liza has seen Colby. Liza gets a call from Adam about Colby. Liza tells Tad that Colby was supposed to meet Adam in New York, but he couldn't make it and now she won't answer his calls.

Damon tells Colby to open the card and gift from Adam. Colby opens the card and reads the message from Adam. Colby opens the box and finds a charm for her bracelet. Colby says that she doesn't want a charm and that she wants her dad. Damon tells Colby that she has him and he isn't going anywhere. Damon kisses Colby and tells her that he won't let her down anymore. Damon says that Colby is amazing and that he wants to be with Colby. Damon tells Colby that he loves her and that he wanted to say it for a while, but didn't know how. Colby says that she loves Damon too.

Angie and Jesse meet up at the hospital and talk about Ryan's condition. Jesse says that he wants to find out what happened, but Angie tells Jesse to let it go. Jesse asks what happened. Angie explains that she froze while working on Ryan and David saw her. Jesse says that Angie never freezes, but if she did it's because of David. Angie says that it is time to move on from all the David stuff. Angie says that Jesse is starting to scare her. Angie's beeper goes off and she asks Jesse ot leave it alone before she leaves.

Greenlee and Ryan talk. Greenlee says that when she saw Ryan on the ground, she thought he was dead. Ryan says that Angie told him that he is alive because of Greenlee. Greenlee grabs Ryan's hand and David sees it from the doorway.

Colby and Damon start undressing and kissing on the bed in their hotel room. Colby and Damon make love and lay curled up under the blanket afterwards. They hear a knock on the door and try to figure out who it is. Damon gets up to answer the door and gets Colby to put a shirt on. Damon opens the door to find Tad and Liza standing there.

Angie walks into an empty room and speaks into her tape recorder about what happened with Ryan. Angie says that she needs proof that the experimental medications are working and figures out that the medication is working because the episodes are happening less often and for less time.

Ryan wakes up and sees Greenlee standing across the room. Ryan says that he had a dream about Greenlee just coming back when everyone thought she was dead, but it didn't involve David. David walks into the room and asks about Ryan. Ryan's monitors start going off and Frankie walks in. Frankie tells Greenlee and David to get out. Greenlee tells David to stay away from Ryan.

Liza tells Damon that she wants to talk to Colby. Tad asks Colby if she is okay and she says that she is. Tad and Damon leave. Liza confronts Colby about what happened. Liza says that Adam called her because he was worried. Colby says that Adam stood her up and Liza says that bad weather landed the plane. Liza says that Colby doesn't have to settle for Damon and Colby says that they love each other. Colby asks why Liza can't accept Damon.

In the hall, Damon goes off about Liza. Damon apologizes to Tad about taking the car. Tad confronts Damon about always doing something stupid everytime Tad starts to make a connection. Damon says that he didn't force himself on Colby. Tad says that he is talking about Liza and asks Damon how he could kiss Liza.

In Ryan's hosptial room, Frankie tells Ryan what happened and says that it will be okay.

In the hall, Greenlee and David argue about Ryan. Greenlee tells David to stay away from Ryan. Greenlee says that when she came on the scene at the park, David was just watching Ryan bleed. David says that he was working on Ryan when she called the ambulance. David says that he is a doctor, not a killer. Greenlee says that David almost killed Erica when he sabotaged the plane. David says that he is heading home and will see Greenlee there later. David walks away. Greenlee turns around to see Madison walking into Ryan's room with balloons.

In Ryan's room, Madison gives Ryan a card from Emma. Madison kisses Ryan on the cheek, while Greenlee watches. Ryan says that he feels better already.

Outside the hotel room, Damon tells Tad that he doesn't know why he kissed Liza. Damon says that he was really happy about the adoption and Liza hugged him and the kiss just happened.

In the room, Liza tells Colby that the relationship can't last, but Colby says that Liza doesn't know that.

Tad says that he adopted Damon because he is his son and Tad loves him, no matter what.

Liza says that she has seen a side of Damon that Colby hasn't. Colby says that she will deal with, but she doesn't want to end up like Liza: desperate not to be alone.

Damon tells Tad that the kiss didn't mean anything, but Tad says that it does to him.

At the hospital, Jesse and Frankie talk about Angie freezing while working on Ryan. The conversation changes to David and what they want to do with him. Jesse asks Frankie to let him know if anything happens with Angie.

Ryan and Madison talk about Emma. Madison says that she told Emma that Ryan would be home soon and that Emma is working on the welcome home party already. Ryan tells Madison that she has nothing to worry about with Greenlee. Madison says that she doesn't want Greenlee upsetting Ryan.

Greenlee gets home and apologizes to David for losing her temper. Greenlee says that David isn't to blame for what has happened with Ryan, she is.

Liza tells Colby that she is perfect the way she is, but she could give all that up for Damon. Colby says that Liza doesn't know her at all.

Damon tells Tad that he kissed Liza because he was angry and wanted to shake her up, so she would back off. Damon says that Liza is out to get him, but Tad says that Liza is just trying to protect her daughter. Damon tells Tad that Liza came on to him and Tad says that they are done. Damon shows Tad the pictures that Liza sent him. Liza and Colby walk out into the hallway. Colby runs off and Tad confronts Liza with the pictures.

Ryan asks Madison to thank Emma for the card for him. Madison tells Ryan that she will be there for him and Emma if he needs anything when he gets discharged. Ryan grabs Madison's hand.

David asks Greenlee why she is blaming herself for what happened with Ryan. Greenlee says that they have been in big trouble since they came back and it was fun, but it has been destructive. Greenlee tells David that they need time apart to think about everything.

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