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Written by Mandy
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Krystal and Caleb walk through the park.  Krystal says that Palmer wanted Caleb to stay and run Cortlandt, but Caleb says that whoever bought Cortlandt can build it right by Palmer's legacy.

Annie walks into the living room and tells JR that he needs to get ready because she got him a live television interview about Cortlandt.  JR says that he called Adam and left a message about the deal, but hasn't heard from Adam yet.  Annie says that it will take a little while to sink in.  Scott walks in and JR tells him that he purchased Cortlandt Electronics.  Scott says that Caleb wouldn't sell to a Chandler.  JR says that Caleb doesn't know that the guy who bought it was working for JR.  Scott says that they agreed to buy Cortlandt, but not this way.  Scott says that JR tricked Caleb without consulting Scott.  JR says that there wasn't time.  Annie says that all should matter is that they came out on top.  Scott reminds JR that they are sharing Chandler Enterprises, but JR says that he is ready to run the company on his own and tells Scott to stay out of the way.  Scott asks if JR is angry about sharing Chandler or because Scott is marrying Annie.

Jake tells Angie that he just took care of the last patient of the day and can stay at the hospital because Amanda is taking Trevor to a play date.  Jake asks Angie if she can see the reports ok and Angie says that there hasn't been a problem in the last 24 hours. 

Natalia shows up at Jesse and Angie's apartment.  Natalia and Jesse discuss David.  Natalia says that she made a connection in West Virginia.

David kneels beside Ryan who has collapsed in the park.  Greenlee comes up and asks what happened.  David says that Ryan just collapsed.  Greenlee tries to get Ryan to respond and says that they need to get him to the hospital.  David tells Greenlee not to move Ryan in case he has a spinal injury.  Greenlee calls for an ambulance, while David puts his jacket over Ryan.  Greenlee asks why Ryan isn't waking up and David says that he doesn't know until he finds out why Ryan collapsed.  Greenlee tells Ryan to hang in there, for her and Emma.  The EMTs come in and get Ryan ready to move.

Natalia tells Jesse that she got to know the lead investigator on Erica's plane crash.  Jesse tells Natalia to tell the lead investigator to back off.  Natalia says that they need to have the investigator looking at David for Erica's crash, but Jesse says that he will handle David.  Jesse and Natalia talk about Angie and about their past. 

JR says that Scott should choose the centerpieces for the wedding while JR handles the business.  Annie tells JR that the reporter will be there any minute.  JR says that the reporter wants to know how he pulled this off and Scott says that JR is playing with fire and trying to piss Caleb off.  Scott tells JR that Marissa freaked out in the middle of her bar exam and JR tells Scott to worry about his own relationship.  JR says that he will call Marissa and tell her that she has a nice job at Chandler waiting for her.  JR heads out the door and Annie tells him not to forget about the interview.  Annie tells Scott that JR is upset about Adam.  Scott says that he keeps forgetting how much JR has lost and Scott says that he has nothing but good things to look forward to. 

Caleb opens the door at Wildwind to see Bianca.  Bianca asks Caleb what he is going to do with the house and Caleb says that he is going to put it on the market.  Bianca says that she would like to rent the house and Caleb says that he doesn't mind and will give Bianca a good price if she decides to buy it.  Bianca tells Caleb about Erica and Dimitri living at Wildwind.  Bianca asks if she should have a lease drawn up and asks Caleb if he is sure he wants to leave.  Bianca reminds Caleb that he saved Erica's life.  Caleb says that it was torture on him and Erica.  Caleb tells Bianca that she is exactly like Erica.  Bianca gets a text from Erica.  Bianca says that her daughters are going to love it at Wildwind and Caleb asks Bianca to wait until he is gone to bring the girls over.  Bianca heads upstairs and Caleb finishes his drink.

JR comes down the stairs and Annie asks why he has to keep starting stuff with Scott.  Annie asks JR how he thinks that Caleb will react when he finds out about the trick.  JR says that Caleb is long gone.  Annie asks how the power feels and JR says that it feels amazing.  Scott walks out of the living room and Annie tells JR that the tie is all wrong.  Scott says that the reporter just pulled up and JR walks out the door.

Natalia and Jesse go over all the stuff he dug up on David.  Natalia asks if Jesse really has to dig that deep into David's life and Jesse says that he is being thorough.  Natalia says that she has to get to the station and hugs Jesse before leaving.

Ryan is rushed into the hospital and David tells Angie about the condition.  Angie tells David to page Dr. Young and Jake, but David tells her that there is no time.  Angie starts checking Ryan out, but tells a nurse to keep paging Dr. Young.

Caleb looks at a picture of Palmer and Bianca asks if he is taking it with him.  Caleb says that it is staying in Pine Valley to look after Bianca's friends and enemies.  Bianca turns on the TV and sees the interview with JR.  Bianca and Caleb watch JR talk about purchasing Cortlandt Electronics.  Caleb says that he never sold the company to JR.  Bianca shuts the TV off.  Caleb says that he was trying to call the person he thought he sold the company to and says that JR stole the company.

Angie works on Ryan.  Greenlee tells Ryan that she is there and asks him to hang in there.  Ryan dreams about having a drink and having Bianca saying that she was worried about him.  Bianca says that she knows that it's been a year since Greenlee died and says that Ryan can't be alone forever.  Ryan says that he has no life without Greenlee.  Greenlee appears behind Ryan and tells him that she survived and came back to him.  Ryan embraces Greenlee.  David tells Angie to get Ryan into radiology.  Angie says that they need to get some fluids back into Ryan before they send him up.  Angie's vision starts to blur while she is working on Ryan.  Angie says that she needs a specialist immediately, but David tells her that she needs to stop the bleeding.  David tells Angie that she needs to do this before they lose Ryan. 

Jake walks in and takes over for Angie.  David says that Angie has it covered and Jake says that Angie is exhausted.  Jake gets David and Greenlee out of the room.  Angie thanks Jake for coming.

In the hall, Greenlee asks David what he did to Ryan to get him to collapse.  David says that they were arguing and Ryan grabbed his head just before collapsing.  Greenlee asks if David followed her to the park and says that she found David watching Ryan bleed without doing anything.  Jesse walks up and says that it is a crime.

At the mansion, Scott fields business calls and JR asks if Adam has called.  Annie follows JR out to the terrace and Annie tells JR that it is okay to care.  Caleb walks into the living room and confronts JR about stealing Cortlandt.  JR says that the deal was completely legit.  Caleb asks if JR thinks that he is just going to walk away.  Caleb says that he isn't going anywhere without Cortlandt and then leaves.

David says that he won't waste anymore time trying to convince Jesse that he is innocent.  David swears to Greenlee that he did nothing to hurt Ryan.  Greenlee walks back into Ryan's room and watches Jake work.  Ryan's dream continues and Greenlee tells Ryan that David saved her life and wants to marry her.  Angie stands at the side of the room and tells Jake that there is something wrong with Ryan.  Angie tells Jake to check Ryan's breath sounds because she thinks he is laboring.  Jake says that Angie is right and tells a nurse to take Ryan to radiology.  Angie tells Jake that she had a needle pointed towards Ryan's head and couldn't see a thing.  Angie says that she needs to leave the hospital because something happened to Ryan because of her.  Jake swears to Angie that David won't find out anything.  Jesse walks in and Jake leaves.  Angie tells Jesse that they still don't know what made Ryan collapse.

In the hall, Jake tells Greenlee that Ryan is on his way to Radiology and that they are doing everything they can to help him.  Jake walks away and Madison walks up.  Madison says that she was still in the park with Emma when the paramedics loaded Ryan into the ambulance.  Madison says that Emma doesn't know that it was Ryan.  Greenlee says that Ryan has a head injury, but is a survivor and will pull through this.

At the mansion, Scott tells JR that Caleb will come after them.  JR says that there is nothing that Caleb can do because the deal is already done.  JR tells Scott that he is going over the secret patents and inventions from Cortlandt.  Scott offers to wade through the files, so that JR can handle the big stuff.  JR turns Scott down.

Bianca goes through the stuff at Wildwind and tells Miranda about the house.  Bianca says that she isn't sure when Reese can join them.  Caleb walks in and Bianca ends her phone call.  Caleb says that JR is worse than Adam.  Bianca says that she thought Caleb was leaving town, but Caleb says that Bianca can't stay there.  Bianca points out that she just got off the phone with her daughter.  Bianca suggests that they can all live there because there is more than enough room.  Caleb agrees to stay in the East Wing and Bianca can have the West Wing.  Bianca leaves.

Annie pulls Scott out of the living room.  Annie and Scott discuss the possibility of JR coming across the nanotech information in the files.  Scott says that JR could take them down, but Annie says that JR isn't taking anyone down.  Scott says that he needs Annie to keep a close eye on JR, so they can keep the situation under control.  Annie asks if Scott is testing her.  Annie says that she will do whatever it takes to prove herself to Scott.

JR puts down the files and picks up a picture of him and Adam.

Caleb sits in the living room at Wildwind and talks to Palmer's picture.  Caleb says that Palmer knew that JR would come after Cortlandt and that is why he gave it to Caleb.  Caleb says that he has nothing to lose.

Jake tells Greenlee and Madison that Ryan had an aneurysm in the same spot he was shot a few years ago.  Jake walks away and Madison goes out to get some air.  Natalia walks in and asks Angie and Jesse if Ryan is okay.  David tells Greenlee that he wasn't responsible for Ryan collapsing.

Ryan continues to dream about Greenlee, while the surgeons start working on him.  Greenlee says that she will always be grateful to David, but she loves and wants Ryan.

David says that Ryan will be in surgery for a while and suggests that they leave, but Greenlee says that she doesn't want to go anywhere and wants to be alone.  David puts on his jacket to leave and notices blood on his sleeve.

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