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All My Children Update Thursday 7/22/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Annie tells Scott that she was too excited to sleep and starts going over the bridal magazines that she found.  Scott points out that he is on the phone and ends the call quickly.  Annie starts going over the wedding details.  Scott says that nothing can happen until she is officially divorced from Adam.  JR walks down the stairs on his phone.  JR tells the person to make sure nobody knows they are working together.  JR says that he will show his appreciation with an added bonus on top of the fee.  JR turns around to see Annie watching him from in the living room.  Annie says that she doesn't really need the whole huge wedding and suggests that they should go to Vegas and elope.  Scott says that it might cut her guest list down and Annie says that they are the only people who matter.

Marissa shows up at Krystal's and asks Caleb if he has seen Krystal.  Caleb apologizes and says that he hasn't seen her.  Marissa apologizes to Caleb for being a mess and explains that she just blew the bar exam.  Caleb asks if Marissa got the results already and Marissa says that she walked out before she finished the exam and knows that she failed.

Ryan and Emma have breakfast together at Krystal's.  Emma says that she is wishing that she finds her Cinderella dress.  Ryan asks what is so special about the dress and Emma says that Greenlee gave it to her.  Emma asks if Ryan is making wishes too.

Greenlee wakes up to find David watching her.  Greenlee says that David should be sleeping too.  David says that he thought she would be completely crashed after her trip to New York.  Greenlee says that the trip did take a lot out of her.  David asks who all was at the convention and Greenlee asks if David knows that she saw Ryan in New York.  Greenlee asks how David knew that she saw Ryan.  David says that Frankie told him.  Greenlee asks why David didn't ask last night and David says that he was waiting for Greenlee to bring it up.  Greenlee says that the trip was a wake up call because it showed her that she has everything she needs in Pine Valley.  David asks why Greenlee is carrying around a picture of her and Ryan.

Madison shows up at Krystal's and joins Ryan and Emma for breakfast.  Madison brings Emma a Cinderella dress, but Emma turns it down.  Emma tells Madison that her dress had a special message sewed in.  Madison offers to have the dress dropped off at Fusion, so that Greenlee could have it embroidered too.

Caleb and Marissa talk about the bar exam.  Marissa says that her whole life is falling apart.  Marissa apologizes for babbling.  Marissa gets up and Caleb tells her to sit down and have some water or something.

Annie tells Scott that she got a little carried away for a second, but all she needs is him.  Scott says that he wants to give Annie the wedding of her dreams.  Scott kisses Annie.  JR walks in and asks if Scott has spoken to business affairs today.  Scott tells JR that he should be checking on his wife.  JR says that he isn't going to bug her during the test.  Scott says that everything has to wait because he and his fiancée are planning a wedding.  JR turns around and walks out of the living room.  Scott kisses Annie and pulls her into a hug.

Greenlee says that the picture of her and Ryan was in her day planner and asks if David was going through her things.  David says that it fell out of her book.  Greenlee says that her father gave it to her before he left town with Erica.  Greenlee says that she is too grateful to go back to Ryan and kisses David.  David apologizes!  David says that he has to get ready for a meeting and kisses Greenlee.  David gets up and Greenlee grabs her robe.  Greenlee answers Ryan's phone call and tells him that it isn't a good time.  Ryan says that Emma lost the Cinderella dress that Greenlee gave her and is devastated.  Greenlee says that if Ryan brings her the new dress, she will have the message embroidered in it.  Ryan says that Madison is on the way with the new dress.  Ryan thanks Greenlee and Greenlee says that she will meet Ryan at the park with the dress later.  David listens from outside the door while Greenlee is talking to Ryan.

Scott and Annie talk about who has done more.  Annie asks when they can make everything official.  Scott says that the lawyer says that Annie's divorce will be final next week.  Annie says that she wants to make sure they can get their license at the same time.  Scott says that it won't be the same day and asks why Annie is pushing this.  Annie says that she feels like they should start their life as soon as possible.

Marissa tells Caleb that she is done crying, but she is angry.  Marissa says that she can't believe that she let her marriage ruin her professional future.  Caleb tells Marissa not to let the Chandlers ruin her life.  Marissa sees JR walking in and runs out.  JR confronts Caleb about what he said to Marissa.  Caleb says that Marissa is probably realizing that she is married to a first class jerk, who is just like his father.

Marissa runs to the park and starts crying some more.  Krystal walks up and asks what is wrong and what JR did.  Marissa says that she tanked the bar exam this morning and didn't even make it through it.  Marissa rants about JR and Annie and says that she isn't as strong as she thought.  Krystal says that Marissa is the one who has held everything together, especially for AJ.  Krystal tells Marissa to dig deep and look into her marriage before she does anything else.  Marissa says that she loves JR and AJ.  Marissa says that she just needs to figure out how to handle JR, but Krystal says that JR has a boatload of his own problems.  Marissa says that Krystal is starting to sound like Caleb.  Krystal asks what Caleb said and Marissa says that Caleb told her not to let a Chandler ruin her life.  Krystal says that it could happen if she stays married to JR.

JR asks Caleb what a Chandler has ever done to him.  Caleb tells JR to move out of his way.  Caleb says that since Marissa was so upset, it proves that the world would be better without the Chandlers.  JR starts to go off on Caleb and AJ walks in.

Ryan and Emma spend time in the park.  Greenlee shows up with Emma's Cinderella dress.  Ryan and Emma thank Greenlee.  Greenlee hugs Emma and says that she should get back to work.  Emma asks Greenlee to help her look for flowers.  Greenlee agrees and throws the dress to Ryan, before taking off with Emma.

David sits on his bed and looks at the picture of Ryan and Greenlee.  David throws the picture away and walks out the door.

Greenlee and Emma pick some flowers.  Madison shows up and Greenlee thanks her for showing up with the dress.  Greenlee and Madison talk about Greenlee's past with Ryan.  Madison says that if Greenlee cares about Ryan, she will let him be happy.  Ryan tells Emma that he has to go to work.  Emma gives Greenlee a daisy chain.  Greenlee tells Emma to call her anytime.  Madison takes Emma to the sitter and Ryan thanks Greenlee for coming through for Emma.  Greenlee gives Ryan the flowers and leaves.

Annie walks into Krystal's and JR asks if she brought AJ.  Annie says that Marissa wanted to see him after her exam and Scott was busy.  Annie asks where Marissa is and Caleb says that she ran out.  AJ asks why JR was yelling at Caleb.  JR says that they were having a discussion.  JR introduces AJ to Caleb.  AJ and Caleb shake hands and JR explains that Caleb was AJ's grandmother's cousin.  AJ asks why their family is always yelling at each other.  JR says that they have to try to get along better.  AJ and Annie sit at the counter.  JR tells Caleb that AJ is right and they shouldn't be at each other's throats.  JR says that he wants Chandler to be a family run business.  JR tells Caleb that his offer still stands about Cortlandt.  Caleb says that he would never have a Chandler owning Cortlandt Electronics!  Caleb leaves.

Greenlee calls in her dinner order.  Krystal walks up and helps Greenlee place David's order.  Krystal comments about David's manipulations.  Greenlee says that David doesn't manipulate her.  Greenlee says that she and David have a very respectful relationship.

David runs into Ryan in the park.  David says that they have to talk about Greenlee.  David confronts Ryan about calling Greenlee to meet in the park.  Ryan says that it was for Emma, not for him.  David says that Ryan playing games isn't fair to Greenlee and it's pissing him off.  David grabs Ryan to stop him from walking away.  Ryan tells David to get his hands off him.

Krystal apologizes to Greenlee and says that David hurt her pretty bad.  Greenlee asks about Krystal's relationship with David.  Krystal says that she was so messed up when they got together that she wasn't thinking straight.  Greenlee gets up to leave and Krystal reminds her to take the daisy chain.  Greenlee thanks her and leaves.

Marissa gets home and starts throwing things in a box.  Scott walks in and tells Marissa that Annie just took AJ to meet her at Krystal's.  Marissa asks why Scott is marrying Annie.  Scott says that he loves Annie and that she will make him very happy.  Scott says that he had a connection with Annie before she ever slept with JR.  Marissa says that she doesn't want to see Scott get hurt.  Scott tells Marissa not to worry about him because she needs to take care of herself.

Krystal runs into Caleb outside of her bar.  Krystal thanks Caleb for helping Marissa.  Krystal thanks Caleb for getting her keys back.  The conversation changes to Erica and Caleb starts to walk away.  Krystal gets Caleb to stop and talk some more.  Krystal fills Caleb in on what she learned about him.  Krystal goes inside and brings the phone back out to him.  Caleb says that he gave the number out and Krystal says that it is no problem.  Caleb gets off the phone and says that he just sold Cortlandt Electronics.  Krystal asks if he sold to JR and Caleb says that he wouldn't do that if his life depended on it.  Caleb says that someone else can worry about Cortlandt and he can breathe again.

JR tells Annie that he just closed the biggest deal of his life and proved Adam wrong.  He and Annie get excited.

Ryan tells David to get his hands off and then collapses while David just stares at him.

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