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All My Children Update Wednesday 7/21/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Tad yells into the phone that the cake was supposed to be there an hour ago.  Jake and Amanda show up and discuss gifts for Damon.  Krystal walks out and says that she got Damon a gaming system.  Tad says that he has to go pick up the cake because he had to place an emergency order.  Jake asks where Damon is.

Damon walks into Krystal's and takes some cash out of the register.  Liza walks in as Damon is closing the register and confronts him.  Liza says that Damon stealing from Krystal will make Tad real proud.

Annie picks up a picture of JR.  Annie puts JR's picture face down and picks up Scott's picture.  Annie hears JR and Scott yelling on the phone.  JR asks if Scott is giving up and Scott says that the deal is dead.  Scott tells JR to start focusing on his wife.

Annie and Scott walk into the living room.  Annie asks Scott if he wants to marry her.

JR walks into the room and apologizes to Marissa for being out all night.  Marissa says that she reviews the material, but gets to the practice questions and draws a blank.  JR says that Marissa needs a break, but Marissa says that she doesn't have time.  Marissa says that JR always wants more than what he has.

Scott says that Annie really caught him off guard.  Annie says that making it official is the right thing to do.  Scott reminds Annie that she is still married to Adam, but Annie says that she and Adam will be divorced soon.  Scott says that JR is another problem with them getting married.

JR tells Marissa knows how important the Cortlandt deal is for him.  JR says that it is important to him to hold on to his mother's legacy and the company was hers.  Marissa says that she has been questioning JR's priorities lately.  Colby walks in and asks if they are okay.  Colby says that if Marissa needs a break from the books, to let her know.  Colby says that JR is determined to make the family solid again and that he won't let them down.  JR suggests that they should all go eat.  Colby says that she is going to Damon's party and JR says to tell Tad that he is sorry not to be able to make it.  JR suggests that he and Marissa should go get some fresh air and eat at the club.  Marissa says that maybe JR can show her the room that he busted in to save Annie.  Marissa walks out the door and JR follows her.

Annie says that JR isn't an issue for them to get married and that it hasn't been easy living with him, but she has learned to deal with it.  Scott says that Emma heard Annie dealing with JR and Colby last night.  Annie asks if Scott wants them to be together and Scott says that the state declaring it legal doesn't matter.  Scott says that he loves Annie, but it feels like Annie is forcing the issue.  Scott asks if loving her is enough and kisses her.  Scott's phone rings and he tells Annie that he has to go to the office for another crisis.  Scott leaves and Annie walks out the door.

Tad refuses to let someone help him with the wrapping of his gift to Damon.  Tad picks up Jake's gift and jokes about Jake being cheap.  Jake asks what is wrong with the gift.  Tad says that Damon just pulled up, but opens the door to see Colby.  Tad says that he thought Damon was with Colby.  Colby says that Damon isn't answering her calls or texts.  Tad says that maybe Damon got caught up with something.

Liza says that petty larceny will look good on Damon's record.  Damon says that it is an advance because he works there.  Damon tells Liza to ask Krystal.  Liza says that it is a good idea.  Damon says that he needed a little cash until Friday when he gets his check, but was going to pay it all back.  Liza says that Krystal is at home because there is a party at Tad's.  Damon realizes that it was a party for him and that it slipped his mind.

Tad and Colby talk about Damon.  Colby says that Damon has been flaking out on her a lot lately.  Tad says that Damon has been overwhelmed lately.  Tad says that Damon will be there and Colby says that she will go look for him.

JR and Marissa talk about Annie's attack.  Marissa asks JR why he lied to her about Annie's attack.  JR says that Marissa was really stressed about the bar, so he didn't want to make things worse.  JR says that the last thing he wants to do is hurt her again and Marissa says that JR keeps doing it.  Annie walks into the club.

Liza and Damon talk about his relationship with Colby.  Liza tells Damon that the money is going back to Krystal and he is going to explain it to Krystal.  Tad walks into Krystal's and asks if he can join Damon and Liza's party.  Tad tells Damon that the party started an hour ago.  Liza says that Damon had the urge for some cash and Tad asks if Damon was stealing money from Krystal.  Damon hands the money to Tad and walks out.  Tad asks Liza what was going on.

Krystal brings out sandwiches and tells Jake that his cell phone rang and it was Angie.  Jake says that he is spending quality time with the family.  Jake, Krystal and Amanda talk about how lame the party is.  Jake and Amanda start kissing.

Marissa tells Annie that she knows the truth about the attack.  Marissa asks Annie what would have happened if JR hadn't rescued her.  Annie says that Tucker was charming and she didn't realize what was going on until it was too late.  Scott walks up and says that he is free to spend the rest of the day with Annie.  Scott proposes to Annie and says that he has been thinking about this for a while.  Annie accepts Scott's proposal and they share a kiss.  Colby walks in and Scott puts the ring on Annie's finger.  Colby walks away and JR makes a toast to Annie and Scott! 

At Tad's, Jake checks a text from Angie.  Jake and Amanda talk about Damon.  Amanda says that Tad deserves better than this from Damon and Jake says that Damon will be there.  Amanda asks if Liza is coming because she and Damon hate each other.  Amanda tells Jake about the pictures of a half-naked Liza on Damon's phone.  Amanda says that she had Damon erase the pictures, hoping that the problem would go away.  Jake says that Tad deserves to know the truth because he has something going on with Liza.  Krystal comes out and asks if there is any sign of Tad, Damon or the cake.  Jake says not yet and that he left his credit card at the store.  Amanda tells Krystal that they will be right back.

At Krystal's, Tad says that Liza is around every time that Damon goes south.  Liza says that Tad can't make Damon do anything he doesn't want to do.  Tad tells Liza that she is supposed to be helping, not taking shots at Damon.  Tad says that Damon will probably wake up tomorrow and feel bad for missing the party.  Liza says that Tad doesn't know what Damon is capable of, but Tad says that he was there and he knows.  Tad says that there is nothing that Liza can say about Damon that will surprise him.  Liza says that Damon is more like Tad at that age than anyone realizes and it isn't a good thing.

Colby gets home and calls Adam.  Colby says that she really misses Adam and that everything is out of control.  Colby turns to see Damon standing in the doorway.  Colby tells Damon to go away because she is busy.  Colby says that there is nothing anyone can do, except Adam.  Colby tells Damon that Scott is marrying Annie, while she is playing JR.  Damon asks Colby to tell him what happened and Colby says that it isn't like Damon cares.  Colby reminds Damon that they were supposed to get together before the party and Damon says that he got caught up in something.  Damon says that he has had a lot of stuff thrown at him lately and couldn't handle it.  Damon says that he will do whatever Colby needs him to do right now, but Colby says that she needs to get to New York to see her dad.  Damon says that he will get her to New York.

Tad and Liza talk about Damon.  Liza says that she has tried to work things out with Damon, but he kissed her.  Tad starts laughing and then asks when it happened.  Liza says that Damon kissed her during the adoption paper signing.  Tad points out that it happened weeks ago and Liza never told him.  Liza says that Damon doesn't care who gets hurt.

Annie says that she is happy that JR and Marissa could share the moment with them and Marissa admits that she is too.  JR hugs Annie and congratulates her.  Marissa says that they should get going because she has to get back to studying.  JR and Marissa leave.  Annie and Scott hug.

Damon says that if Colby wants to see her dad, he will make it happen.  Damon says that Colby needs to pack.  Colby asks Damon not to let her down and he says that he won't.

Tad asks Liza why she didn't do anything when Damon kissed her and she says that it was unexpected.  Liza says that she was never out to get Damon, but she was trying to protect Colby.  Jake and Amanda walk into Krystal's.  Jake says that it doesn't look like the best time to tell Tad and leaves with Amanda.  Liza asks what they do now and Tad says that it needs to be fixed.

JR and Marissa get home.  Marissa says that she needs to get back to the books.  JR offers to quiz Marissa, but she says that he needs to rest because he was up all night.  JR says that he will make Marissa an energy shake.  Marissa stops JR and asks him if he thinks that Scott and Annie will have a big wedding.  JR says that he hopes that Scott and Annie elope and move out of the house.

Annie admires her ring and asks how Scott had time to get it.  Scott says that Annie married Adam for security and the things he could get for her, but she claims that she loved Adam.  Scott says that Annie saw the Chandlers as a way to get to the top.  Scott says that there is still JR.  Annie says that it's over and the ring proves it.  Scott tells Annie to prove to him that his faith in her is justified and Annie says that she will spend her life making him proud.  Scott and Annie start dancing in the living room and JR sees them.  Marissa comes down the stairs to see JR walking away from Scott and Annie.

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