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Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Colby walks in on JR and Annie kissing. Colby asks Annie how she lives with herself after ruining the family. JR tells Colby that it is his fault, not Annie's.

David walks into his room and calls out for Greenlee. David checks the messages and hears one from Greenlee saying that she is making up for the work she blew off.

Ryan and Madison sit on the couch telling jokes. Madison says that she should get back to her room because they have an early day tomorrow, but Ryan tries to convince her to stay. Ryan says that he will go get the ice and tells Madison to choose the alcohol. Ryan walks out into the hall and runs into Greenlee. Greenlee apologizes for being in Ryan's room before and tells him to enjoy the rest of his trip. Greenlee drops her datebook and a picture of her and Ryan falls out.

Colby asks why Annie is so quiet. JR tells Colby that is enough and asks Annie to leave them alone. Annie leaves. Colby asks JR why he did it. JR says that nothing will change. Colby says that she needs to know that a marriage can last and that true love is real. Colby says that JR was her proof of that. JR says that he loves Marissa and their marriage will last. Colby asks JR to help her understand what is going on with Annie. Colby asks if the kiss was real and if JR was going to sleep with Annie again.

Emma tells Scott that she wants her daddy. Scott says that they can go upstairs to Annie, but Emma says no. Emma tells Scott that Colby, Annie and JR are fighting upstairs. Emma asks Scott to find her daddy. Scott says that grownups fight sometimes, but they still love each other. Scott gets Emma to smile and gives her a hug. Scott promises that everything will be okay. Annie walks in and asks what they are up to. Emma says that she got scared when Annie and JR made Colby cry.

Frankie calls Madison and they talk about their nights. Frankie says that he probably won't be home when Madison gets there because he picked up an extra shift. Madison tells Frankie that she and Ryan walked into his room to find Greenlee. Madison says that Ryan got rid of her and they have been together since.

Greenlee says that Jack gave her the picture before he left town with Erica. Greenlee asks Ryan if he wants the picture, but Ryan tells Greenlee to keep it because she looked happy. Ryan asks if Greenlee is happy now.

Frankie hangs up and David confronts him about making a personal call. Frankie says that he is picking up an extra shift and needed to make some arrangements at home. David suggests that if Frankie and Randi both lose their jobs, she could go back to her old line of work. David tries to get Frankie to hit him, but Frankie says that he has work to do. Frankie tells David that Greenlee is in New York in Ryan's hotel room.

Greenlee says that she is grateful for David saving her life and is happy to be alive. Greenlee asks if Ryan is happy and Madison walks out into the hall. Greenlee says that she will see them in Pine Valley and leaves.

Annie apologizes to Emma and says that it was a silly misunderstanding. Scott asks Annie about Colby crying. Annie says that it was a silly female thing and things got tense between them. Annie asks Emma if she heard the conversation. Emma says that she heard yelling and ran downstairs, but she still can't find her Cinderella dress from Greenlee. Emma says that she thinks that she left it in the park and Annie says that they will look for it tomorrow.

JR tells Colby that he loves Marissa and the family. Colby says that she understands when two people are hot for each other and it won't stop until Annie is out of the house. JR says that Scott brought Annie into the house. Colby says that it is time for Scott to know the truth and starts to leave, but JR stops her.

Annie and Scott talk about Emma. Annie says that she tries to be a really great mom, but sometimes things get crazy. Scott asks if something happened upstairs and Annie says that she is just upset about Emma. Scott tells Annie to look after Emma and let him worry about everything else.

JR tells Colby that Scott would be out for blood and that Marissa would find out and leave. JR says that nobody will walk away from this happy. JR says that getting a glimpse of death makes you look at life more, but it also messes with your mind. Colby tells JR not to promise something that he doesn't mean, but JR says that he promises things will be different. Colby asks why JR keeps pulling the same stuff and Scott walks in and says that it is a good question.

David asks if Frankie is spying on Greenlee. Frankie says that he is giving 110% to each patient and David says that he is removing Frankie from the extra shift he picked up. David tells Frankie to go home because his shift ends now.

Back in his room, Ryan apologizes to Madison. Madison kisses Ryan. Ryan puts down the glasses and starts kissing Madison.

David goes back to his room and paces between the door and the phone. David plays Greenlee's message again and she walks in the door. David says that he just got her message, but the office said she wasn't there. Greenlee says that she went to an advertising conference in Manhattan so that Bianca could spend more time with her kids. David suggests that they should go out, but Greenlee says that she is exhausted. David asks about the conference and Greenlee says that it was boring. David asks about people who were there and says that he is just curious. Greenlee says that she has a headache that just won't go away and leaves the room.

Ryan picks up Madison and knocks over the ice bucket. Ryan lays Madison down on the bed and they continue kissing.

Frankie gets home to hear Randi's voice on the answering machine. Frankie answers the phone and Randi tells him that things are going great in Italy, but she wishes he was there. Frankie offers to call Randi back, but she says that she has to go because she has people waiting. Randi can't hear Frankie and says that she loves him before hanging up.

Scott asks what happened. JR says that he was upset about Caleb not selling Cortlandt to them and got into it with Annie. Scott asks why Colby was crying. Colby says that it isn't easy for them all to live in the same house. JR says that it is time that they get the family back together and that this will never happen again. Colby leaves the room.

Emma and Annie talk. Annie says that it is real late. Emma says that she wants to talk to daddy.

Ryan gets up from the bed to answer the phone. Annie says that Emma wanted to talk to Ryan. Emma tells Ryan that she lost the Cinderella dress that Greenlee got her. Ryan says that he will see what he can do to help find it. Ryan asks to talk to Annie. Ryan asks if everything is okay and Annie says that Emma just misses him.

Madison asks if everything is alright and Ryan doesn't say anything.

JR talks to someone on the phone and says that they have to keep this quiet. JR tells the person that he always gets what he wants. JR hears something at the door and turns to look.

Ryan apologizes for ruining the moment. Madison says that Emma needs Ryan, so they are going home. Madison says that Ryan needs to go home and kiss his daughter goodnight. Madison says that she hopes that someday someone loves her as much as Ryan loves Emma. Ryan promises Madison that she will feel that too.

Greenlee returns to the room in a robe and David asks if Greenlee is feeling better. Greenlee says that she had a rough day and David says that he did too. David says that knowing he gets to come home and look at her beautiful face helps him through the tough days. They share a kiss and Greenlee says that her head is throbbing. David asks if that is all that is going on.

Colby asks about Emma and Scott says that she is sleeping. The conversation changes to Annie. Colby says that she never said anything about Annie wasn't true. Scott says that Annie can be kind and loving, but has been hurt a lot. Colby says that Scott is very forgiving and Scott says that his dad taught him that everyone makes mistakes. Colby says that Scott is the best person in the whole family and that she wants him to be happy.

Annie walks into JR's room and says that they need to talk. Annie asks if Emma is going to have to listen to everyone scream. JR says that he doesn't want this for Emma or AJ. JR says that whatever is going on between them isn't going away and Annie asks what they are going to do. JR suggests that Annie should get a house out of town. JR says that he isn't marrying Annie because he won't take another mother away from AJ. JR asks Annie to give him a chance to figure this out because it could work. Annie says that she knows how to fix this and walks out.

Ryan walks Madison to her door and says that he had a great time in New York with her. Madison says that she did too and they kiss. Ryan leaves and Madison goes inside. Frankie walks into the living room and says that David cancelled his shift. Madison says that Ryan had to get home to Emma, so they came home early. Madison says that she thinks she is falling in love.

Greenlee says that she will make it up to David and that she is going to take a shower. David goes through Greenlee's datebook and finds the picture of her and Ryan. David picks up Greenlee's phone and looks at the caller id saying it was Ryan.

Ryan leaves a message for Greenlee saying that Emma lost the Cinderella dress.

JR and Colby talk about Scott and Annie. JR says that nothing will happen between him and Annie, no matter what they feel. Colby asks if the relationship is purely physical. JR says that he is committed to the family and nothing will get in the way of it.

Annie comes down the stairs and kisses Scott. Annie says that the world needs to know how perfect they are for each other and suggests that they should get married.

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