AMC Update Monday 7/19/10

All My Children Update Monday 7/19/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Colby waits at Krystal's for Damon, who's late for their date.

Liza helps Tad get ready for Damon's adoption to be final.  Tad goes to get a soda for Liza.

Colby calls Liza and asks about Damon.  Colby says that Damon probably got hung up somewhere.  Liza asks if something is wrong.

Amanda comes home and finds Jake pouring wine.  Jake asks about Trevor and Amanda says that he is having fun teaching a neighbor's child how to walk.  Jake and Amanda start kissing.

Angie sits outside and gets frightened when her vision is too blurry to make out anything.

Scott tells Marissa that she should be talking to JR.  Scott says that it's JR's job to step up and give Marissa the support she needs.

JR pulls someone off Annie.  JR gets the guy to apologize and then makes him leave.  JR sits on the bed with her and asks if Annie is okay and she says that she is now.

Tad opens the door and finds a woman from social services.  Liza asks what it is about and the woman says that they have to make a home visit before approving an adoption.  The woman starts looking at the house and Tad says that he has nothing to worry about.  The woman says that she has quite a few questions for Tad.

Damon shows up at Krystal's and apologizes to Colby for being late.  Damon says that Colby didn't have to get all dressed up, but she reminds him that they were supposed to stop at a party after dinner.  Damon apologizes and says that it will still be a good night.  Damon kisses Colby.

Angie tries to dial her cell phone, but can't tell who she is dialing.  Angie calls Jake.

Jake's phone rings and Amanda tells him not to answer it.  Angie cries and tells Jake that she doesn't know where she is and can't see anything.  Jake says that one of his patients is having a relapse and that he is needed.  Amanda says that she saw the caller id and knows that it was Angie who called him.

Scott says that he wants Marissa to be happy and she says that she is getting there.  Scott and Marissa talk about AJ.  Marissa says that she wants to make things right for her husband and son.  Marissa says that when she passes the bar, her and JR will be better than good.

JR tries to help Annie and asks what she needs.  Annie says that she keeps feeling his hands on her and explains the situation to JR.  JR hugs Annie to try to comfort her.  Annie apologizes for possibly losing the contract, but JR says that he doesn't care about the contract.  JR offers to drive Annie home and she accepts.  They leave.  Annie and JR arrive at the mansion and Scott asks what JR did to Annie.  Marissa asks what happened to Annie's dress.  Annie explains to Scott that a client got very aggressive when she went up to his room to sign papers.  Annie says that she ran into JR as she was leaving the club.  Marissa says that JR had a meeting at the office and JR says that the location changed at the last minute.  Scott asks why Annie didn't call and she says that she just wanted to get home.  Scott hugs Annie.

Tad answers the questions asked by the woman from social services.  Tad tells the woman about his family.  The woman says that she has to be sure that Damon will be raised right.  The woman says that Damon is only 9, but Tad says that he is 19 years old, which is supported by her paperwork.  The woman apologizes for wasting their time and leaves.  Tad and Liza talk about how stable their families are.

Damon keeps apologizing to Colby.  Colby says that she needs to know that he wants to be with only her.  Damon says that he forgot his wallet and asks if Colby can pay for it and he will pay her back.  Colby walks away.  Tad's phone starts ringing and Liza answers it for him.  Liza tells Damon that Colby is looking for him and Damon says that he thinks that he messed up.  Damon asks Liza to keep Colby there if she shows up.

Amanda says that Jake and Angie have been spending a lot of time together lately.  Jake says that Angie is under a lot of stress and it helps to talk about it.  Amanda asks why Angie called Jake about the patient instead of a nurse.  Jake says that he will make it quick and that he loves Amanda.  Jake leaves.

Damon comes down the stairs at Tad's and leaves another message for Colby.  Tad brings out a copy of his adoption papers and shows Damon that it was final the same day as Damon's.  Tad welcomes Damon to the family and Damon thanks him.

Colby opens the door for Liza.  Liza asks what happened with Damon.  Colby tells Liza that Damon had no clue that he was being a total jerk and that he made it seem like making her wait was no big deal.  Colby asks what the signs of a guy seeing someone else are.  Liza tells Colby not to jump to any conclusions because maybe Damon needs a little time.  Liza suggests that Colby should give Damon a few days.  Liza and Colby hug.

Jake gets to Krystal's and comforts Angie.  They sit on the bench outside.  Jake says that he will take Angie home, but she asks if they can wait a few minutes.  Jake picks up Angie's bible off the ground.  Angie starts to question her priorities.  Angie asks what she is going to do.  Jake picks up Angie's purse and helps her walk to the car.  Amanda takes Trevor for a walk by Krystal's and she sees Jake helping Angie.

Marissa asks JR what happened with Annie.  JR says that he just drove her home.  Marissa asks about the look between JR and Annie.  JR says that he was frustrated that Annie almost blew the deal, but there is nothing going on between them.

Scott asks if Annie is okay and she says that she is.  Scott tries to call the police, but Annie says that she just wants to forget about it.  Scott agrees and hugs Annie.

Liza gets back to Tad's house and he shows her the adoption papers.  Liza sees Tad's adoption papers too and realizes that the dates are the same.  Tad tells Liza all about the day his adoption got final.  Tad and Liza talk about Damon and about their relationship.  Tad says that if things keep going this great in their relationship, the day might come where Liza is Damon's mother.

Damon finds Colby at Krystal's.  Colby says that maybe Damon's other girlfriend will be more understanding, but he says that there is nobody else.  Damon says that he wants to be with Colby, but he can't make any promises right now.  Colby says that nobody ever stays in her life and she wanted Damon to.  Colby says that she will see Damon tomorrow and he says that he will call her.  Colby leaves Krystal's alone.

JR goes up to his room and starts going over files.  Annie knocks on the door and JR asks if she is okay.  Annie says no and he tells her to come in.  Annie says that she can't get JR out of her head.  Annie says that she was almost raped today and the JR was the last person she would have ever thought to show up, but he did and called her family too.  JR says that he would save her again in a heartbeat.

Jake gets Angie home and she apologizes for making him come to her rescue again.  Angie asks if Amanda was with him when she called.  Jake says that he told Amanda that he was seeing a patient.  Angie says that once they find out if the medication is working, they can stop with the secrecy.  Jake reminds Angie that they have to have faith that the medication will work.

Annie tells JR to stop acting like what happened didn't mean anything.  JR says that he did what he had to do because he couldn't have her filing a lawsuit against the company.  JR reminds Annie of the deal they made.  Annie suggests that their lives aren't supposed to be separate.

Colby gets home and calls for JR.  Colby goes upstairs.

JR reminds Annie that they already talked about this and that they are supposed to stay away from each other.  Annie asks why they keep ending up like this.

Liza says that it just got serious and asks if Tad has been thinking about it for a long time.  Tad says that he has been thinking about it a lot and asks if Liza has.  Liza says that they definitely have a future and Tad says that he is talking about a lifetime potential.  Liza says that a lifetime with Tad would be amazing.

Jake gets home and Amanda asks about the hospital.  Amanda says that she picked up Trevor and got ice cream from Krystal's.  Amanda asks why Jake lied to her.  Jake says that Angie has been overwhelmed lately and needed a friend to talk to.  Jake says that Angie thought she was pregnant and isn't, but doesn't want Jesse to know.  Amanda says that Jake can tell her anything because she would never betray his trust.  Jake apologizes and says that he doesn't know what he was thinking.  Jake asks if Amanda will share her ice cream with him.

Marissa stops the client at the club and asks what happened.  Tucker tells Marissa that he did some innocent flirting and then Annie's boyfriend, JR, came in and ripped his head off.  Tucker walks away.

Annie walks into JR's room.  JR says that he has work to do.  Annie says that something is happening to them and JR says that he feels it too.  As JR and Annie start kissing, Colby walks in.

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