AMC Update Tuesday 7/13/10

All My Children Update Tuesday 7/13/10


Written by Patti G
Pictures by Juanita

David and Greenlee at Yacht Club, Greenlee very distracted. David concerned she is still mad at him regarding SEC deal. David wants to make Greenlee happy but she wants to help herself. Greenlee leaves on an errand.

Greenlee comes to Fusion and finds some papers regarding the wedding and tells Jack she sees she is not invited. Greenlee apologizes for looking and Jack assures her the list is not finished. Greenlee tells Jack she did not want to go to the wedding anyway. They argue about whether Greenlee and David caused the airplane crash. Greenlee leaves angrily. David calls her on her cell. David keeps trying to reach Greenlee but she is not picking up the phone.

Ryan and David run into each other at the park and discuss Ryan listening in on his call to the SEC and telling Greenlee. Ryan tells David he has ruined Greenlee’s life. Ryan tell David his lies will soon catch up with him. David insists to Ryan that his marriage to David is very secure.

Frankie runs into David and tells him he knows about being on the top of the list for layoffs at the hospital. Frankie goes home to Randy and she tells him all about her plans for the photo shoot. They tell each other how much they will miss each other. Frankie tells Randy that he is about to be laid off. Randy tell him she won’t go to Italy but he insists that she still go. Frankie tries to put a good spin on being laid off to Randy. Frankie tells Madison what David is up to at the hospital. She feels bad for him and tells him how many times he has been there for her. She tells Frankie the Board won’t let David fire him. Frankie questions Madison about her relationship with Ryan and what she wants to happen. She thinks this trip might take their relationship to the next level.
Madison and Ryan are out to dinner discussing trip to NYC. Madison all excited about trip, Ryan not sure he wants to go to NYC because Emma is upset about him leaving. Madison is understanding about it and wants to help. Emma joins Madison and Ryan and they discuss their trip to NYC. Madison tells Emma that Ryan will bring her back some gifts from the trip. Madison tells Emma how lucky she is to have to loving parents. Emma leaves and Ryan and Madison talk about their relationship.
Erica and Caleb are in hotel room discussing what is going on with him and between them. Erica wants Caleb out of her head. Erica tries to draw Caleb out and find out what is wrong with him. He tells her he does not own her an explanation to his mood and feelings. Caleb tells Erica he is done talking, but she keeps going. He does not want to be in PV and go home. Erica tells him then he should go. Caleb tells Erica she is afraid he is going to mess up Erica’s perfect life with Jack.

Bianca on phone with someone questioning why she is on the No Fly list. Jack tells her he is working on fixing the problem. She misses her girls and feels bad being away from them. Bianca tells Jack how grateful she is that he has her and her mother’s back. She asks him about the wedding plans. He tells her the will be married on a yacht.

Greenlee goes to Krystal’s for a drink and does not return David’s call. She runs into Ryan and is not happy to see him. Greenlee tells Ryan she is fine and she does not need his help. Ryan tells Greenlee she does not look happy. David returns to their room at the Yacht club and does not find Greenlee. Green lee is drunk and when she gets up to leave slips and Ryan catches her.

Jack comes back to the hotel room and finds Erica and Caleb. Caleb leaves and Jack is angry about what he might have walked in on between Erica and Caleb. Erica tells Jack about Caleb’s anger with the Chandlers and she needs to help him. Jack questions Erica’s motives in helping Caleb. Jack gets a call, and he and Erica need to get to Fusion right away.

David goes to Fusion and runs into Bianca and she is not pleased to see him. He questions why Bianca is still at Fusion and why she has not returned to France.

Bianca tries to get off the No Fly list, and tries to get the problem fixed. They tell her it will be weeks and she complains that is far too long to not see her children. Bianca and tells Erica what has happened. Erica tries to make her feel better. Jack arrives and tries to help Bianca with her problem. Jack takes Bianca and Erica to the elevator and who shows up but Miranda And Gabrielle. Erica and Bianca are very happy to see them and thank Jack, Jack leaves them to catch up.

Erica calls Jack and leaves a message about not finishing their conversation and thanks him again for bringing Miranda and Gabrielle to PV.
Bianca questions Erica about her relationship with Caleb and if it is upsetting Jack. Erica tries to just blow it off. Bianca asks is she sure that is nothing. Erica tells Bianca all she feels for Caleb is gratitude to him for saving her life and they found a bond, nothing more to it then that. Erica tells Bianca she would never risk what she has with Jack for anyone. Erica tells Bianca if she is going to get him out of PV then she needs to find out more about him. Erica stays behind to “clean out her office”. She instead starts checking online about Caleb.

Caleb goes home and gets a picture of his dog and tells himself how much he misses him. Jack shows up to talk to Caleb. Jack ask Caleb what he wants from Erica. Jack tells Caleb he is going to make sure that their paths no longer cross.

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