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Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Liza drops by Tad's place to give him the adoption papers, but Opal is the only one there; she lets her in. Opal, with baby monitor in hand, informs her that Tad rushed out quickly, and that it had something to do with Damon. Opal doesn't know what it was about, but she mentions that Damon also rushed out, and left his cell phone. Liza eyes the cell phone. Opal hears Jenny cry and goes to check on her.  Liza picks up Damon's phone and looks at the photos of herself.  When Opal returns, Liza tries again to find out what happened with Tad and Damon, to no avail. Opal suggests that she not try to get in between father and son.  J.R. phones Liza to tell her that Tad needs her.

Brot ushers Tad into a room in the police department as Tad jokes about it.  Brot is sorry that Paul pressed charges. Tad hopes that he didn't call Krystal or Opal. Brot instead phoned Damon.  Damon appears, and mockingly tells Tad that he's very disappointed in him.  They joke around about the jail cell.  Damon wonders who Tad got into a fight with, but he quickly realizes that it must have been Paul.  He gets angry, but Tad tells him that he was the one who threw the first and only punch. Damon is surprised to hear it and asks why. Tad replies that no one talks to his son that way. Damon is proud of how Tad stood up for him, even though Tad asks him not to go punching people the way he did. They make jokes about the fight. Tad phones J.R. to bail him out.

Marissa and J.R. get ready to go to the beach cottage for the day with A.J. Marissa remembers that she has to make a phone call.  Annie comes in; she and J.R. trade their usual barbs. Annie points out that J.R. is leaving to get her out of his head.  They end up standing very closely, as always.  Scott comes in, so they jump apart.  J.R. says good morning.  Scott and Annie share a big kiss, so J.R. leaves.  Scott tells Annie that he figured out a brilliant way so that no one ever discovers that he stole the Nanotech project from Cortlandt.  He ushers her out, saying they are going to greet their new neighbor. Marissa reluctantly tells J.R. that she can't go on their trip because she needs to study for the bar.  She urges him to go, anyway.  He agrees, saying that he has to get away from his alcoholic triggers.  When she asks what they are, he says vaguely that they are stress, competitiveness, and craziness. He goes on and on about how he's been acting.  He wants to think about his priorities and his family.  Marissa tells him that he has a lot more strength than he gives himself credit for.

Erica phones Caleb but gets his voice mail. He is sitting in a chair, whittling on a stick.  He ignores her. She yells at him to pick up.  Caleb rips the phone out of the wall. He talks to Palmer's painting for a while about how he stuck him with the house and company.

Annie and Scott drop by Caleb's house.  Annie has flowers. He is not too happy to see them. An alarm goes off.  Caleb doesn't know how to shut it off, so he punches it and the wall until it stops, even though Scott offers to call the security company.  They introduce themselves and try to be nice, despite his rudeness. Caleb takes Annie's flower pot and throws it outside, saying flowers belong in the ground.  They try to sit down, but Caleb takes out his shotgun.  After a bit, Scott tells him that he would like to buy Cortlandt Electronics from him.  Caleb wonders why Adam is sending him, so they explain that Adam left town and left the company to him. Caleb warms toward him slightly when he hears that he's Stuart's son.  When Annie mentions that Adam's "shrew of an ex-wife" stole him away, Caleb thinks that she is Adam's daughter. She says, blushing, that she was his wife, so Caleb notes that she must be the trophy wife. She counters hotly that he loved her.  Caleb tells them that he has somewhere to be, so Scott leaves his card and asks him to phone him.  Caleb looks at the card and then picks his teeth with it.  He says to himself (or Palmer's portrait) that he wonders what he would say to Adam after all these years, after what Adam did.

Erica is very frustrated and can't concentrate on work.  Jack arrives and sees that she is upset, so he asks her what's wrong. She tells Jack that she keeps having nightmares about the plane crash. He gives her a hug to comfort her. Bianca appears, surprising Erica. Erica is very happy to see her.  She hugs her and asks about the girls. Bianca tells her that they are all fine and send their love. Jack hugs Erica and offers to get her some tea; he asks Bianca if she wants anything, but she doesn't. They kiss and he leaves.

Bianca and Erica chat about Fusion. Erica isn't so sure that she wants to keep fighting Greenlee. Bianca suggests that she turn it over to someone else, then. Erica wonders who, so Bianca suggests herself. Erica asks if she's sure she wants to do that, but she is sure. Jack comes back and is happy to hear that she's moving back home. Jack asks Bianca if she's sure she wants to leave Cambias and Paris. Bianca says they don't really her there and that they will work it out.  Bianca hugs Erica and then goes in to her office to get look at the financial reports.  Jack is surprised that Erica is going to walk away from Fusion, even though she had talked about it already. Erica is looking at this as walking towards their future, not walking away.  They hug again. Jack gets a phone call and has to leave.  Erica says she'll walk out with him. She says to Jack that she has won at Fusion, in every way that matters. She takes his arm and they walk out.

Liza greets Tad and Damon at the police station. They tell her what happened, so Liza assures them that she will threaten Paul into dropping the charges.  She hands Damon his phone. When Tad is out of earshot, she wonders why Damon still has the photos on his cell phone. He assures her that they are just there for his own enjoyment, not to show Tad or anything. She can't figure him out and points out that sometimes he can be so great, like when he told Colby that she should go to New York.  He tells her that he was just telling Colby what she needed to hear, to do what's best for her. He plans to do the same for himself.

Tad asks J.R. how he's doing. J.R. tells him that he's taking his advice by going to the cottage to think for a few days and try to get Annie off his mind. Tad notes that J.R. is admitting now that he still wants her. Later, at home, with Liza and Opal, Tad and Damon sign the adoption papers.  Damon warns Tad about what he is getting into, but Tad is undaunted. He assures him again that he won't give up on him. They hug while Liza watches suspiciously.  Opal hugs Damon, calling him her grandson.  She has to leave for the hospital for her charity gig. She hugs Tad, too.  Tad goes to get the others sodas to celebrate.  Liza is still trying to figure out why Damon is acting nice. Damon tells her that he's just really happy now, with Tad. He says that he hopes they can someday be friends. H opens his arms, saying that she hasn't congratulated him officially.  She hugs him, and then he kisses her on the mouth.  She is stunned and pulls away.  Damon looks shocked, too.  Tad brings the sodas back, and they toast the adoption.

Opal sees Caleb in town and greets him. He's still acting rudely, and she points out his lack of manners to him.  She does say that she is glad to see him and asks why he doesn't want to honor Palmer's last wishes. Caleb admits that he's not cut out for this life.  She points out that Palmer probably wasn't, either, but he thrived once he got involved in his business. She thinks that maybe Palmer wanted to help Caleb out that way, too. Caleb ponders this idea. Opal tries again to make him feel guilty about Palmer, but he doesn't respond, so she walks away.  Caleb phones someone to tell them that he is ready to hear their offer.

Caleb walks around the park and sits down.  He then runs into Erica. He wonders if she's following him, which she angrily denies. She does tell him that they have unfinished business. They argue about who would be better at running Palmer's company. Things get very heated. Jackson happens to walk up and wonders what's going on.  He tells Caleb to calm down.  Caleb stalks off, leaving Erica fuming.

Back at home, Annie gripes about how rude Caleb is. Scott gets the phone message that Caleb left earlier and is happy to hear that he wants to talk about selling.  Annie is thrilled that Scott will be getting more wealth and power.  Scott says that he will need J.R.'s help to buy Cortlandt, which disappoints her.  Scott talks about how he can make both companies great, and she is proud of him. They kiss. Scott asks Marissa where J.R. is. He is upset to hear that J.R. has left for the day. He is worried that Caleb will change his mind.  Scott gets a phone call about some business thing.  Annie grabs some Cortlandt papers, her purse, and slips out.

Later, Erica goes to see Caleb and apologize. She admits that she hasn't been very grateful to him for saving her life. She brought him some Jim Beam, his favorite.

At the cottage, J.R. lies down on the couch and dreams about the two women in his life.  He wakes up with a start.  Later, J.R. puts on his bathing trunks.  His shirt is open. He grabs a towel and heads toward the door. When he opens it, Annie is standing there.

Scott wonders where Annie went to and calls to leave her a message on her cell. He has a chat with Marissa about forgiving Annie, even though he knows it's difficult, so they can all move on and be family. He wants to do what Palmer said about making their generation better, and bring the family back together again.

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