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All My Children Update Wednesday 5/26/10


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Lark

Amanda sits on the couch at home, ripping pages out of a magazine and smiling. Jake walks in, looking disheveled, wearing a blanket and carrying a big teddy bear. He says that he can't find his slipper. He wonders what she's doing, so she replies that she's planning the wedding of her dreams. She shows him her plans. He asks where the honeymoon is, so she shows him her list. They kiss. She puts her papers away and pushes him back further on the couch. They lie in bed and talk about how great their relationship is. Amanda wants to plan the wedding in ten months, so he asks her to make it a week or two instead. She is indignant, but he points out that they could get married on their one year anniversary. She instantly agrees, and they kiss some more.

Liza walks in to Krystal's new restaurant. She wants to talk to Krystal about Tad. Krystal doesn't want to hear it. Liza apologizes for being a jerk but still feels that Tad turned on her for no reason. Krystal suggests she talk to Tad about it. They argue about Damon and all the trouble that he's gotten into. Krystal understands why she is worried about Damon and Colby, but she tells her to trust her daughter. Liza questions Krystal, who assures her that she and Tad are just friends. Liza presses the point, wondering if it's weird since they are raising children under the same roof. She accuses Krystal of playing it safe because she's too afraid to get close.

Jake and Amanda greet Krystal when they go for breakfast. They congratulate her on buying the place. Krystal is shocked to learn that they are getting married in only one week, but she gives them free breakfast. When Amanda and Jake kiss, she sees Liza sitting forlornly at a nearby table, so she prods Jake to ask her over for breakfast. Jake doesn't want to talk to her because she was helping David. Amanda insists that they go over to say hi to Liza. Liza wonders suspiciously if they are there because of Tad, but Amanda just tells her that she is invited to their wedding. Liza is not so sure that it's a good idea, but they talk her into it. Amanda asks Liza to be in her wedding party, which surprises her.

Tad tells Damon that it is true that Stuart is not his son. He got back the DNA results from Angie. Damon is not surprised but there is pain and tears in his eyes as he shrugs it off. He makes a lame joke about not having to pay child support any more. Tad knows it hurts, but Damon denies it. Tad says that if someone told him that Damon wasn't his boy, he'd be hurting pretty badly. Tad gives him coffee and asks if he wants something to eat. Damon tells him about how great the breakfast spread was at the Chandlers. Tad suggests that Damon move in. Damon wonders if there would be a curfew. Tad says he'd let him come and go as he please if he would just tell him where he was going and when he'd probably be back. Tad chuckles when Damon negotiates the terms with him. Tad insists that Damon spend time with him and the rest of the family, including Jake and Amanda's wedding. Damon doesn't want to go, but Tad bribes him with the car.

Annie walks in to the Chandler mansion, soaking wet. Scott wonders if she was rained on. She angrily tells him that the gatehouse is leaking and she has to keep shoving buckets under the leaky ceiling. She called a plumber. Scott tells her that he'll check it out after he makes his announcement about the new product. He is all dressed up in a suit. She adjusts his tie and acts proud of him, saying that he's making the right move and that Palmer would want him to take this and run with it. Scott is still feeling bad about stealing Palmer's invention. Scott grabs her hand and they look into each other's eyes for a moment. Right then, J.R. and Marissa storm in, angrily demanding to know why there are so many reporters outside. J.R. says it's because someone there leaked the fact that Adam left town because he was betrayed. Colby arrives and blames Annie for it. Scott says he'll address this in the interview and that they need to present a united front. Scott gets on the phone. Marissa asks if they can just go to breakfast, but J.R. is worried about what Annie might say to the reporters. They argue; Marissa leaves. Scott asks Annie if she leaked the story, but she assures him that she wouldn't do that. She is too invested in their future.

Later, J.R. and Scott bicker about Annie. Colby walks in and tells them that the reporter is there, so she suggests they pull it together. J.R. agrees that they have to work as a team. The reporter, Stephanie, walks in and meets everyone. Annie walks in suddenly, wearing something kind of revealing, telling Scott that she doesn't think the leak should be fixed, so she doesn't know where she will have Emma's birthday party. Scott suggests that she have it there in the mansion. J.R., on the spot, agrees with the idea. Annie grabs his hand warmly and tells him that it means so much to have everyone's support (putting on a show for the reporter).

Marissa goes to Krystal's and congratulates her on her new place. She is still upset, though, so Krystal asks her what's wrong. Marissa says that she just can't take J.R. and Annie anymore. She gripes about them. Krystal urges her to go back and fight for her family against Annie. she also tells her that she is there for her if she needs backup. Marissa thanks her.

Back at the Chandler mansion, Scott describes the new computer touch screen device to Stephanie. She thinks it sounds great but asks about the rumor that Adam was betrayed. She wonders if the company is at risk. Scott and J.R. smile and assure her that the company is doing fine. J.R. says it's a bogus story that someone dreamed up in order to attack their reputation. Annie then puts on another show. She says that the rumor is true. They all look at her angrily, shocked. They try to do damage control by saying Annie is crazy, but she insists on telling Stephanie that she betrayed her husband. J.R. keeps trying to stop her. Annie finally says that she fell in love with Scott. Annie tells her that they did not have an affair because Scott would not give in or do that to his uncle. Stephanie wonders if Annie isn't afraid that this will take the family's reputation down. Annie explains how Scott has stepped up to take the reins after Adam left. She praises him effusively. Scott smiles, but J.R. is very angry and jealous. The reporter leaves, thanking them. J.R. yells at Annie, but Annie points out that she just saved them all. Scott agrees that it was best to address the issue because someone would have dug up the truth. As they are arguing, Marissa returns and listens in. Scott thinks J.R. owes Annie a thank you for saving his marriage. Marissa walks in just then, so that they can see her. J.R. rants and raves, but Marissa tells him that he's just jealous that Annie is turning to Scott instead of him. J.R. swears that he is done with Annie and only wants her. He asks her to go to the yacht club, but she refuses and leaves.

Scott thanks Annie for her brilliant idea and suggests that she move back into the mansion. She is stunned. She wonders about the court order, but he assures her that he'll take care of that. She tells him that she meant what she said to the reporter. She's never meant a man like him. She asks him how he feels, so he kisses her, passionately. She is shocked, but then they kiss some more. J.R. opens the door and sees them.

Amanda and Jake kiss at their table when Tad walks in. He jokingly splashes them with some of Jake's (presumably cold) coffee. He brings a package over to Krystal, and she knows that it's a box of chocolate cereal. He asks her to keep it behind the bar for when he and the girls come in for breakfast. She rolls her eyes but agrees. They make jokes about Jake and Amanda. Meanwhile, Amanda tells Jake that she thinks that Tad should find love, too.

Tad asks Krystal if she can help him set up a party for Damon, and she agrees. He remarks that they are a helluva team. Krystal agrees but points out that he sometimes acts like they're a real couple when they're not. He just replies that he cares about her, and he always has and will. He says that she's the best and points out how supportive she has been with Damon.

Jake and Tad chat after Amanda leaves. Tad wishes that he had been able to pull his life together the same way Jake has. He asks Jake if he thinks he is taking advantage of Krystal. Jake thinks it works for them, but Tad is not so sure. He mentions Liza, saying she is like a bus accident with food. Jake makes a speech about how important Tad is to him and asks him to stand up for him. Tad laughs as Jake gets down on one knee, then he agrees. Jake also asks Tad to help him with a surprise for Amanda.

Liza goes to visit Colby in her room. She thinks Colby is in the bathroom but just not answering her. Liza tells her that she loves her, but she won't talk about Damon. She suggests they go shopping, so Damon pops out and jokingly says that would be great. Liza glares at him and asks why he's there. He reminds her that he lives there, so she tells him again that he's conning her daughter, but not her. Damon goes to leave, but Liza offers to give him $2000 for the car if he stays away from Colby. He goes to take the check, but she holds it back, saying that he has to leave immediately but be nice to Colby when he breaks up with her. She tells him not to crush her. Damon tells her that he cares about Colby and would not hurt her. He thinks it's sad that she doesn't feel the same way. She smirks that she isn't wrong about him, and this is the proof. She hands him the check. He takes it, pockets it, and is about to walk out, but Colby walks in. Colby looks at Liza coldly, wondering why she's there. Liza says she missed her. Damon tells her that she's being her sweet, wonderful self. He suggests they go someplace quiet. Colby and Damon leave. Liza reminds Damon quietly that he'd better let her down easily. He thanks her for the check.

Amanda goes to Fusion, but no one is around. She looks at some dresses on a rack and finds a note from Jake. He tells her to pick any of the gowns for her wedding. She smiles as she reads the note. Jake walks in with another big box, with a bow, and they kiss. A photographer, Serge, walks in, for the photo shoot. She thinks it's for work, but Jake tells her that it's just for them, to document their re-engagement, and the box holds her outfit. Amanda hugs him and squeals with delight. They tell each other, "I love you". Serge takes photos of Jake, Amanda, and the baby, in the park.

Damon and Colby walk in the park, holding hands. He tells her about the check. She is annoyed at first that he took it, but he assures her that he's just going to use it for their trip to New York. She smiles and says that he should've gotten $3,000. They sit down, joke around, and kiss. She wonders what Tad wanted, so he tells her about the DNA results. She expresses her sympathy. He tells her that he really loved the little guy. He hopes his new dad loves him as much. He also tells her about Tad's offer to let him stay. She agrees that he should move back there with Tad. They talk about the game night. He asks her to go to Jake's wedding with her. She is surprised that he is actually asking her on a date. They kiss but have to stop before it goes too far. He tells her that he keeps thinking about the other day when they almost had sex. He wants her, but he says that she should be sure that she wants to be with him. He is worried about hurting her. She assures him that she does want him. They decide that their first time should be special. She thinks that the wedding might give them some alone time, and they decide to make love that night.

Tad brings flowers to Amanda's office, as per Jake's request. He runs into Liza, who tells him that Amanda invited her to be in the wedding party. Tad laughs and tells her that Jake asked him to be best man. She congratulates him but says that she doesn't belong there. She isn't the type and is not that close to Amanda. She asks him to tell Amanda for her, but he thinks she should tell Amanda herself. She is about to leave, when Tad stops her and says very nicely that he really wishes that she would cut Damon some slack. Liza tells him that she won't argue with him any more. She doesn't like Damon, what he's done to Colby, or what he's done to them.

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