AMC Update Tuesday 5/25/10

All My Children Update Tuesday 5/25/10


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Lark

Colby is not happy to see Liza arrive on her doorstep. Liza thinks that Colby should get an intern job at a fashion design house in New York City. Colby is thrilled by the idea, until she realizes that it would mean she'd have to move far away from Damon. Liza doesn't want her to throw her future away on someone she barely knows. Colby declares that she knows Damon, who he is and what he wants. They argue again about Damon. Colby screams at her that she is not Liza, who got dumped by Tad. Liza sits down, upset. Colby apologizes and asks if they can just get past this. Liza wants to as well. Colby tells her that Damon talks about how close he used to be with his mom. She misses sharing the details of her life with her, and Liza agrees. Liza admits that she acts reflexively whenever she thinks Colby is in danger. She understands that Colby doesn't need her to make her decisions for her any more, that she is old enough. Colby wants her to know that she's making her decisions because she thinks they're right for her, not because she is trying to hurt her. She doesn't need Liza to protect her, but she does need her. Liza is touched. Colby asks her to say that she trusts her. Liza says that she's trying.

Damon tells Tad at his house that he is heading out, so Tad wonders where. Damon says he will get something to eat, but otherwise he doesn't know what he will do for the next month because his plans fell through. Tad expresses his sympathy about Stuart. He advises him to take care of himself and things will work out. Damon tells Tad that he has job interviews for next week, so Tad wonders why not this week. Damon confides, as Krystal is walking in, that he doesn't have much gas money for the car that Colby lent him. Tad instantly reaches for his wallet and gives Damon a bunch of cash. Damon thanks him, says hi to Krystal and then leaves. Krystal makes a snarky comment about Damon scamming him out of $80. Tad's mouth falls open, and she laughs her head of. She figures that he must have done the same thing with Dr. Joe. Tad admits grudgingly that Damon is payback for how he acted back then.


They sit on the couch. Krystal says he can always get a free meal at B.J.'s, so he wonders how. She holds up a sign that says, "Krystal's" to show him that she is the new owner. He is impressed with everything she's done. She tells him that it costs a lot to take over a restaurant. She was hoping he could buy her share of the house, to help finance it. She still plans to stay and pay rent. She thinks that one day, one of them will meet someone and it will be serious. She doesn't think their current arrangement will last forever, but he thinks it will, especially for the kids. Tad instead would rather loan her the money, or even give it to her, but she declines. She wants to do it herself, and he understands. He makes her agree that their first family reunion will be at the best table at the place, so they toast with their beers to that. Liza arrives, upset, saying she wasn't sure where else to go. Krystal excuses herself, saying she is getting another beer. Liza knows Tad is mad at her, but he asks what she wants. She tells him about her talk with Colby. He is not very sympathetic and is still angry that she hurt Damon's feelings so badly. Liza reminds him that he has done the same in the past, so he sighs and they sit down. He listens to what she has to say about Colby. Liza is still worried about Damon being in Colby's life. Tad doesn't want to argue about it again. She just wants him to deal with Damon. He yells at her for being so irrational about Damon being just like Tad. She thinks that Damon is bad news, and Tad is not seeing it because he is filled with guilt. She points out all of the mistakes Damon has made. Tad tells her to leave.

Tad and Krystal go to her new restaurant. She notices that he hasn't said much. He is still annoyed about what Liza said. They sit down, and he asks her for her honest opinion about Damon. She says that he is Tads son, and he has issues, but she thinks he'll be fine. Tad is a bit worried that Damon may be too much like him. She thinks that would be wonderful, so he wonders if that was an insult. She looks at him like he's crazy and points out that everybody loves him. He thinks that one Tad Martin is bad enough.

Colby tells Damon about the New York opportunity, but also that it was from her mom, so that she would move away from him. He offers to go with her. She wonders if that isn't a big step for them. He thinks it would be easier without their families around. Colby wonders about money. He says that he will get a job in the meantime and save. She smiles and says she thinks she knows where he can get a job quickly. They go to the yacht club. He is very uncomfortable to be there, and in J.R.'s borrowed suit and tie. She thinks he will do fine. He counts quietly, which is one of the techniques he's been working on to keep himself focused. (What, is he like Lily now?) She tells him that he looks smoking hot. A woman named Renee comes up and greets her, so she introduces them. Renee is the manager, so she and Damon sit down for an interview. He tells her honestly that he just wants to make some money this summer so that he can move to New York with Colby, his girlfriend. Liza comes in behind him and listens in, and watches. Damon tells the woman that he wants to see it all. He jokes that without Colby, he would probably get himself into some trouble. The woman laughs, charmed by him. Liza walks over and introduces herself as Damon's lawyer during his probation. It sounds like she is trying to give him a recommendation, but of course she is trying to make him lose the job. She lists his crimes and laughs that he didn't kill anyone. Damon smiles up at her. The woman says they are not hiring and then quickly leaves. He tells Liza, "Thanks for nothing". They argue. She accuses him of flirting with the woman. He accuses her of being jealous. Colby comes up and wonders what's going. She finds out what happened and yells at Liza. She tells Liza that if Damon can't find a job, she will just give him the money herself. She also thanks her for the lead on the internship and tells her emphatically that she and Damon will have a "kick-ass summer".

Damon and Colby have drinks with Tad and Krystal at Krystal's new restaurant. Colby thinks it is very cool. Damon tells them about the messed-up interview. Tad suggests that Krystal give Damon a job, and Krystal thinks it's a great idea. Tad jokes with Damon that he is buying from the money he gave him earlier. They toast Krystal as Liza watches briefly through the window.

At Wildwind, Ryan thanks Greenlee for standing up for him to Jesse, despite David's protests and trying to keep Ryan out. She shrugs it off, but Ryan thanks her. He wonders suspiciously who would benefit if Erica were found guilty. David asks if he is blaming Greenlee for Erica's being a thief. Ryan says diplomatically that he just wants her opinion, since she is fighting Erica at Fusion. Greenlee wonders where Erica is, if she's so innocent. Ryan is surprised that she thinks Erica is on the run after only one day. Greenlee says that she was just answering his question, but maybe Erica will appear and have a good excuse. David comments that maybe Erica will spend a whole year behind bars this time. David orders Ryan to leave, and they all argue. Greenlee tells Ryan honestly that she had nothing to do with Erica's disappearance. As Ryan turns to leave, she asks him what Emma wants for her birthday because she is still coming to the party. He just leaves without comment. David and Greenlee argue about what he did to Erica's plane. David tells her that he hacked into Erica's PDA to send Jack a text, telling him that she was fine but will be out of town for a while. Greenlee just gets more worried. David thinks that things will be fine, but he advises her to skip Emma's birthday party. She gets more angry and walks out.

Jack drops by Wildwind, so David tells him that Greenlee is not there. Jack walks in anyway. Jack warns him that he'd better not find out that he's behind Erica's predicament. Jack chews him out about Greenlee being worried that she was pregnant. David tells him carefully that the subject is off limits, but Jack goes on to yell at him some more. David tells him, adding a "Dad" that it is none of his damn business. Jack tells him that if he hurts anyone that he loves, he will answer to him (he adds a "son"). Later, David watches Greenlee on TV.

Greenlee goes to Fusion. Randi tells her that things have been crazy there with all of the phone calls. Greenlee tells her to set it up so that she can make a statement to the press. Randi is not so sure that is a good idea, but Greenlee ignores her objections. Greenlee gives her statement for the Fusion website. It is very positive and honest. She says that they are working with the police and SEC to bring them answers from Erica. Jack walks in and watches with a keen eye. Greenlee says that their launch will be put on hold until these problems are resolved. Jack tells Greenlee that she did a good job and asks her if she's heard from Erica. Greenlee tries to put his fears to rest by saying that Erica just loves to make drama and that she will be back. She smiles and puts her hand on his arm as she says it. He smiles in a fatherly way. Randi tells Greenlee how inspired everyone was by her speech and points out that someone sent flowers as well. Greenlee ignores the niceties and tells Randi to keep the flowers and go home. Randi blinks at her rudeness. Jack is using Greenlee's office phone because his cell phone battery is low. Greenlee kisses him on her way out. Jack leaves another message on Erica's phone. He fingers an engagement ring as he tells her that he has a very important question to ask her.

Ryan meets up with Jack at ConFusion. They talk about Erica's disappearance and whether Greenlee and David had anything to do with it, as well as the text he got. Later, Ryan chats with Madison about all the phone calls she has been fielding all day about Erica. A reporter comes up and sticks a tape recorder in his face, asking about Erica. Before she can answer, Ryan tells him to back off. He doesn't, so Ryan gets in his face and tells him to leave or be thrown out. The man smiles and leaves. Ryan can tells she is upset, so he offers to buy her coffee. She nods. They see Greenlee's statement on the Internet.

When Greenlee goes home, David is happy to see her and tells her how great she was on TV. He is proud of her being alone at the top of Fusion, just like they planned. Greenlee wonders quietly where Erica is. He assures her that Erica is strong, rich, and shrewd. He thinks Erica wants to remain hidden. Greenlee is not so sure. David goes to get champagne so they can celebrate. Greenlee goes out the front door and takes a deep breath. She stands in the doorway. David returns and watches her curiously.

In West Virginia, Erica follows the mysterious mountain man she met yesterday after her plane crashed into his house. She gripes, wondering how far this other cabin is, reminding him that she just survived a plane crash. She asks him if they can rest. He replies, "nope", but she insists that they do. He points out that there is a bear trap right by her foot. She sniffs that she is not afraid of bears and that she faced one down before. He states that she is wearing a smelly perfume, implying that it would attract bears. Erica gets indignant at his insult to her perfume, which is her own creation. She informs him that she runs a major cosmetics company. He is not impressed and says that a grizzly bear will eat her because of it. He turns and walks away, leaving her there. She quickly washes off the perfume with her bottled water and then follows him. Erica is annoyed when they get to a dinky little cabin, and he doesn't seem to have a key. He tries to open it, but he throws out his shoulder. He asks her to help him by pulling his arm out. Of course they argue about it first. She pulls hard, and he yells in pain, but it works. He chuckles at her, and they go in to the cabin. Erica is annoyed that he doesn't thank her. He gets out the canned food for their dinner, which is fine with her. He hands her an ax and says it's time for her chores, so she realizes with shock that he expects her to chop wood. He says she only has to do it if she likes her food hot. Erica thinks that he is punishing her for destroying his house, so she apologizes again for everything she did. He ignores her, so she tells him again that she is very important person that needs to get back home. She then yells at him for being so rude to her and ignoring her, and everything else. He keeps ignoring her as he opens a can of something and drinks it. she tells him that he should be careful now that she has a weapon. He makes a noise like the drink was good and holds it out to her.

Next we see that they are eating inside the cabin from cans. She asks him what time he is taking her down the mountain tomorrow. He plans to spend a few days there and it is not his job to take her back. They argue about it. When she says that he is his only hope, he replies that it is the saddest thing he's ever heard. She angrily picks up her makeup case and goes outside. She steels herself to walk down the mountain in the dark by herself, but she trips on something after a few steps. Her pants are torn, and there is a little blood. She rips off one of her sleeves to wrap it around the ankle. She limps back into the cabin nervously. He is still eating. She sits down and tells him to be careful where he leaves his ax. Later, Erica finds a college ring and is surprised that he went to Stanford. He grabs it out of her hand and says that he stole it to help him when he gets into a fist fight. She looks like she doesn't believe him. She is glad that she found out something about him, even if it was that he is a thief. He jokes that he used to be a spy and starred in a couple of movies, too. She gets annoyed at him again that he makes fun of her job. She also tries to get him to say her name instead of "Dorothy", which is what he has been calling her for two days. He makes fun of her for the way she says her own name and expects people to know her, like she's the Mona Lisa. She jokes back with him. He lies down on the couch with a blanket and puts a handkerchief over his face. She is shocked that there is only one couch, and he is on it. Erica goes outside and looks for the creek as she calls back into him that she can't find it. He tells her to keep looking and she'll find it, or maybe she'll fall in. She says that she is very thirsty. We only see him and hear her (we don't see her). Erica calls out that there is a bear. He chuckles, then groans, then gets up and goes outside slowly to help her. Erica sneaks in and steals the couch. He goes back in, so she tells him that the floor looks comfortable. He says, "Nice move" and she smirks that she thought so, too. She asks his name. He tells her that it's Caleb. She says to herself sleepily that it's not the Mona Lisa, but it's not bad.

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