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Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Lark

In the bedroom at the Chandler mansion, J.R. and Marissa kiss, but he keeps thinking about kissing Annie. She can tell something is wrong, but he insists that he has missed her. She agrees but thinks there is someone else in the room with them. J.R. admits that Annie seems like an invisible presence and that what he did is terrible. He apologizes again. She asks him if he ever compares her to Annie or misses Annie. J.R. answers, "Never".

Downstairs, Annie asks Scott with shock if he really has the breakthrough technology that Palmer invented. He says that he does and that Palmer owned it, since he paid for it to be developed. It makes pocket-sized computers that can project onto any flat surface, as well as can be a touch screen. They both agree that is amazing. Annie thinks that Scott should claim he owns it, since Palmer is gone, but his ethics won't let him do that. She works on him, pointing out that this will change the world (and beat J.R. in the process). Annie tells him that he's special as she stands very close to him. He just looks at her warily. She swears that she's not trying to play him and says that she's no longer married to Adam so they have nothing to feel guilty about. He points out that she's still wearing his ring. she looks down and stares at it, then takes it off, muttering that she should have done it a long time ago. Scott smiles at her, wondering if it's off for good. She hands it out to him, saying he can take it, but he won't. She figures she might as well keep it in case she wants to hock it one day. They chuckle at that idea. She assures him that she's moving on. She is impressed with him and what he's capable of. She thinks he can take the company to the top. Scott is about to kiss her when J.R. walks in, clearing his throat. He looks at them in an annoyed way and hopes he was interrupting something. Annie just thanks Scott for sharing all that and that she is very excited for him. She walks out, ignoring J.R., and grabbing her purse. Marissa walks over and says she never officially welcomed her back. She grabs Annie's arm and drags her off as Annie protests.

They go to ConFusion. Marissa describes herself and her life, saying she is a serious person. She thinks Annie is very different because she uses sex to get what she wants and is impulsive. Marissa asks her for a favor, to ask herself next time she wants something, to ask herself is she is in it for the long haul. Annie is offended by what Marissa says. Marissa tells her to ask herself if it's worth it to ruin everyone's lives if she is just going to chase after someone else next. Annie stares at her as if she is sizing her up. She admires what Marissa said and declares that she is going to be honest with her. She knows that she hurt her and feels bad about it. She asks Marissa to remember that she is not the problem in her marriage. Annie thanks her for the drink and then leaves. Marissa looks upset.

J.R. and Scott argue about who is in charge of Chandler Enterprises. Scott shows J.R. the plans for what he was telling Annie about. Scott explains it to J.R. and another man. J.R. doesn't think that it is possible, but the man thinks it is great and can carry Chandler into the next century. J.R. asks Scott suspiciously where he got it. Scott takes credit for the invention, saying he was working on it while J.R. was busy cheating on his wife. Later, Scott talks to Stuart's painting. He knows that Stuart wants him to tell the truth. He explains why he is taking credit, rationalizing it. He knows that J.R. will be like Adam, or worse.

Annie asks J.R. what he thinks about Scott's plans. J.R. accuses her of only being interested in the money that Scott will bring into her life. He theorizes that she could also be trying to make him jealous. She points out that she and Scott share a connection. J.R. yells at her and gets close to her. He wants to know what she really wants, so she counters, asking the same thing. She walks out, saying they know the answer to that. Marissa watches them from the patio door.

Ryan walks up to Jesse and tells him that he is behind Erica with this whole Miranda thing. Jesse is not interested in that. He wants to know about Ryan's involvement in what Erica allegedly did -stealing money from the Miranda foundation. Ryan laughs indignantly that he would do such a thing as Madison walks up behind him. Jesse points out that it is better if he handles this, rather than the federal authorities. Ryan asks Madison to leave them alone. She protests, wanting to help, but he insists, so she goes away. Ryan and Jesse go back to arguing. Jesse reminds Ryan that he has a past as a con man. Ryan is still annoyed and also defends Erica. Jesse wonders where Erica is, if she's so innocent. Ryan doesn't think Erica is hiding. Jesse gets a phone call from Greenlee.

Erica prepares to crash in a plane. She calls out Jack's name. Next we see that the plane has crashed. Erica is unconscious as live wires crackle around her. Then her hand moves, and she coughs and awakens. The metal creaks and someone opens the door. Erica tells the person that she thinks she's ok, thanks to her seatbelt. She thanks God and her rescuer. She sort of babbles about the crash. The man says nothing. He drags the pilot out as she questions him. She asks him to come back. she tries to get out, but she can't. The man returns and cuts her loose, still not saying anything as she keeps babbling. She is very grateful when he lets her loose. Then he picks her up and carries her out, despite her protests that she can walk herself. He literally throws her over his shoulder as she yells and protests more. He then puts her down, much to her relief. She thanks him for his help. He still doesn't say anything, so she wonders if he can hear, or if he is just rude. She asks about the pilot and begs him not to ignore her. He looks through some stuff, ignoring her. She begs him to talk to her, but he doesn't. She asks if he has a phone and if she can use it. She gets more and more upset as he ignores her. She wonders why this pile of junk is so important. He turns, and we finally see his face. He says to her that this junk is everything he owns. He tells her that it used to be his home. He says to her sarcastically, "Thanks for dropping in!"

Erica is shocked that his house was destroyed and apologizes. She explains that they didn't plan to crash the plane into his house but figures it is the reason she is still alive. He is not comforted by that idea. He brings out an old bottle of Jim Beam that he was saving for a special occasion, but it's almost empty now because of the crash. She is annoyed that he made her think for a brief moment that she killed someone (Jim) with the crash. He says that his dog might be dead or has run off. When she asks his name, he says, "Dog". Erica calls around with that name. The man yells at her to stop screeching.

Erica apologizes again and asks if she can help and how the pilot is. He tells her that he took the pilot to the hospital in a borrowed ATV, so he'll be fine. She is relieved to hear it. She figures that she will be rescued, then. He says that he doesn't want a million people poking around up there. Erica gets upset, saying she has business to attend to, and people to talk to, but he is unmoved by her pleas or by the fact that she is Erica Kane. He just drinks from his bottle and wonders why the hell it should matter to him. Erica gripes at him about how important it is for her to get back down. He just looks at her and tells her that he doesn't have a phone. She gets more annoyed. He glowers down at her and complains about how much she is talking. He threatens to throw her off the mountain. Erica glares at him and then goes back to arguing with him. She wonders why he is packing up and where he's going. At first she thinks he is going down the mountain, but he informs her that he is going to another cabin and that she's not invited. She apologizes again for destroying his home and offers to replace it, and everything else. She tells him that he can sell his story about saving her and become rich and famous. He is not impressed and keeps insulting her. She points out that he won't really leave her alone because he already proved that he is a caring person by rescuing both her and the pilot. He chuckles at her and makes fun of her. Erica doesn't know what else to do, but he yells at her to try being real. She yells at him that he is about to meet the real Erica Kane. As he keeps making fun of her, she yells at him that she intends to follow him, wherever he goes. He is just glad to hear that she's shutting up. He is about to leave, telling her that it's far, so she asks him politely to get her luggage from the plane. He blinks at her and puts his stuff down. He sits down, saying he's leaving in five minutes, with or without her. She rushes to get her stuff as he counts down the time. Erica brings her luggage out of the plane. Erica asks him if he can help her with her luggage. She says it in a rather imperious way as if she expects him to wait on her. She explains that they're lighter than they look. He goes over and picks up her bags, and then he throws them down the mountain as she screams. She sputters, asking why he did that. He replies, "You're right, they're pretty light", then he goes back to his own stuff. Erica yells at him for throwing her expensive stuff away. He walks away, so she follows reluctantly.

David yells at someone over the phone. He is livid that the airplane took off because it is supposed to go through a pre-flight inspection so they could discover the fuel pipe that he paid this guy to mess with. Greenlee walks in as David is asking him if the plane can fly. She wonders what's wrong. David hangs up and lies that it's just trouble at the hospital. He lies some more, saying he has to get down to the hospital. She wants to go with him to help, but he waves her off. She is surprised that she has not heard from Erica lately.

Madison goes back to Fusion, where the phones are ringing off the hook, and tells Greenlee about Jesse accusing Ryan. Greenlee is shocked. They both agree that it would unfair if Ryan were affected by this. Greenlee asks Madison to go help out in the PR department as she pretends to call Erica, then stops. She phones Jesse to tell him that he can have their full cooperation and all access to their books. He appreciates it. He tells her that he's speaking to Ryan and why. Greenlee assures him that anything wrong that may have happened was long after Ryan worked at the company. Jesse thanks her for that information and hangs up. Greenlee is surprised to hear that David just now arrived at the hospital. She looks at a photo of Erica, and her face looks like she just thought of something.

Meanwhile, Ryan phones Erica again, wondering where she is. Back home, David is also phoning around to find Erica. Greenlee phones, knowing that he has been lying to her, and asks him if he took care of the problem at the hospital. He tells her that it should be a while. David goes back to his phone call. Greenlee walks in from the other room to confront David about his lies. She demands to know what's really going on. He confesses what he did to get rid of Erica and how it went awry. Greenlee is livid but asks him for details. David is sure that Erica is not dead, but he points out that no flight plan was filed, so he thinks she just went into hiding. Greenlee is not so sure. Greenlee insists on calling someone for help, but he stops her. They argue. Greenlee hates Erica but doesn't want her dead. David thinks that everyone will blame Greenlee for this, and she believes it for some reason. He takes her by the shoulders, begging her for more time. He begs her to trust him again. She is not happy about it.

Jesse tells Ryan how Greenlee cleared him of suspicion. Ryan looks touched. Ryan goes to Wildwind, saying he is there about Erica.

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