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Tad asks Colby if she has seen Damon because he didn't come home last night.  Colby tells Tad that she knows that he is Damon's father.  Tad asks how Colby found out and Colby says that Liza told her.

David meets with Liza and she asks what he wants.  David says that he wants information about Madison.

Madison asks about raising the limit on her card temporarily and then agrees not to use it again until it is paid down.  Randi asks Madison what she is doing.

Jake and Amanda talk about her clipping Trevor's nails.  Jake says that he has to go to work, but Natalia should be there any second.  Amanda says that she told Natalia not to come because the fan is backing off, so there is no reason to worry.  Jake says that after everything this guy did, they can't take any chances.  Amanda says that she just wants it to be over.  Jake says that it will be over, but he needs her to hang tight at the loft until it all blows over.  Jake says that he wants Amanda to stay at home and have a guard at all times.  Amanda says that she has to work and she is afraid that she might lose it because she is scared of this fan.

Natalia and Brot meet.  Natalia apologizes for Brot getting suspended and says that she made a list of the steps that Brot can take to appeal his suspension.  Brot says that he doesn't want to appeal because maybe being a cop isn't for him.

Liza asks why David wants to know about Madison.  David says that Madison's story is intriguing and he wants to make sure Greenlee's interests are protected.  Liza says that she wants to know why David is fishing for information about Madison.

Madison says that she forgot her wallet, so she thought she would borrow some money for lunch.  Randi says that petty cash is for taxi runs and emergency supplies, not salads at ConFusion.  Madison says that she was about to fill out a withdrawal slip.  Randi says that she just saw Madison steal money.  Madison asks what Randi's problem is.

The psychiatrist asks about Damon's family.  Damon says that he is an only child.  The psychiatrist asks about Damon's parents.  Damon remembers hearing Liza say that Tad is his father and says that his parents have done nothing but lie to him.

Colby says that it just slipped out of Liza's mouth.  Tad asks if Damon knows and Colby says that it isn't her place to say anything.  Tad says that he has been feeling the same way because it was up to Hillary and Paul to tell him the truth.  Tad says that he is afraid this will really shake Damon up.  Colby asks if Tad is really going to tell Damon and Tad says that he doesn't have a choice.  Colby says that Damon will be psyched to know that Paul isn't his father.  Tad says that he is afraid that this will send Damon over the edge.  Colby says that Damon has an appointment with the psychiatrist this morning, so Tad could probably find him at the hospital.  Tad asks if Colby would go with him because Damon will need a friend.  Colby agrees.  JR shows up and Tad asks Colby to go ahead and he will catch up.  JR asks if everything is okay and Tad says that they need to talk about his son.

Colby finds Damon at the hospital and asks about his session.  Damon says that it was great and suggests that he should get a root canal to finish his day off strong.  Colby says that she is sorry that therapy sucked, but it will get better.  Colby says that Tad is looking for Damon and asks where he went after the park.  Damon says that he just walked around a little to think.  Colby says that after Damon left, Liza did some foot stomping and yelling and then Colby went home.  Damon says that he has to go.

JR and Tad talk about Damon being Tad's son.  JR asks if Tad is going to tell Damon the truth.  JR says that he doesn't have a choice and that he hopes he won't blow it.  JR says that some guys have all the luck because he has prayed for a long time that Tad could be his real father.  JR says that Damon has no idea how big he just scored.  Tad says that as far as he is concerned, JR is his son just as much as he is Adam's.  The conversation turns to Adam and Brooke running away together.  JR says that Adam being away from Annie was always the plan.  Tad asks what JR did.

Natalia asks if Brot is really going to quit.  Brot says that maybe it is time to try something else, so he can find what he is meant to be doing.  Natalia says that she has never seen anyone take to the force the way Brot did and tells him not to let one suspension ruin it.  Brot says that Natalia doesn't know anything about him and doesn't want to.  Natalia asks when Brot became a guy who runs away with his tail between his legs.  Natalia asks why Brot would want to throw everything away.  Brot says that he doesn't have to explain himself. 

Jake calls Natalia and asks her to guard Amanda for a couple days because he has a weird feeling about leaving her alone.  Natalia says that she is on her way.

Tad says that JR can't drop a cryptic hint about a plan and walk away.  JR says that Tad has bigger things to worry about.  Tad asks if JR had something to do with Brooke and Adam leaving town together.  JR says that he got Annie to admit that she wasn't devoted to Adam.  Tad asks what Marissa had to say about it.  JR says that Marissa doesn't know and never will.  Tad asks if it was worth it and JR says that it was.  JR says that he won't be able to forgive himself if he hurts Marissa.  Tad says that eventually someone will get hurt.

David says that he is interested in Madison in a sexual way and asks if Liza thinks he has a chance.  Liza says that she doesn't really know much about Madison.  Liza and David talk about Madison showing up at her father's trial.  David thanks Liza and says that breakfast is on him.  Liza thanks David.

Damon tells Liza that he overheard her talking to Colby.  Damon asks if Liza would really do anything to get rid of him.

Jake says that he called Natalia because he is worried about Amanda.  Amanda says that she didn't know that Jake had the final say on her life.  Jake says that either Amanda lets Natalia protect her, or he will stay by her side.  Amanda tells Jake that he has to work, but he says that he will call in sick.  Amanda says that Natalia can hang out with her for one day only because she isn't putting her life on hold forever.  Jake thanks Natalia for coming.  Natalia and Jake talk about Amanda not being happy about the bodyguard situation.  Amanda tells Jake to go because they are fine.  Jake leaves.  Amanda asks Natalia for a blanket and asks what happened.  Natalia says that she just got back from the park with Brot and that Brot wants to quit the force.  Natalia says that when she is cooped up at home, she gets caught up in the spring cleaning too.  Amanda says that she is just straightening up before the babysitter gets there.  Natalia says that she has orders to keep Amanda at the apartment, but Amanda say that she never agreed to be locked up all day.  Trevor starts crying and Amanda says that if Natalia wants to go catch up with Brot she can.  Natalia asks if the day could get any worse.

Madison asks why Randi is so threatened by her all of a sudden.  Randi says that Madison almost had her fooled, but she isn't buying the changed-woman act.  Randi says that Madison has been flaking out lately.  Randi says that something is up and it reminds her of the old Madison.  Madison says that no matter what she says, Randi will accuse her of lying.  Randi suggests that they should do an audit on the petty cash box to see if anything else is missing from it.

Liza says that she doesn't know what Damon thinks he heard.  Damon says that he heard Liza tell Colby that Tad is his father, but he doesn't believe it.  Liza says that Damon needs to talk to his parents about it.  Damon tells Liza to back off because it's Colby's decision to make if she wants to be around him.  Liza tells Damon that Tad really is his father and they are the same.

JR asks if Tad thinks he is crazy.  Tad says that it sounds like JR took a hell of a gamble to keep Adam away from Annie.  JR asks if Dixie would be ashamed of him.  Tad says that Dixie loved JR too much to ever be ashamed of him.  Tad says that he is sorry that Adam is gone.  JR says that he thinks he lost Adam for good this time.  Tad says that you can never lose your father, just like JR can't lose him because he is on the same page as Dixie.  JR says that Damon doesn't know how lucky he is.  Tad says that when Damon slams the door in his face, he will send him to JR.  Colby shows up and asks if they are okay.  Tad asks if she found Damon.  Colby says that Damon seemed mad or something and then he bolted.  Tad asks Colby where Liza is.

Damon tells Liza to go to hell.  Liza says that Damon doesn't know what she has sacrificed for Colby.  Liza says that she will do anything to keep Colby safe, including keeping her away from losers like Damon.  Damon says that Liza made it all up, but Liza says that Tad really is Damon's father.  Liza says that she and Tad have known for a while and tells Damon to stay away from Colby.

Madison asks if she has done something to upset Randi.  Randi says that she has earned every right to watch her back around Madison.  Madison asks if this is because Randi is jealous that she is working with Greenlee.  Randi says that it is about her knowing exactly what Madison is capable of.  David hides nearby and listens to their conversation.

JR tells Colby that Damon will be fine.  Colby asks how Damon will be fine when he is about to find out that his whole life has been a lie.  JR says that he is more concerned with Colby right now.  JR says that Colby needs her father.  Colby says that she still has JR and he says that he isn't going anywhere. 

Damon says that Liza is trying to freak him out of town.  Liza says that she wants Damon to leave town, but she didn't make it up.  Damon says that Colby will find out how warped Liza is.  Liza says that Tad got a sample of Damon's DNA and did the test.  Liza says that Tad is Damon's father and suggests that Damon ask Tad.

Madison says that it is a lot of drama over some cash.  Randi says that the cash doesn't belong to Madison.  Madison asks why Randi is being like this.  Randi says that Madison committed a murder and tried to pin it on her.

Amanda calls for Natalia and doesn't get an answer.  Amanda says that she is alone at last and watches some TV.  Janet stands in Amanda's closet with Natalia knocked out on the floor.

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