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All My Children Update Thursday 4/29/10


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Erica tells Jack that Opal is joining her for dinner, but suggests that he should have the crab cakes.  Jack says that his appetites are satisfied.  Erica tells Jack about Amanda's stalker.  Jack asks if they are going to talk about what happened on the yacht.  Erica says that there is no point because it can never happen again.

Madison asks Ryan not to fire her.

Greenlee leaves a message for Madison.  David asks about the message and Greenlee says that Madison has been flaking out.  Greenlee says that Madison decided to take on a second job, but she decided not to bail on Fusion when given an ultimatum.  David asks about Madison's other job and Greenlee says that she wanted to work night shifts at the casino.  David asks if Greenlee made Madison choose because she was going to be working with Ryan.

Paul tells Damon to get his things because they are going home.

Ciro aims a gun at Amanda.  Natalia says that it is fake and Ciro says that it is a prop for Natalia's shoot.  Jesse asks if Ciro thought to put it in a case or label it plastic.  Jake asks if Ciro is the psycho who has been harassing his wife.

Erica tells Jack that the right thing to do is end this now.  Jack agrees with Erica and says that he should run.

Greenlee says that she doesn't make any decisions based on Ryan because he is her past.  Greenlee asks if this is about the other night because she didn't say that she loved him.  David says that she doesn't have to explain.  Greenlee says that she will give all of herself to him, but she needs time.

Madison thanks Ryan and he says that he won't fire her.  Ryan asks if Madison can really handle two jobs and Madison says that it won't happen again.  Ryan says that he respects her for doing what she needs to make ends meet.  Madison realizes that Greenlee has been trying to get in touch with her about a corrected layout.  Ryan tells Madison to go and says that he will reschedule her and make sure she gets the hours she needs.  Madison thanks Ryan.

Paul asks if Colby is the school tramp.  Damon says that Colby Chandler is more important than Paul.  Paul says that it is time to go, but Damon says that he can't leave town because of his probation.  Paul says that when they are back in Ohio, he will write a letter to the judge explaining things.  Colby and Tad try to explain ADHD as a disorder, but Paul says that Damon's only disorder is having a weakness for loose girls. 

Damon steps outside with Paul.  Damon tells Paul to do them all a favor and leave.  Paul says that he has been trying to explain to Hillary what a worthless piece of crap Damon is and maybe now she will get it.  Paul tells Damon to get his stuff so they can go, but Damon says that Paul has no say in his life because he is 18.  Paul says that Damon isn't his son.  Damon goes back inside and

Tad talks to Paul.  Tad asks what is wrong with Paul.  Paul asks if Tad is going to lecture him about being a father.  Paul says that Damon can rot in jail for all he cares.  Paul tells Tad to leave them alone.

Opal says that she is starving.  Erica tells her to order whatever she wants.  Opal says that she will order up a big order of whatever is on Erica's mind.  Erica says that she and Jack spent last night together, but it can't happen again.  Opal says that if Erica throws this away again, she will deserve every ounce of misery she gets.

Jake tells Ciro to stop emailing his wife.  Ciro says that Amanda isn't a star and is just wasting film.  Jesse tells them to shut up and take a break.  Ciro quits and Amanda asks what Jake did.  Jesse says that Ciro will be back, but Amanda says that her career is over.  Amanda gets another email and says that maybe Jake was right about Ciro.  Natalia explains that Amanda's stalker fan has been watching and listening to them through the video camera on her laptop.  Amanda gets a message from her fan.  Jake reads the message which says that "Amandafan" will admire her from afar from now on.

Erica asks Opal where the anger is coming from.  Opal says that it is regret, not anger, because she would give anything for one last day with Palmer.  Erica and Opal talk about Palmer.  Erica says that she had some great times with Jack, but their relationship has run its course.  Opal tells Erica not to come crying to her when she realizes that this is the biggest mistake of her life.  Erica says that she knows what she is doing. 

Tad asks Opal if she has seen Damon.  Opal asks if something is wrong.  Tad says that she has another grandchild because Damon is his son and congratulates her.

Krystal tells Jack that she is almost done.  Krystal says that she will start on the invoices next.  Jack says that he wonders if he is paying Krystal enough.  Krystal says that she is happy to be doing it because it is taking her mind off everything else.  Krystal starts telling Jack about Marissa and Annie being in the Chandler mansion alone now, when Ryan walks in.  Jack tells Ryan that he hired Krystal as his new paralegal.  Krystal says that she has a lot of work to do.  Ryan explains that Madison got evicted.  Ryan says that he is going to pay her rent, but needs to make sure the guy backs off a bit.  Jack says that he will call first thing in the morning.  Ryan thanks Jack and asks him to make sure that Madison doesn't know he took care of it.

Greenlee tells Madison that if she thinks of anything else she will call.  Madison says that she will go pick up the new layouts.  Greenlee asks where Madison has been.  Madison says that she had to run some errands and forgot to turn her phone back on.  Greenlee says that Fusion is at war, so Madison is to never shut her phone off.  Greenlee says that she has to change so she can meet a potential buyer.  David asks Madison who taught her to lie.  David says that it must be hard holding two jobs at once and keeping the truth from Greenlee must be harder.

Natalia says that she is on official bodyguard duty.  Amanda says that everyone can relax because the fan is backing off.  Jake and Natalia explain that the guy might not actually be backing off.  Amanda says that she wants to take Trevor to his checkup, but Jake says that he will do it because he is going to the hospital anyways.  Jake and Trevor leave.

Opal says that they lost Palmer, but now they have Damon.  Tad says that the only problem is that Damon doesn't know yet.  Opal says that Tad just needs to be there for Damon.

Damon and Colby talk about staying on the beach.  Colby asks if Tad will notice a couple of bottles missing.  Colby opens a bottle and toasts to freedom.  Damon says that he isn't supposed to drink while he is on the medication.  Damon thanks Colby for trying to help.  Colby says that their parents should be there for them.  Colby says that she is worried about her dad and Damon says that Adam will be around for a long time.  Colby says that Adam kept everyone together because he was the rock of the family.  Liza shows up and asks what they are doing.

David says that he won't rat Madison out to Greenlee.  Madison says that Greenlee is David's wife and David says that having a strong work ethic isn't a crime, so her secret is safe with him.  Madison thanks Greenlee.  David says that if Greenlee does find out, he will do his best to smooth the waters, as long as Ryan treats Madison right.

Krystal walks Jack through the new system.  Erica shows up and Jack says that Krystal was showing him through the new filing system.  Krystal says that she is clocking out.  Jack thanks Krystal.  Erica says that she showed up because she thought maybe Jack was emotional about them.  Jack says that they had a marvelous time on the yacht, but he has no regrets or expectations and is completely behind Erica's decision to end it.

Amanda says that she is a prisoner in her own home.  Natalia says that nobody knows how long the fan was watching Amanda.  Natalia tells Amanda about Jesse being on the run for 20 years because of one guy and asks Amanda not to make the mistake of thinking that it won't happen to her.

Greenlee goes to ConFusion to pick up her dinner.  Greenlee runs into Ryan and says that a potential buyer cancelled on her.  Greenlee tells Ryan that she is the reason that Madison quit the casino.

Tad thanks Jesse and tells Krystal that he had Jesse send out an unofficial squad car to look for Colby and Damon.  Krystal asks if they are in trouble and Tad says that he doesn't know.  Tad explains what happened with Paul Miller.  Krystal asks if Tad told Paul about Damon's paternity and Tad says that he didn't share the information.  Tad says that the last time Colby and Damon took off, three people ended up in the hospital.

Liza confronts Damon and Colby about drinking in public.  Damon says that he will talk to Colby later and leaves.  Colby asks Liza what her problem is.  Liza says that her problem is finding Colby out there alone with the punk-ass loser.  Colby says that she brought the alcohol, so she is the punk-ass loser.  Liza says that Damon is using Colby and that all he wants is to get Colby into bed.  Colby says that Liza doesn't know what she is talking about.  Liza says that Damon will break Colby's heart, just like his father did to her.

Krystal says that she doesn't want Tad to go through what she went through with Marissa.  Tad says that he is going to tell his son the truth.

Colby asks if Liza knows Damon's dad.  Liza says that she dated his father.  Liza says that Tad is Damon's father.  Damon overhears and leaves.

Greenlee thanks the bartender.  Ryan says that he is very happy with his staff at the casino.  Greenlee asks if Ryan was trying to steal Madison from her.  Ryan says that it had absolutely nothing to do with Greenlee.

David tells someone to dig up everything about Madison.

Erica says that their obstacle has always been Greenlee.  Erica tells Jack that she and Greenlee are in a big battle over Fusion, and that is why they can't do this.

Natalia apologizes for freaking Amanda out.  Amanda says that she would like to be alone.  Natalia suggests that she will go keep an eye out from the squad car.  Amanda thanks Natalia and locks the door behind her.  Amanda sighs loudly and sits on the couch, while someone watches her from the window blinds.

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