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Liza tells Damon that they need to talk, but Damon says that he is all talked out.  Liza tells Damon to stay away from Colby.  Damon says that he will do what he wants, when he wants and that she needs to back off.

Brot tells Natalia that Officer Clausen deserved more than that.  Natalia tells Brot to calm down, but he says that it was the guy who wrote on the pictures and hung them up.  Natalia tells Brot not to let the jerk get him into trouble.  Jesse says that it is too late and asks for Brot's gun and badge.

Scott says that he isn't hung up on Annie anymore.  Colby says that every man in the family seems to have a huge weak spot for her.  Scott says that he just did Annie a huge favor by letting her stay there and he expects her to be grateful.  Scott says that Annie understands that she has to keep her mouth shut about what happened with JR, or she will go down hard.  Colby says that Annie will hurt whoever she can if they get in her way, but Scott says that it better not include Marissa because she is the only innocent one.

JR asks what Annie plans to gain from this.  Annie says that she wants her life back to start with.  JR says that nobody wants Annie there, but she says that she has heard that her whole life.  Annie says that Adam abandoned her, so as long as she is living in the mansion, she has a good chance of getting the place.

Jake reads the note saying that Amanda's fan stole her ring.  Amanda asks what they are going to do and Jake says that she may need to quit because her safety has to come first.  Amanda says that she won't give in because she just started this job.  Jake says that they need to go to the police then.

Brot confronts Jesse.  Jesse says that Brot got caught clocking someone in a police station, so he has no choice.  Jesse tells Brot that he is suspended.  Angie asks if Natalia is okay and Natalia says that she has to go find Brot.

Tad asks what is going on.  Liza says that she was just expressing her disapproval about Damon kissing Colby.  Liza says that she will let Tad deal with it and walks away.  Tad asks about Damon's session.  Damon says that he isn't going back because nothing happened. 

Scott and Colby talk about JR's position at Chandler Enterprises.  Colby says that JR will step up, but Scott says that JR has to do it soon.

JR says that he won't let Annie get him back into bed.  Annie says that it was a two-way street, but JR says that she ran him over in the cross-walk.  Annie tells JR to admit that it was the best sex he ever had.  JR says that it was a mistake and will never happen again.  Annie says that she could blackmail JR back into her bed, but won't because he will come back willingly.

Colby says that she was supposed to meet Damon for their tutoring session, but she feels like she should stick around.  Scott says that Colby should go because she doesn't need to be dealing with anymore fallout from the family drama.  Scott says that Colby doesn't need any more damage from her older but wiser relatives.  Colby says that she is going to miss her dad and Scott says that he is there if she needs him.  Colby leaves.  Annie comes in and thanks Scott for being so compassionate.

Natalia catches up to Brot.  Natalia says that she feels terrible about what happened and offers to call Jesse, but Brot tells her not to.  Brot tells Natalia to leave it alone.  Natalia says that she has never seen Brot this mad and Brot says that Natalia has no idea how angry he can be.  Natalia asks if this is about Iraq.

Amanda and Jake talk about her fan.  Jake says that the fan somehow got into the Fusion changing room and stole her ring.  Jake asks if this happens to everyone who is becoming famous.  Jesse says that you can't be too careful and that they have the perfect defense in place.  Jake asks Jesse what the perfect defense is.  Jesse says that Natalia is working at Fusion, so they could use her as Amanda's bodyguard.  Jake tells Jesse that Amanda has a fan club and suggests that they set up a meeting for the fans.  Jesse agrees that it is a good idea and asks Amanda if she is okay with it.  Amanda says that she is in.

Tad leaves another message for Hillary saying it is important.  Tad tells Angie that he has left 10 messages.  Angie says that maybe Damon's parents just don't care.  Tad gets a message saying that Hillary is coming to Pine Valley to see Damon.

Colby explains multiplying fractions to Damon.  Colby says that the medication must be working because Damon is starting to pay attention, but Damon says that he doesn't need medication to pay attention to Colby because she is beautiful. 

Annie says that she was thanking Scott for being so kind to her and says that Scott and Marissa being nice to her means a lot after everything she has been through.  Marissa says that everyone in the family needs a breather.  Annie offers to pick AJ and Emma up and take them to a play date, so that Marissa can have a break.  Marissa thanks Annie, but says that AJ already has a play date arranged. 

Marissa asks JR if they can talk.  JR asks if AJ really has a play date and Marissa says that she is going to set one up.  Marissa says that she feels bad for Annie, but doesn't think that she is emotionally stable enough to be looking after AJ and Emma by herself. 

Annie tells Scott that the hug was just to show how grateful she is.  Scott says that Annie doesn't have to show her gratitude.

Natalia says that Iraq has to be hard to talk about, but Brot suggests that they shouldn't even talk about it.  Natalia says that she is concerned about her partner because she is half the reason he lost it at the station.  Natalia says that she appreciates Brot looking out for her like that and her phone goes off.  Natalia says that Jesse texted her about a new assignment.  Brot says that Natalia should go.

Jesse says that "Amandafan" is attending the event.

Angie asks why she wasn't informed of the board meeting.  Liza talks with someone about the board meeting.  Angie asks Liza what is going on and Liza says that they have strict confidentiality rules about what happens in a closed session.  Angie says that she will find out sooner or later because she is chief of staff.  Angie says that it better not involve David.

Colby reads a math problem to Damon and he starts asking questions about it.  Damon says that the questions are just normal stuff that goes on in his head most of the time.  Colby says that she wishes she could get into his head for a day to see what it is like.  Colby switches to another math problem about inheriting eye color.  Damon interrupts and says that if ADHD is inherited, Stuart's whole life could be messed up because of him.  Colby says that they will get all the information and find out for sure.

Tad shows up at the room where he is supposed to meet Hillary and finds Paul Miller, Damon's father.  Tad asks about Hillary and Paul says that she is still in Ohio.  Paul tells Tad to stop harassing Hillary.  Tad says that he just wants to talk to her about Damon.  Paul asks what Tad needs to talk to Hillary about.  Tad says that he had to assume legal responsibility for Damon while he's on probation.  Paul says that he doesn't know what makes Tad think he could assume a parental role with his son.  Tad says that Paul wasn't cutting it in the parenting department.

Damon tells Colby that he wrote her a song, as a thank-you.  Colby says that nobody has ever done anything like that for her before.  Damon tells her the words to her song.

Annie asks why the family is always so mean to her.  Scott reminds her that she has been manipulating everyone.  Scott says that he has had compassion for Annie, otherwise he wouldn't have confessed to the affair.  Annie thanks Scott and says that she hopes they can be friends again.  Scott says that he stepped up to protect Marissa and to keep the family from imploding.

Marissa asks JR if he thinks less of her for lying to Annie.  JR says that telling a lie to save someone from being hurt isn't such a bad thing and that Marissa is the kindest, most moral person he knows.  Marissa asks what happened to Brooke.  Marissa says that Brooke always has a strong ethic, so why would she run away with a married man.  JR says that Brooke loves Adam.  Marissa says that it just doesn't sound like Brooke and that there is something off about the whole situation.

Angie asks if David retained Liza to help him get the chief of staff position back.  Liza says that Angie has gotten herself worked up over a non-issue.  Angie asks if she was excluded from the board meeting because David wants to be chief of staff again.  Liza says that isn't what David is doing and walks away.

Tad says that he hates to think of what would have happened to Damon if he hadn't been there, since Paul and Hillary were on an extended trip to Europe.  Paul says that they cut the trip short because of Tad's harassment.  Tad says that he was trying to update them on their kid.  Tad suggests that Damon was having trouble because his parents weren't there for him when he needed them.  Paul says that Tad has no idea what he and Hillary have been through with Damon.  Tad says that he thought Hillary should know that her son was diagnosed with ADHD, so maybe the past wasn't his fault.  Paul asks where Damon is and says that he wants to see him.  Tad says that he will take Paul to see Damon, but he has to be there the whole time.

Damon finishes the song for Colby and says that it is a work in progress.  Colby says that it was a beautiful song.  Damon tells Colby that he can always listen to her problems if she needs him to.  Colby says that Adam is gone and she doesn't like being at the mansion anymore.  Damon says that Colby should come over there, if she doesn't want to be at the mansion.  Colby and Damon kiss.

Marissa asks if JR thinks that Scott and Annie had an affair, or if Adam blew their flirtation out of proportion.  JR says that Scott is an honest guy.  Marissa says that Scott letting Annie stay there must have been a huge sacrifice.  JR says that Marissa is the most generous person around and he didn't want to move back into the mansion because he was afraid of what could happen to them.  Marissa says that she isn't afraid and they share a kiss.

Jesse tells Natalia that as soon as they get the Amandafan person, she will be pulled from bodyguard duty.  Natalia asks Jesse about Brot's suspension.  Jesse says that it is in IA's hands, but Natalia says that Jesse could mention the extenuating circumstances.  Jake shows up and says that he won't rest until he sees Amanda's fan dragged off in handcuffs.  Jesse tells Jake to stay out of the way because the people will start showing up any minute.

Tad says that if Paul gave Damon the benefit of the doubt, it might improve their relationship.  Paul says that he doesn't need a lesson in childrearing practices from Tad.  They walk in on Damon and Colby kissing.  Paul goes off on Damon for seducing more young girls and Damon introduces Colby to his dad.

Marissa says that their love is too strong to let family fights hurt them.  JR says that their love is what helped him survive his cancer and Marissa says that they can make it through anything if they stick together.  Marissa and JR start to get horizontal and Annie walks into their bedroom.

Jake asks Amanda what she is doing there and Jesse says that it wasn't part of the plan.  Amanda says that her fans would be disappointed if she didn't show up, but Natalia says that the fans would be more disappointed if she got hurt.  Amanda says that there is a lot of police protection and she slipped in without anyone recognizing her.  Jake tells Amanda that they are going home, but she says that she won't let fear run her life.  A woman shows up and says that she is first.  Natalia tells the lady to have a seat in the lobby.  Natalia asks if there are more people waiting and the woman says that there are a few in the lobby.  Jesse tells the person at the door not to let anyone up.  The elevator doors open and someone enters.

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