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Brot gets into an argument with Officer Clausen about pictures of Natalia being posted at the station.  Jesse asks Brot what is going on.  Brot says that he has it under control, but Jesse asks about the papers.

Randi and Amanda look through pictures from the shoot and talk about which ones they like.  Madison says that Natalia's shots were great too and that Ciro is an incredible photographer.  Randi says that it's good that Ciro is so fast because the deadline for the launch is coming up.  Jake walks in.  Randi asks if Jake and Amanda can get a room.  Jake says that it is a great idea and asks Amanda to come downstairs with him because he has a surprise for her.  Amanda and Jake leave.

Colby shows up at Tad's looking for Krystal.  Damon says that Tad and Krystal took the kids out for breakfast.  Damon and Colby talk about their lives.

Annie tells JR that he needs to accept that she outplayed him, but JR says that it isn't over yet.  Annie says that Adam is on an indefinite retreat with Brooke.  JR says that he wants Annie out of the house, but Annie says that unless JR wants Marissa to know what really happened, he needs to lose his attitude.  Liza walks in and hands Annie a divorce petition from Adam.  Liza says that Adam wants this done quickly, so Annie needs to read it immediately.  Annie says that Liza was her lawyer, but Liza says that they don't have anything active right now, so it's fine.  JR asks about the papers.  Liza says that Adam is giving Annie a chance to end this relatively painlessly and out of court.  Liza says that she is authorized to give Annie a very generous settlement if she doesn't hire a lawyer, but if Annie hires a lawyer it will go to court.  Liza says that the courts don't look favorably on a young woman who is being sued for divorce by her older husband when the split is due to infidelity.  Marissa walks in and asks Annie about the infidelity.

Damon says that everyone knows about his downhill life and asks about Colby's problems.  Colby says that Adam left town for a long time with his ex-wife Brooke.  Colby says that she is happy for Adam, but is going to miss him and asks what Damon is so bummed about.  Damon says that he is ticked off because his arm is still out of commission, but Colby asks what the real problem is.  Damon says that he is allowed to stay on probation because he has been diagnosed with ADHD.

Jake tells Amanda to close her eyes and she says that it better not be embarrassing.  Amanda gets a call and tells Jake that she has to check her tweets and give Randi her opinions.  Jake asks about it and Amanda says that Randi is going to tweet for her about her favorite products. 

Jesse demands answers.  Officer Clausen says that someone was playing a joke on Natalia, but Jesse reminds him that she is his daughter.  Brot says that he tried to take all the pictures down before Jesse saw them.  Jesse asks where the pictures came from and Brot says that they were part of Natalia's Fusion photo shoot.  Brot says that they were taped up all around the building.  Jesse asks if Brot got them all and Brot says that he thinks he did.  Natalia says that she wants whoever did it to be fired and then locked in a room with her.  Jesse says that he would have to fire her too.

Jake says that all he is getting from the tweet is that Amanda is upset about losing her wedding ring.  Amanda says that it wasn't supposed to be about personal stuff and that it was supposed to be all about Fusion.  Jake says that it will be all right and they will talk to Randi about it.  Jake says that he got Amanda a new ring.

Damon says that he has a disease that needs an abbreviation and a shrink that he has to talk to.  Colby says that it isn't a disease and that it is a problem with a solution that he can fix.  Colby asks what they have done to help so far.  Damon says that he is supposed to start taking some pills and has a counseling session scheduled for this morning.  Colby says that if Damon follows what the doctors say, his whole life will change.  Damon says that it won't hurt having Colby on his side.

Marissa asks Liza if Annie had an affair.  Liza says that according to Adam, Annie had an affair, but he wants everything done quick and clean for everyone involved, including Emma.  Liza says that Adam didn't name the person Annie supposedly had an affair with, but if it goes to court, the person's name will come out.  Marissa confronts Annie with the infidelity.  Scott announces that he is to blame.

Amanda apologizes to Jake for losing her original wedding ring.  Amanda says that she has to go back to work, but Jake says that he was thinking about going home for a little snack.  Amanda agrees.

Colby says that Damon has a lot of potential, but doesn't realize that yet because it is probably too soon for the pills to take effect.  Damon says that he hasn't taken any of the pills yet because he has been busy.  Colby says that he will never find out of the pills work if he doesn't take them.  Colby asks how Damon is getting to his appointment and he says that he is taking the bus.  Colby offers to drive Damon to the appointment.  Damon takes a pill and says that it made him feel strange.  Damon coughs and says that he needs to eat brains.

Jesse asks Natalia what she was thinking.  Natalia reminds Jesse that it was his idea for her to go undercover as a model.  Natalia says that modeling has paid off a couple of bills and she enjoys it.  Natalia asks what is going to happen to the guy who posted the pictures.  Jesse says that Brot is trying to get answers and asks Natalia how this will impact her job there.  Natalia says that she checked with a lawyer first and found out as long as she wasn't in uniform, she can't be fired.  Jesse tells Natalia that decisions like this can cost her the career she wants.  Jesse says that he is calling Greenlee to have the pictures pulled, but Natalia says that he can't do that.  Angie walks in and asks what is going on.  Angie asks where the picture was taken.  Natalia says that it was a photo shoot for Fusion and Angie says that it is gorgeous.

Scott says that Adam was convinced that he was having an affair with Annie, but he wasn't.  Marissa asks why Adam would think that.  Scott says that Adam found a video recording of them kissing and drew the conclusion, but that kissing was as far as it went.  Marissa says that she can't wrap her head around it right now and leaves.  Liza tells Annie that this is the best offer she will get from Adam.

Scott tells JR that he just lied for Marissa, AJ and Emma because there is no need to put them through any more hell.  Annie asks if Scott knows everything and Scott says that he does.  JR says that everything he did, he did for Adam.  Scott says that Adam did everyone a favor by not naming JR in the suit, so Annie needs to accept the deal and not make anymore waves.  Annie says that she will have to see what the offer is and leaves.  JR thanks Scott.  Scott tells JR that Annie isn't leaving the house.

Angie says that she wants a glossy copy of one of the pictures.  Jesse asks what Angie is doing.  Natalia says that it won't be a problem.  Angie says that Jesse will make sure the idiot is punished and says that Natalia is beautiful.  Angie asks Natalia to go back to work, so she and Jesse can talk.  Angie and Jesse talk about the pictures.  Jesse asks if Angie would be calm if it were Cassandra in the pictures.  Angie says that Cassandra had a picture done wearing less than that.

Colby tells Damon that he has nothing to be nervous about.  Damon says that whenever he is in the hospital, he has an urge to grab a mop and start cleaning the floor.  Damon thanks Colby for the ride and the pep talk.  Colby reminds Damon that she offered to help him study for his GED.  Damon thanks her.  Colby wishes Damon luck and he kisses her.

Jake tells Amanda to check her phone.  Amanda asks if Jake has to tweet her now.  Jake asks Amanda to make sure it is working.  Amanda says that she hopes Jake set his privacy settings, but he says that he isn't sure how to do that.  Jake says that he is just telling his wife what he wants to do to her.  Jake asks if Amanda wants to tweet him.  Jake and Amanda make love.

Liza asks Colby how she is doing.  Colby says that she is okay and that she is glad Adam is doing something that makes him happy.  Liza says that Adam hired her to represent him in the divorce, so she is going to put Annie away quietly and quickly.  Liza asks what Colby was doing with Damon.  Colby says that she was dropping a friend off for an appointment.  Liza tells Colby not to get too involved with Damon, but Colby says that she will get exactly as involved as she wants.  Colby asks if Liza is the right person to be lecturing her on successful relationships.

Randi asks where Amanda has been.  Amanda says that she has been to heaven and back.  Randi says that Amanda found her ring, but Amanda says that Jake got her a new one.  Madison says that Jake has nice taste in jewelry and Jake thanks her.  Madison tells Amanda that a package came for her.  Amanda tells Jake to look at the return address.

Annie apologizes to Marissa for not being completely open about Adam's suspicions.  Marissa asks if what Scott said was true and Annie says that all they did was kiss, but Adam never really trusted her again.  Annie says that she appreciates Marissa's support and hopes that Marissa can forgive her for not being completely honest.  Marissa says that Annie and Emma are still welcome to stay for now.

Scott tells JR that Annie is a loose cannon and nobody knows what she will do if they don't keep an eye on her.  JR asks about Scott's interest in the situation.  Scott says that he doesn't want anyone else to get hurt by this.  JR says that when things settle down, they can ease Annie out of the house gently.  Scott says that JR better make sure he and Marissa are in a good place before that happens.  JR asks if Scott thinks that Marissa suspects the truth.  Scott says that he doesn't think Marissa suspects that JR slept with Annie, yet.  JR says that this isn't turning out the way he saw it.

Amanda tells Jake to open the package.  Jake reads the note saying that Amanda's fan stole her wedding ring.

Angie and Jesse talk about Natalia's pictures.  Angie tells Jesse to let Natalia push the boundaries a little because she won't go too far.  Natalia tries to talk to Brot, but Brot yells at Officer Clausen.

Scott tells Colby that Annie has been served the divorce petition.  Scott says that he tried talking JR into letting Annie stay at the mansion for a while because he wants to protect Marissa from the toxic reality that has been going on behind her back.  Colby asks if Scott wants Annie to stay because of his feelings for her, but Scott says that has nothing to do with it.

Annie tells JR that he lives a charmed life because he keeps getting lucky.  JR says that maybe Annie needs to find some luck of her own by taking Adam's offer because it is the best she will get.  Annie says that JR needs to think of something better.

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