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All My Children Update Monday 4/26/10


Written by Mandy
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Jake apologizes to Amanda for being late and asks why she isn't wearing her wedding ring.  Amanda tells Jake that she went upstairs after the shoot was cancelled and looked everywhere, but her ring was gone.

Annie says that she is going to stay as long as she wants and if JR doesn't let her, she will tell Marissa everything.  JR says that he was working Annie, but Annie says that JR wanted her.  JR says that Annie can threaten to tell Marissa everything, but it won't stop him from kicking her to the curb.  Annie tells JR that it isn't a joke and that he could lose everything.  JR says that Annie needs to think before she blackmails someone because it is Adam's house and he will decide who stays and who goes.

Madison tells Ryan that he is looking at his new cocktail waitress.  Ryan asks when Madison starts and she says that her first shift is in a few hours.  Madison says that she needs to get home and change, but Ryan says that he isn't done with her yet.

David says that he never expected the marriage to be more than an understanding between friends, but tells Greenlee that he is in love with her.  Greenlee apologizes for waiting so long to make their marriage real, but says that she needs a some time to be able to give David her heart.  David says that he just wanted Greenlee to know how he feels, but that he understands that she isn't there yet.

Ryan tells Madison that customers tend to get a little friendly with the wait staff and that sometimes they take their losses out on them too.  Madison says that being yelled at is nothing new for her because her father was either hitting her or putting her down and she survived.  Ryan says that he would like Madison to do more than just survive.  Madison says that the customers can pitch a fit and she will smile and bring them another drink, or call the bouncer and have them escorted out to the pool to cool off.

Amanda says that she can't believe she lost her wedding ring and apologizes to Jake for taking it off for the shoot.  Jake tells Amanda to relax.  Amanda says that the ring was a promise that they would always be a family and it was supposed to be on her hand forever.  Jake says that the ring was a symbol of their love and nothing will get in the way of their feelings toward each other.  Amanda says that she liked looking down at her ring and thinking of Jake when she couldn't be with him.  Natalia walks in and says that she can come back, but Amanda says that they have to celebrate Natalia doing a kick-ass job at the photo shoot.  Amanda asks Natalia if Brot is coming to celebrate, but Natalia says that she didn't invite him.  Natalia says that Ciro might be stopping by if he gets done with his other shoot in time.  Amanda gets another poem from her fan and Jake reads it aloud.

Annie tells JR that he better come up with a way to convince Adam to let her stay in the mansion, or JR will be meeting with a divorce lawyer too.  JR reminds Annie that Adam caught them in bed together.  Annie suggests that maybe Marissa can talk to Adam then.  JR tells Annie that Adam would tell Marissa what he walked in on.  Annie says that she isn't leaving, but JR says that it is inevitable.  JR offers Annie enough money to buy a new home or build one, but Annie says that she isn't letting JR ship her away. 

Amanda says that she never should have responded to the email because it only encouraged the guy.  Amanda says that the fan now has her personal email.  Natalia says that now the account is closed, so whatever he sends will bounce back.  Jake asks if they can track the guy and Natalia says that she is trying to trace the IP address to get a general location.  Jake asks Amanda if there was a reason she wasn't telling him about the fan's obsession.  Amanda says that she didn't want Jake to try to get her to quit her job.  Amanda says that she is going to freshen up before Ciro gets there.  Natalia tells Jake that she got something, but he won't like it.

JR says that this is Annie's chance for a fresh start, but she says that she likes the life she already has.  Emma comes running in and says that she heard fighting.  Annie says that Emma must have been sleeping and that she should go back upstairs.  Emma says that she is scared and asks Annie to go with her.  Annie tells JR that he needs to come up with a solution that will be good for everyone and takes Emma upstairs.  Annie tells Emma a bedtime story about "Queen Annabelle and Princess Emmaline" having to leave the castle without the king.  Emma asks if Annie is crying.

Marissa asks JR if he took a drink.  JR says that he thought about it, but Brooke cleared all the alcohol out of the house after Adam's last scare.  Marissa tells JR that she wants to help, but JR has to talk to her.  JR says that he screwed everything up.

Annie says that it has been a hard day because Adam decided that he didn't want them to be married anymore.  Emma asks if they have to go find a new kingdom too.  Annie says that they do and that it will be an exciting new adventure.

JR tells Marissa that there is something he should have told her a long time ago, but didn't want to hurt her.  Marissa tells JR that they can get through it together, no matter what it is.  JR says that all he has wanted to do was spend the rest of his life with Marissa and AJ, but Marissa cuts him off and asks if JR's test results came back bad.  Marissa hugs JR.

Greenlee wakes up and finds a note from David saying that he had to deal with something.

David sits drinking in the park.  Liza walks up and asks if there are problems in Paradise already.

Madison asks if Ryan has anything else he wants to cover before her shift starts.  Madison gets a call and says that she will be right there.  Ryan asks if something is wrong.

Natalia says that the guy doesn't want them to know where he is and that changing Amanda's email address might not be enough to stop the guy.  Amanda comes back and asks what is going on.  Jake says that Natalia can't find anything on the guy, but the guy can't find anything on Amanda anymore either. 

JR tells Marissa that he hasn't gotten his results back yet.  Marissa asks why JR is upset if he didn't get bad results.  Colby comes in and slams the door.  JR asks what is wrong and Colby says that Adam is gone.

Madison tells Ryan that she will be back in time for her shift to start.  Ryan says that Madison sounded upset on the phone.  Madison apologizes and says that she can't afford to lose her day job and has to go.

Jake, Amanda and Natalia talk about the show "Charlie's Angels" and Ciro walks in.  Ciro says that he had his assistant put some of Natalia's pictures on his phone and asks if she wants to see them.  Natalia and Ciro go to look at the pictures.  Jake and Amanda talk about her fan and Ciro.  Jake offers to go upstairs and look for Amanda's wedding ring.  Jake leaves.  Amanda checks her phone and is relieved to see that she has no new messages.

Liza reminds David that she saved him from a prison cell and David says that Liza had her own reasons and a rather large paycheck.  David tells Liza to let it go.  Liza asks what David's problem is and says that he must have had it really bad.

Colby tells JR and Marissa that Adam took off with Brooke.  JR asks if Adam said when he was going to be back.  Colby says that Adam made it clear that he wouldn't be back anytime soon because he was in no rush to come home.  Marissa says that she can't believe Adam left Annie like he did after everything she did.  Colby goes to find Scott to let him know what has happened.  JR tells Marissa that he has been lying to her because he has been trying to get Annie out of the house and never backed off.  Marissa says that Colby needs support right now and asks if they can talk about it later.

Greenlee asks Jake if he is stealing samples or company secrets.  Jake says that he was trying to break into Amanda's email because of this crazed fan.  Greenlee brings up Amanda's email and says that Jake still needs the password.  Jake asks what Greenlee is doing there so late.  Greenlee says that she has work to do.  Jake tries to get Greenlee to admit that she doesn't love David.  Greenlee tells Jake to get out before she calls security to report a break in.  Jake says that Greenlee is his friend and that he will help her when she decides to leave her husband.

Liza and David talk about wanting someone who doesn't want you.  David says that he would never hurt Greenlee.  Liza says that it is a good thing because she doesn't have room in her schedule to defend him.  David asks why everyone thinks that Ryan is a better man, when they have done basically the same things.  David says that Ryan won't be through with Greenlee until he gets her.

Madison shows up at Fusion and says that she forgot her phone, but wanted to get it before work.  Greenlee says that there isn't anything scheduled and Madison says that she got a night job to make some extra money, but it isn't a conflict of interest.  Madison says that she is a cocktail waitress at the casino and that her first shift is tonight, but Greenlee says that Madison needs to choose because she can't do both.

Jake apologizes for not being able to find Amanda's wedding ring.  Jake suggests that Amanda should go help Natalia out for a minute because she looks uncomfortable.  Amanda asks what is going on and Ciro says that they are just looking at some photos.  Natalia asks Jake what is going on.  Jake says that Amanda's fan has sent over 30 emails, 5 of which have been since the personal email was closed.  Natalia says that it sounds like a borderline obsession.  Jake says that the last time someone was fixated on the women of Fusion, people died.  Jake asks Natalia to help him keep the fan away from Amanda.

Amandafan does a search and finds Amanda's new personal email address.

JR tells Colby that Adam needs some time to relax, so they shouldn't worry.  Colby says that JR wasn't concerned about Adam's heart when he jumped back in bed with Annie.  JR says that it was a mistake, but at least Adam knows the truth now.  Colby says that JR didn't have to sleep with Annie and JR says that he didn't realize how hurt Adam would be.  Colby asks how JR managed to keep Marissa from finding out.  JR says that Adam never had a chance to tell her, but Annie still could.  Colby asks why JR hasn't kicked Annie out and JR says that Annie played the pity card and Marissa agreed to let her stay the night, but that Annie wants to stay longer.

Annie thanks Marissa for letting her and Emma stay.  Marissa asks how Annie is holding up.  Annie says that she is surprised that Adam hasn't gotten security to kick her and Emma out yet.  Marissa says that Adam left town with Brooke and nobody knows when he will be back.  Marissa tells Annie that she will help in any way she can.  Annie smiles as JR watches Marissa hug her.

Greenlee gets home and realizes David isn't there.

Madison tells Ryan that everything is fine at Fusion and she is ready to work.  Madison asks where she is supposed to clock in.  David watches Ryan from the doorway.

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