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Jack tells Erica that he is arranging the reading of Palmer's will.  Erica asks how Opal is doing and Jack says that Opal was moved by how everyone came together for Palmer's tribute.  Jack says that Opal is going to have a quiet dinner with Daisy and Nina and asks if Erica is ready for theirs.  Erica asks Jack if he minds going with her to check out a yacht for a Fusion photo shoot and says that she has to make sure it has the right romantic glamorous ambience.  Greenlee offers them her salad and says that she lost her appetite.

Ryan asks David about being banned from practicing medicine.  David says that he is going to double up.  The dealer informs David of the table's limit, but Ryan says that they can make an exception.

Adam says that Brooke could be anywhere.  Colby says that they can ask around because someone must know where Brooke went.  Adam says that he wants to see Brooke and there is no time to waste.

The pilot informs Brooke that they are headed to Paris and she says that it is perfect.

Annie tells JR not to come at her with threats because she already lost her marriage because of him.  JR asks if Annie is going to kill him.  Annie asks what she is going to do.

Jack asks Erica to wait a few minutes, so he can have a talk with Greenlee.  Erica agrees and says that she has a few calls to make.  Jack tells Greenlee that he wants his daughter back, but he is going to be spending more time with Erica.  Jack says that they need to figure things out so they can coexist peacefully.  Greenlee suggests that they could stop seeing each other, but Jack says that it isn't going to happen.  Jack suggests that when things get tense, they should go do something fun and Greenlee agrees.

Erica calls Opal and says that she wanted to check in, but will call back later.  Adam shows up and tells her to bring Brooke back.  Adam asks Erica to call the pilot and ask him to turn around and Erica agrees.  Adam thanks Erica and says that he will never forget this.

The pilot asks Brooke to fasten her seatbelt because they will be landing soon.  Brooke asks if everything is okay and tells the pilot that she has survived a plane crash.  The pilot apologizes and says that they need to make a quick unscheduled stop.  Brooke agrees to the stop.

Annie says that this can't be happening because what she and Adam had was real.  JR tells Annie that she needs to stop because Adam doesn't deserve this.  Annie says that she didn't deserve to watch her husband fall in love with his ex-wife and that happened before she thought about cheating on Adam.  JR reminds Annie that she and Scott couldn't keep their hands off each other.  Annie says that Adam abandoned her, but that is nothing compared to what JR did to her.  Annie says that she wishes she could take her bone marrow donation back, but JR tells her that it is too late.  Annie says that JR owes her everything.

Adam tells Colby that Brooke is on her way back and is in for the surprise of her life.  Colby and Adam laugh.

Erica, Jack and Claude talk about the yacht.  Claude tells Erica that she should be the model and Jack agrees.  Erica says that the yacht is exactly what she had in mind.  Jack and Claude go to discuss the agreement.  Erica tells Jack she is ready to go, but Jack says that they aren't going anywhere.

Ryan asks David where he is headed.  David says that he is finding a table with a higher limit and more privacy.  Ryan tells David to stay and bet as much as he wants because Ryan will make sure the house knows that David's checks are good.  Ryan offers to let David borrow from the house.  Greenlee walks in and says that she was looking for David because he wasn't answering his phone.  David says that he turned his phone off so he could concentrate.  Greenlee asks when David got into playing cards and David says that he is going to buy controlling interest of Pine Valley Hospital.  David says that he is there to try to get some extra cash.  Greenlee asks how David's luck is and he says that he is down about $50,000.  Greenlee offers to help him buy the shares, so he can stop giving money to Ryan.

Annie says that she and JR had a close moment in DC and that they helped each other turn their lives around.  Annie says that what they have is powerful, but JR says that what they have is over.  Annie says that JR really let Adam and Marissa down.  JR tells Annie to shut up.  Annie says that JR is only upset at himself because he still wants her.

Colby asks Adam if he is okay about Annie and JR.  Adam says that he is dealing with the future, not the past.  Colby reminds Adam that David told him to get rid of the stress in his life, sit under a palm tree and relax.  Adam says that he isn't sure where Brooke is headed, but he is going to try to get her to take him along and they could be gone for a very long time.  Colby says that she wants this for Adam.  Adam says that he is going to miss Colby, but she is always welcome, no matter where he is.  Adam tells Colby that Brooke's plane just landed.  Colby tells Adam to go be happy.  Adam tells Colby to remember that he will always love her.  Brooke gets off the plane and is surprised to see Adam.

David thanks Greenlee for offering to invest in the hospital and pulling him away from the blackjack table.  Greenlee says that they make a good team and asks for a huge favor.  David says that she can ask for anything, but she tells him to wait to say that until he hears what the favor is.

Ryan says that he is surprised to see Madison.  They talk about her former gambling problem.  Madison says that her late husband left her with a mountain of credit card debt and was hoping she could moonlight for him to supplement her Fusion income.  Ryan asks if someone who had a serious gambling problem should be working at the casino.

Adam tells Brooke that he had Erica get the plane turned around.  Brooke tells Adam that they have already been through this, but Adam says that he wants to keep Brooke update on what has changed.  Adam says that they denied their feelings because he was married, but his marriage is over now.

JR apologizes for hurting Annie, but says that she needs to move on and accept reality.  Annie says that she isn't leaving and won't be treated like a piece of garbage.  Marissa walks in and asks what is going on.  JR tells Marissa that Annie is upset because Adam left her for Brooke.  Marissa apologizes to Annie.  Annie says that JR wants her and Emma to move out of the mansion, but Marissa says that it isn't right.

Brooke reminds Adam that they agreed that he wouldn't leave Annie for her.  Adam says that he didn't and informs Brooke that he caught JR and Annie in bed together.  Brooke asks if Adam is okay.  Adam says that he was shocked and appalled, but they opened his eyes to what was really important.

Jack tells Erica that the yacht is theirs for the night.  Claude says that they need to toast their partnership and suggests champagne.  Jack asks if they could use sparkling cider instead and Claude goes to get it.  Jack and Erica talk about the memories being on the yacht bring back.

Madison says that the casino might be the perfect place for her to work because this way, she can learn to deal with the temptation.  Ryan reminds Madison that Fusion has everyone working overtime and asks when she would sleep.  Madison says that she would rather be working than dealing with creditors.  Ryan hires Madison.

Greenlee asks David to keep Jake and Angie on board at the hospital after he takes over.  David says that she drives a hard bargain, but agrees.

Marissa reminds JR that Annie is the reason he got a second chance at life and says that JR should at least give Annie a chance to figure things out.  JR agrees and Annie thanks Marissa.  Annie says that when she sees Emma, she will fall apart.  Marissa offers to pick AJ and Emma up from Tad's and tuck them in, so that Annie can have some time to think.  Marissa says that Annie is welcome to stay until she figures out where to go from there.  Annie asks Marissa to give Emma a kiss for her.

Brooke says that it might not be the best time for Adam to make this sort of impulsive decision because she doesn't want him to be stressed.  Adam says that having Brooke near him has made him calmer.  Brooke tells Adam that they can't do it, but he tells her that he is leaving Annie and will never stop loving Brooke.

Erica and Jack tell Yvette that they were remembering something funny.  Erica and Jack continue to reminisce.  Claude says that he and Yvette will leave Jack and Erica to enjoy their evening.

David and Greenlee talk about running Pine Valley and share a kiss.  David reminds Greenlee that they have been there before, but always put on the brakes.  Greenlee says that she isn't in the mood to talk.  David says that he just wants to make sure that Greenlee is absolutely certain about this.  Greenlee says that they need more than just a partnership in their marriage and that she wants him.  Greenlee and David kiss.

Erica and Jack talk about everything that has happened in the last few months.  Erica tells Jack that apparently Brooke and Adam are back together!  Jack and Erica talk about Adam and Brooke belonging together. 

Greenlee and David remove their clothes and kiss in front of the fireplace.

JR says that working his wife isn't the way for Annie to prove that she is for real.  Annie says that she belongs in the mansion as much or more than JR does.  JR tells Annie that she doesn't have a life there anymore because her marriage is over and his will be if Annie doesn't leave.  JR says that Marissa can't keep walking in on them fighting because he can't keep coming up with lame excuses.  JR tells Annie that tomorrow, she is moving out and he will book her a hotel room.  JR says that he is going to find his father, but Annie tells him that she isn't going anywhere and that if he doesn't let her stay, she will tell Marissa everything.

Brooke says that Adam is the most relentless person she has ever met.  Adam asks Brooke where she was taking the jet to.  Brooke says that she let the pilot decide the destination and he chose Paris.  Brooke and Adam talk about when he flew to Europe to see her, when she was coming back the next day.  Adam says that someone keeps saying he needs to find a palm tree to relax under and Brooke says that he does need the palm tree.  Adam asks if they should find a palm tree or go to Paris.  Brooke suggests that they do both and Adam agrees.  Brooke says that they need to get out of the park and Adam says that they might get arrested.

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