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Brot tells Natalia to slow down, but she says that she is late for her shoot.  Brot suggests that Natalia is doing this photo shoot to prove her point about going undercover as a model and asks if he is wrong.  Natalia says that he has no idea how wrong he is.

Angie asks Damon if he needs help, but he says that he can handle it.  Angie asks Damon if Tad is picking him up.  Damon says that he is meeting Tad at the courthouse.  Angie tells Damon that she got his evaluation from the staff psychiatrist.

Tad tells Jesse that he got Damon's diagnosis.  Brooke shows up and gives Tad her letter for Damon.  Tad asks if Brooke would consider presenting it in court, but Brooke says that she has plans.  Brooke drops a flight schedule and Tad asks where Brooke is going.  Brooke asks Tad to suggest a destination for her.

Annie tells JR that he is sick.  Adam asks what is going on.  Annie tells JR to get off her and says that JR came on to her.  JR says that he can explain.  Annie tries to explain that JR has been like this since the transplant because he wants what Adam has.  Adam says that he has heard enough and it is making him sick.  Annie says that JR wouldn't listen to her, so she set this up.  Adam asks if Annie has ever considered him a fool and Annie denies it.  Adam asks why Annie is trying to shove the story down his throat.  Annie says that it is the truth, not a story.  Adam tells Annie to get out because he wants to talk to JR.

Jesse tells Tad that he will take Damon's diagnosis to the courthouse and Tad says that he will be right behind Jesse.  Jesse tells Brooke to travel safe and she thanks him.  Tad asks Brooke if she is leaving because of Adam and suggests that she is running from her feelings.  Brooke asks if anyone cares that Adam is married, but Tad says that you can't fight destiny.  Tad reminds Brooke that she doesn't have to leave Pine Valley because there are other people who care about her.  Brooke says that she isn't going to see Adam's family torn apart because of her and that she is just getting her focus back.  Tad asks if Brooke really has no idea where she is going and Brooke says that it is part of the adventure.

Natalia says that Brot's ego is unreal and it makes sense because any normal person would know better than to kiss her the way he did.  Natalia says that Brot ambushed her, but Brot says that he surprised her and she enjoyed it.  Natalia says that she is a model because she wants to be and she is being paid $5,000 to smile in front of a camera.  Natalia tells Brot that the kiss was out of line and uncalled for.  Brot points out that Natalia hasn't told him not to do it again.  Natalia says that she has to go, but the conversation isn't over.

Angie tells Damon that he does have ADHD and it might be the best break he has caught in a while.  Damon asks what ADHD is and Angie explains it to him.  Angie tells Damon that this could be his second chance at life.  Damon asks how he is supposed to explain this to the judge or his probation officer.  Angie offers to go with him to the courthouse and clear up any confusion about his diagnosis.  Damon says that he doesn't understand why everyone wants to help him.  Angie says that Damon reminds her of her brother.  Angie tells Damon not to waste the opportunity because not everyone gets it.

Adam tells JR he doesn't care.  JR says that he was trying to seduce Annie to expose her for who she really is: a lying tramp.  Adam says that JR was crawling all over Annie like a wild animal.  JR says that Annie doesn't love Adam and Adam says that JR doesn't either.  JR says that Annie is only with Adam for the money and the name, so he decided that she had to go.  Adam asks when JR started making decisions for the family and JR says that it was around the time Adam shot Stuart and apologizes.  JR tells Adam that he belongs with Brooke because he loves her.  JR says that Adam being with Brooke would make everything worth it because he would be with someone who loves and appreciates him.  Adam says that it is hard to imagine JR crawling all over Annie unless he really wanted to, but JR says that is way off base.  Adam reminds JR that he has a wedding ring on his finger.  JR asks if Adam is going to tell Marissa and Adam says that he wouldn't know where to begin.  Scott walks in and says that maybe next time JR will listen to him.

Brooke tells Tad that she is leaving.  Tad says that wherever Brooke ends up, is a very lucky town.

Natalia asks Madison what is going on.  Madison says that Greenlee called an emergency meeting at Fusion because the launch date got moved up and now she is in charge.  Natalia asks what they are doing.  Madison says that they are doing the counterpoint to the shoot at the casino so they can showcase the versatility of the Fusion Natural line.  Ciro shows up and tells Natalia that she needs to lose her clothes.  Natalia asks if she has to be naked and Madison says that nobody will see her.  Natalia asks Madison to get Greenlee on the phone, but Madison says that Greenlee wants the shoot done the way she said.  Brot shows up and asks if something is wrong.  Brot says that he was on patrol and can work crowd control if Natalia wants, but Natalia asks him to go.  Brot realizes that Natalia is doing a naked photo shoot and asks if she is crazy.

Angie and Brooke talk about Brooke leaving town.  Angie asks if everything is okay and Brooke says no.  Angie says that Brooke has always been her role model.  Angie thanks Brooke for inspiring her to be a better person and Brooke thanks Angie for being such a wonderful friend.

Scott says that he heard JR and Adam all the way across the house.  Scott asks what would have happened if Marissa, AJ or Emma would have been there, but JR says that he isn't doing this.  Scott says that Adam is going to disown JR now.

Brooke writes a good-bye note for Adam.  Colby comes up and Brooke asks Colby to deliver the letter.  Colby says that she will make sure Adam gets it and Brooke thanks her.

Annie tells Adam that JR will say anything to get her kicked out of the house.  Adam says that he doesn't want to talk about JR.  Annie tells Adam that she loves him, but he tells her to stop because she doesn't get to tear his son's clothes off and then talk to him about love.  Adam says that Annie has made a mockery of their marriage.  Annie says that she didn't marry Adam for his money and Adam says that JR and Scott were part of the package too.  Annie reminds Adam that she could have walked away from him the night Stuart died.  Adam says that he wishes she had walked away, but Annie says that she stood by his side and protected him.  Annie points out that Adam was out all night with his ex and has been acting like a lovesick puppy since Brooke came back to town.  Adam says that he never loved Annie and she never loved him.  Annie tells Adam not to tell her what she feels and asks how he would know what she feels when he never bothered to look.  Colby walks in and then says that she will come back, but Adam tells her that they were done anyways.  Colby tells Adam that she has a letter from Brooke.

Brooke meets with the pilot.  The pilot asks where they are headed to and Brooke tells him to pick.

JR says that this works out great for Scott because Adam isn't going to want JR near Chandler Enterprises and Scott will have free reign to invest in save-the-world projects.  Scott says that JR screwed up royally, but JR says that with time Adam will get over it.  Scott asks if JR is going to get over his feelings for Annie.  JR says that he is just getting started.

Damon tells Tad that he has ADHD.  Tad steps away to speak to Mr. Shelton and asks if the judge will go with a recommendation.  Mr. Shelton says that it is never a guarantee.  Tad tells Mr. Shelton that Damon got diagnosed and the condition could have easily affected his judgment.  Tad says that the victim in the accident was willing to write a letter on Damon's behalf because Damon needs a second chance.  Damon asks if Mr. Shelton told Tad what he was going to say to the judge.  Tad says no, but they are about to find out.

Brot says that he can't believe Natalia is agreeing to the shoot and Natalia says that she can't believe that Brot is being such a prude.  Ciro says that it is time for Brot to leave and asks Natalia to go to makeup.  Natalia says that she will be right there.  Brot says that it is illegal to have nude models parading around in the park because it is a public place, but Madison says that they have a permit.  Natalia asks Brot to leave.  Ciro tells Natalia to get to makeup and she says that he needs to define "discreet" first.

Damon says that he can't believe the judge went for it.  Tad says that the judge must have sensed that Damon was willing to make a change.  Angie congratulates Damon and he thanks her for everything she has done to help him.  Jesse suggests that they should all go to dinner to celebrate, but Damon says that he shouldn't be out in public celebrating after what he did.

Annie asks what Brooke wants.  Colby tells Annie to shut up and let Adam read.  Annie points out that she is still Colby's stepmother, and Colby says that she won't be for long.  Adam says that he has to go find Brooke.  Colby says that she will drive and they leave.  Annie cries and throws things around while JR watches.

Ciro tells Natalia that Greenlee will be electric when she sees the proofs because Natalia was perfect!  Natalia thanks Ciro and asks to see the photos.  Ciro tells her to sit down and they look at some of the shots.

Angie and Jesse talk about "normal" life.  Angie says that she spends most of her day at the hospital signing off on budget cuts, approving overtime and orders of toilet paper.  Angie says that this whole situation with Damon was great because she could help someone.

Tad tells Damon that at least they know why he gets restless, anxious and has a hard time focusing.  Damon says that he appreciates the help, but they are still strangers because Tad doesn't really know anything about him.  Tad says that he knows Damon is a good kid and that things will work out.  Tad tells Damon about his first time in court.  Tad tells Damon to keep his chin up because there is always hope.  Tad suggests that Damon should read up on ADHD and give it some time to sink in.  Damon agrees and says that he will walk.

Annie tells JR that Adam walked out on her and went to find Brooke.  JR says that all Annie has ever wanted was a place in the mansion.  JR tells Annie to get out or he will throw her out.  Annie tells JR not to come at her with threats because she already lost her marriage because of him.

Adam and Colby talk to a ticket agent about Brooke.  Adam says that Erica Kane was the contact.  The ticket agent says that the flight took off a few minutes ago and Adam says that she is gone.

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