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All My Children Update Wednesday 4/21/10


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Amanda asks if her proofs are in.  Randi says that Erica is deciding which one to use for the launch and Erica calls Amanda in.  Amanda says that she can take more if Erica hates them all.  Erica says that Amanda is a huge disappointment.

Angie and Jake talk about David.  Jake says that he really thought they had David this time, but Angie says that it isn't over until the fat lady sings.

Greenlee says that she can't believe she slept so late.  David apologizes for pushing and says that Greenlee had a rough night.  Greenlee thanks David and he says that she owes him big time.  Greenlee says that she is going to give David the annulment he wants as payback.

Annie imagines JR asking her to marry him.

JR tells Marissa that he can't believe Palmer is gone.  Marissa offers to bail on class if JR wants her to, but he tells her that he is fine.  Marissa asks JR to promise her that he will go back to bed and JR says that he wants to wait because Brooke and Adam didn't come home last night.

Brooke says that she let Adam convince her to go for a walk and they stayed out all night.  Adam says that he feels wonderful now that Brooke has admitted that she loves him, but Brooke says that it doesn't change anything because she isn't going to break up his marriage or break another woman's heart.  Adam says that he loves Brooke and is going to prove it.

Marissa says that Adam and Brooke were at Tad and Krystal's last night and suggests that JR should call Adam.  JR says that he isn't worried as long as Adam is with Brooke.  Marissa asks if JR wants Brooke and Adam to get back together and JR says that it wouldn't be the worst idea.  Marissa says that JR needs to stay out of Adam's marriage.  JR says that he can take care of himself and Marissa says that she will leave him to it then.  JR goes after Marissa.  Annie asks where Adam is and JR says that he was out all night with Brooke.

Adam says that Brooke is the most compassionate, loving, generous woman he has ever met and won't make her compromise what she thinks is right.  Adam says that he wants to make Brooke proud and she says that he already has.  Adam says that he would be willing to sacrifice anything to have her in his life, but her wishes deserve to be fulfilled and that is why he is letting her go.

David asks what happened to them ruling the universe and Greenlee says that was when he was protecting her from Ryan, but now that Ryan has written her off, David is off the hook.  David says that he is perfectly happy with the way things are, but he will deal with it if she has decided that it is time to move on.  Greenlee says that David deserves more.  David says that they make a great team and asks her to stick it out.  Greenlee says that she doesn't have anywhere else to go and David is all she has right now. 

Erica says that Amanda's pictures are wonderful and that Amanda needs to exude confidence at all times.  Erica, Amanda and Randi talk about Amanda's fan.  Erica tells Amanda never to correspond directly to anyone online and Randi is put in charge of Amanda's fan mail.  Randi asks if there are any specific instructions for handling fan mail and Erica tells her to talk to Val because he has been handling hers for years.  Amanda thanks Erica for the advice and says that the fame thing is weirding her out.

Annie says that she had no idea about Palmer.  JR says that Annie didn't know Palmer.  Annie says that she belongs at the mansion, but JR says that if Adam keeps going with Brooke, Annie may not have a choice.  Annie says that she is staying and JR is going to help her make it happen.  Annie says that they could have safe, strong, successful marriages with each other to play on the side.  JR says that Annie does keep things interesting.  Annie says that she should get dressed and tells JR that he can watch, like he did last night.

Brooke tells Adam that he is doing the right thing by keeping his vows to Annie.  Adam asks why it feels so wrong and says that he wishes he could go back to when they were married.  Brooke says that this is their moment now and she will cherish it forever.  Brooke says that Adam is her hero, but now they need to go back to their lives.  Adam says that Brooke can stay at the house until she figures things out, but Brooke says that she can't do that.  Brooke says that she needs to know that Adam will take care of himself and let his family know if something happens.  Adam offers to arrange a room at the Yacht Club for Brooke, but she says that she can handle it.

David and Greenlee talk about Erica.  David tells Greenlee to move up the deadline and beat Erica already.  David suggests that they should hit the town tonight and celebrate their victories.  David says that he is getting his job back at the hospital because a board member wants to see him.  David says that he will be reinstated because he is great at what he does.

Jake, Angie and Frankie talk about what is going on with David.  Angie says that she wants Frankie and Jake to attend as witnesses.

Erica and Randi talk about Ciro.  Erica tells Amanda that hair and makeup is waiting for her in the lounge.  Jack shows up to check on Erica.  Erica says that it still seems surreal, but she is holding her own.  Erica thanks Jack for going to Tad's with her and being so wonderful with Opal.  Erica remembers what Opal said the night before and accepts Jack's invitation to dinner.  Greenlee shows up and Jack leaves.  Erica suggests that they should push up the deadline and Greenlee agrees to have the "make-off" in a month.

David shows up at the hospital and Angie says that his meeting has been cancelled, but she is there instead.  Angie gives David something and says that she spent some quality time with the board going over David's questionable activities over the past year.  Angie says that her input had a big impact and Jake says that he had some input too.  Angie informs David that his medical license has been permanently revoked and is no longer able to practice medicine.

Stuart visits Adam and tells him to decide who is in his heart: Annie or Brooke.  Adam says that he let Brooke go and it is killing him.

Brooke shows up at the house and tells JR that Adam will be home soon.  Brooke says that she is moving out because it is time.  JR says that he knows what has been going on between Brooke and Adam, but Brooke insists that nothing has been going on.  JR says that they love each other, but Brooke says that she isn't going to stand by and let Adam ruin his marriage.  Brooke says that she is leaving Pine Valley.  Annie comes out and asks about Brooke.  Annie says that she is going to ask Brooke about Adam, but JR tells her to leave Brooke alone.  JR says that he is trying to get Brooke out of the house, so they can be alone and Annie says that she will wait upstairs.

Stuart says that Brooke was always his favorite of Adam's wives.  Stuart tells Adam that when you love someone, they will always be in your heart.

Brooke asks JR for a favor and JR realizes that Adam doesn't know that Brooke is leaving town.  Brooke says that she didn't tell Adam because it would have been too much after Palmer.  Brooke says that she is going to be on a plane tonight and asks JR to wait to tell Adam until after she is on the plane.  JR asks Brooke to stay in town and ride it out, but Brooke apologizes and asks JR to take care of Adam.

Erica and Greenlee agree that they need to launch together because the first launch has the advantage.  Erica suggests that they should throw a big gala and announce their lines at the same time.  Greenlee says that the distributor buys will determine the victor.  Greenlee and Erica reach a deal.  Randi tells Erica that Ciro called and cancelled because of another photo shoot.  Erica says that Greenlee stole the photographer, but Greenlee says that Ciro has worked for both of them.  Erica gets a call and says that she will be right there.  Greenlee says that she has to win because the company is all she has left.

Annie asks JR what happened with Brooke.  JR says that Brooke is leaving town and Annie asks why.  JR says that Brooke didn't want to kill Annie's marriage no matter how much she loves Adam.  JR tells Annie to let Adam be happy and tell him that she wants out of their marriage, but Annie refuses.  JR promises to make sure Annie still has everything she had before.  JR says that he will give her a place to stay and money.  Annie says that she will let Adam go if JR tells Marissa that it is over, but JR refuses and says that he never wanted her and only set her up.

Amanda asks if David is really done and Jake confirms it.  Randi, Jake, Amanda and Frankie talk about what happened.  Jake asks Amanda where her ring is and she says that she took it off for the shoot and apologizes.  Jake jokes that Amanda is trolling for men with her wingman: Randi.  Amanda says that she hates not wearing her ring and Jake says that he just wanted to make sure that nobody gets the wrong idea.  Frankie says that they have patients that need to be seen.  Jake asks Amanda if she heard back from her fan and she says that she hasn't heard a peep.  Jake and Frankie leave.  Randi asks Amanda why she didn't tell Jake the truth and Amanda says that she didn't want to worry him for no reason.

David shows Greenlee the paper that Angie gave him.  Greenlee apologizes and David says that it is just the beginning.

Brooke thanks Erica for joining her.  Brooke asks Erica to help Adam find a new editor for Tempo.  Erica agrees and says that she will always consider Adam a friend.  Brooke says that Adam will need a friend because he isn't as strong as he used to be and cries on Erica's shoulder.

Greenlee asks how David is going to get his license back.  David says that he is more focused on the big picture and wants to secure Pine Valley Hospital once and for all.  David says that he is going to buy the hospital.

Amanda and Randi search for Amanda's wedding ring.

Brooke apologizes, but Erica says that leaving the man you love warrants a few tears.  Erica agrees to be there and reach out to Adam.  Erica asks if there is anything else she can do and what time Brooke's flight is.  Brooke says that she hasn't actually called the airlines yet.  Erica offers to let Brooke use the charter that she has standing by.  Brooke says that she owes Erica.  Erica says that she doesn't need anything, but Brooke asks about Jack.  Erica tells Brooke to shut up and take the flight.

Annie says that what happened in DC was real, but JR says that it was a joke and that he only did it to prove to Adam that she is a cheater.  JR says that he got it all on video and that he had to destroy it because Marissa almost saw it.  Annie says that JR won't get away with this.  JR and Annie roll around on the bed kissing and tearing their clothes off.  Adam walks in wondering what is going on.

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