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All My Children Update Tuesday 4/20/10


Written by Mandy
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Erica says that Palmer can't really be gone and that she needs to go see Opal.  Jack tells Erica to take a minute to take it all in before she goes running off, but Erica says that she doesn't want to.

Adam says that Pete can't be dead because he is in Europe.  Brooke says that Palmer was at the Valley Inn and Jake found him, but there was nothing he could do.  Adam says that Ross needs to know and asks what happened.  Brooke says that it was Palmer's heart.

Angie says that she didn't know Palmer was back in town.  Jake says that Palmer has been back for a couple of weeks and that Palmer was fine then.  Daisy shows up and asks Angie about Palmer.  Jake tells Daisy what happened.

Opal tells Tad that Palmer died and that he was back in Pine Valley.

Brooke says that Adam has years ahead of him because he knows what to do to take care of himself.  Adam says that Palmer is dead and he is making it about him.  Brooke says that Palmer would do the same thing if the circumstances were different because they were quite a bit alike.  Adam remembers Palmer stealing his company and says that he still had everything he ever wanted.  Adam says that Brooke is always there when he needs her the most, but Brooke says that she should leave.  Adam asks how he honors a man that he has hated his whole life.

Erica apologizes and Jack says that it is her loss too.  Erica says that she needs to get to Opal, and Jack says that he is going with her.

Opal says that she wishes she had another chance to tell him that she loved him, but Tad says that Palmer knew how much Opal loved him.  Tad plays a recording of Palmer saying that he knows Opal loves him and asks if she believes him now.

Angie asks Daisy if there is anything they can do.  Daisy says that Opal asked her to pick up Palmer's personal belongings.  Daisy says that Nina and Petey are coming home too.  daisy asks everyone to call family and friends to participate in the candle lighting they are doing at midnight in Palmer's memory.

Krystal says that everyone is talking about Palmer.  Tad says that apparently Palmer made an impact because he is getting calls from newspapers all over.  Krystal says that everyone is talking about the candle lighting service too.  Erica and Jack show up.  Erica tells Opal that Bianca sends her love and that she is trying to reach Kendall.  Erica asks how Petey is doing and Opal says that he is on his way.  Tad says that the phone is ringing off the hook with people wanting to know about the arrangements.  Tad asks if Palmer left instructions and Jack says that the instructions were very specific and included not making a fuss over a formal service.  Krystal says that Jake, Angie, Nina and Daisy are on their way.  Krystal says that they are going to need chicken and Tad asks if Jack knows how to fry a chicken.  Jack admits that he doesn't and Krystal tells him to take off his jacket and roll up his sleeves.

Nina and Daisy talk about Palmer and Nina says that she isn't ready to go to Tad's yet.  Daisy tells Nina about the yearly visits with Palmer in September.  Nina says that it is April, not September.  Daisy says that she is there because Palmer asked her to come and that she was on the plane when he died.  Nina says that they will never know what he wanted to say, but Daisy says that she knows.

Jake and Opal talk about the chicken suit and Palmer being allergic to the feathers.  Daisy and Nina show up and are greeted by Tad.  Tad introduces Krystal to Daisy and Nina.  Jake tells a joke and then apologizes, but Nina says that it was perfect and Daisy says that Palmer always loved a good laugh. 

A man from the Valley Inn delivers something that was in Palmer's room and Tad thanks him.  Tad gives the package to Opal and she says that it is Palmer's outtakes from the documentary that Hayley did.  Everyone agrees that they should watch them.  Palmer mentions Daisy for the documentary, but not Opal.  Tad proposes a toast to Palmer and everyone takes a drink. 

Daisy apologizes to Opal, but Opal says that she can't be jealous when Daisy told Palmer that Opal was the woman for him.  Daisy says that Palmer asked her to come to Pine Valley and Opal says that it's wrong because they always met in September.  Opal says that a chunk of Palmer's heart always had Daisy's name on it, but without her, they would have never made it to the "I do's".  Daisy tells Opal that she wants to explain why she is there, but Opal says that it is between Daisy and Palmer.  Daisy says that Palmer wanted to end their "same time next year" dates because he wanted to be with Opal and tell her how he felt. 

Brooke and Adam show up.  Adam gives Nina a flask that he and Palmer shared once and says that he didn't want to interfere.  Daisy and Nina convince Adam to stay and celebrate Palmer's life with them.  Erica says that they are remembering Palmer - the good, bad and ugly.  Tad says that Adam and Palmer were the male version of Erica and Brooke.  Brooke says that she hopes she and Erica are the good, bad and the beautiful. 

Nina remembers telling Palmer that she hated him.  Adam talks about Palmer shooting him and remembers Palmer saying he was going to get the bullet out with a pocket knife.  Krystal says that Palmer knew how to kiss a woman and Erica and Opal agree with her. 

Kendall calls and Erica tells her about Palmer.  Erica tells Kendall about the candle lighting ceremony.  Kendall says that she will be on the next flight home, but Erica tells her not to come home because Palmer would want her to stay where she is.  Kendall tells Erica to give everyone her love and says that she will participate in the candle lighting.  Kendall hangs up and cries. 

Adam says that he is grateful to Palmer for reminding him how quickly life passes.  Adam and Brooke declare their love for each other and kiss.

Erica and Opal talk about Palmer.  Erica says that Palmer was the love of Opal's life.  Opal says that Palmer would want Erica to get on with finding the love of her life too and Opal suggests that Erica should start looking in the kitchen.

Everyone holds a candle and speaks to Palmer.

Dixie welcomes Palmer home!

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