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Randi says that Amanda is really early, but Jake says that Amanda was excited and didn't want to stay home.  Amanda says that Erica wanted her to be up to date on some projects for the Fusion Glam campaign.  Randi gives Amanda an email that came to Fusion.  Jake reads the poem and asks who Amanda's fan is.  Amanda asks if Jake is jealous yet.

Jesse tells Tad that he doesn't see how Damon will avoid doing time because Brooke could have died.  Tad says that Brooke has already been discharged from the hospital, so that has to count for something.  Jesse tells Tad to prep himself for a bad judgment at the hearing.  Tad says that Angie thinks Damon has ADHD.  Jesse says that unless Damon agrees to see the shrink, they have nothing to stop the judge from throwing him in jail.  Tad says that there has to be something they can do.

Angie tries talking Damon into seeing the psychiatrist because then maybe he can get the tools to make life easier.  Damon says that he isn't seeing the shrink because he doesn't want anyone messing with his mind.  Angie suggests that maybe Damon is afraid to learn something about himself.  Damon says that he made a mistake and can deal with it without anyone covering for him.  Damon tells Angie to butt out, but she asks him to let them help him.  Damon says that just because Angie can clean up her son's messes doesn't mean that he needs her controlling his life too.

Adam asks Brooke where she is going.  Brooke says that she has a meeting and then she needs to get to work.  Adam says that he has gathered the family for breakfast because he is going to make his announcement this morning and asks Brooke to stay.  Annie walks up.

Amanda and Randi talk about Amanda's new fan.  Jake says that they should start a fan club and charge a lot of money.  Jake says that as long as he is the fan club president, the guy can swoon as much as he would like.  Amanda realizes that she forgot her purse at home and Jake says that he will go get it.  Amanda thanks Jake and he leaves.  Randi tells Amanda that she has another email.

JR says that he was looking for AJ's field trip permission slip and Annie says that she didn't see it.  Annie invites JR to join her for coffee on the terrace, but JR says that he doesn't drink much coffee anymore.  Annie says that it would be a great time to talk.  JR says that they have a lot to talk about, but now isn't the right time.  JR says that they can meet tonight when everyone is sleeping.

Brooke says that Adam can't bribe her into staying.  Marissa walks in and asks if they have seen JR.

Annie tells JR that she isn't sure she can wait until tonight.  Marissa walks in and Annie says that she should get dressed for breakfast.

Brooke tells Adam that she has to go to her meeting.

Annie tells Adam that they need to talk and it is too important to wait.

Jesse says that he will put in a good word for Damon, but it will take a lot to sway the judge.  Tad says that Angie is on Damon's side too, so that has to count for something.  Jesse says that without proof, Angie's suspicions about a disorder are just her opinion.  Jesse tells Tad to have people write letters to the judge because sometimes it helps.  Tad thanks Jesse for everything.  Jesse says that there may be another way to handle it: trip Damon up before he gets to the cliff he is headed for.

Angie says that she is trying to help Damon, but he says that he saw the way she helped her son.  Damon says that he saw Angie cover for Frankie during Damon's first day of community service.  Angie says that Frankie made a mistake and she gave him a break because he deserved it.

Tad meets with Brooke and asks her to write a letter to the judge asking for a second chance for Damon.  Brooke tells Tad that when Damon told her the cause of the accident, it hit home.  Tad says that Damon could be a much better man if he gets the chance and Brooke asks if Damon will make the effort.  Brooke agrees to write the letter as long as Damon agrees to be interviewed for Tempo and do any public service announcements that she arranges.  Tad agrees with her ideas and tells Brooke that he is pushing so hard because Damon is his son.

Marissa tells JR that AJ left for school, so they could go back upstairs.

Annie tells Adam that she is grateful that Brooke was there when he got sick.  Annie says that she thought a lot and doesn't want to be an additional stress for Adam.

Colby shows up for breakfast and says that she is famished.  Adam tells Annie that they will finish this later and Annie says that she is going to get dressed.

Amanda and Randi talk about the fan mail.  Amanda says that she knows who is sending the emails.

Angie and Jesse talk about Damon.  Jesse suggests that Angie wants to help Damon because of Teddy.  Angie says that she doesn't want to bring her personal feelings into the medical treatment that she is trying to get for Damon, but she is afraid he is going to swagger himself into jail.  Jesse asks to take a shot with Damon because he has a couple of ideas.

Brooke and Tad talk about Damon.  Brooke admits to Tad that she is starting to have feelings for Adam, but things are complicated and she is creating a strain on Adam's marriage to Annie.  Tad asks why Brooke is still at the mansion.  Brooke says that Adam is real sick and needs someone to help him.

Adam announces to Annie, JR, Colby and Scott that he is stepping down from Chandler Enterprises.  Adam tells Scott and JR that the company is theirs now!  JR says that it is time for them all to come together and make a real family effort.

Tad and Brooke talk about Adam.  Brooke says that she feels like there is something going on in the mansion and it scares her. 

Colby says that they were all worried about Adam and that she is happy that he is out of the corporate stress.  Marissa tells Annie that she would like them to be friends.

Amanda suspects that Jake is sending the emails, but Randi isn't so sure.  Amanda says that she is going to send a little love gram to her fan.  Randi asks why Amanda is so sure it is Jake.  Amanda says that the last one came in as soon as Jake left, which means he sent it from his phone.

Damon asks if Jesse is there to take him away.  Jesse says that he is there to talk about Damon's future.  Jesse says that he came out of respect for Angie and Tad because they both care about Damon's future.  Damon asks why Jesse cares.  Jesse says that he thought he would come in and offer some advice on surviving prison.

Brooke and Adam talk about his announcement.  Adam asks what he is going to do with himself and Brooke says that he isn't going to wallow in self-pity.

Annie tells JR that she doesn't want to wait to talk and that she already talked to Adam.  JR asks what Annie told Adam.  Annie says that she just wanted to know where she and Adam stood and she wants JR to be honest with her too.  Annie says that she wants JR to tell her how he really feels about her now.

Jake brings Amanda her purse and she asks if he got her reply.  Randi explains that Amanda thinks that Jake is her secret admirer.  Jake promises Amanda that he hasn't been emailing her and asks what the big problem is.  Randi says that Amanda responded to the fan.  Amanda shows Jake what she sent.

Angie asks Tad if he is there to see Damon.  Tad says that he thought he would help Damon prepare for his probation hearing.  Angie says that Jesse is in there right now.  Tad asks Jesse if he had any luck and Jesse says that Damon is practically begging to see every shrink in the house.

JR asks Annie why she can't wait until tonight and Annie says that she can't get what happened out of her mind and she is scared that she will say something stupid.  JR says that they should go talk in the parlor.  JR says that it is better to wait until they can talk about it more freely.  Annie says that what happened in DC was unstoppable and it wasn't a lie.  Annie kisses JR.

Brooke tells Adam that all he has to do is focus and figure out what he wants to do.  Adam says that he can't get through this without telling Brooke how he feels, but she tells him that she doesn't want to hear it.  Adam kisses Brooke.

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