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All My Children Update Wednesday 4/14/10


Written by Mandy
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Marissa asks if JR is coming to bed and JR says that he will be soon.  Marissa says that if JR doesn't get some rest, he will end up collapsing just like Adam, while Annie listens from the doorway.

Jake asks Amanda if she wants to sit on the terrace, but she suggests that they should just get takeout because she has a big photo shoot in the morning and needs to get to bed early.  Amanda says that she is getting attention from everybody but the waitress.  Jake goes to order her salad from the bar and Amanda goes to talk to Natalia.

Jake runs into Brot at the bar.  Brot offers Jake a beer, but Jake says that he is on a rabbit food and H2O diet to support Amanda.  Brot asks Jake if it is worth the sacrifice.  Jake says that Amanda is happy and that every guy should be as lucky as he is.

Kendall says that they have to fix things with Greenlee.

Zach says that he forgave Kendall, but can't forget what happened.  Greenlee asks if Zach still loves Kendall like he used to.  Zach says that he doesn't think he ever will love Kendall like that again.  Zach says that he is protecting his family, but Greenlee says that the life Zach is building is a lie.  Zach says that he remembers what he and Kendall had and wants to get it back.

Ryan explains that he has tried everything to get through to Greenlee, including kidnapping her, but it didn't work.  Kendall says that maybe Zach can get through to Greenlee.

Greenlee asks how Zach can look at Kendall after she slept with Ryan.  Zach explains that Kendall thought he betrayed her with Reese, which led to the accident and Kendall turning to Ryan.  Zach says that he is trying to move past what happened because it is better than running.  Greenlee says that she has moved on and that she only came for the truth.

Natalia and Amanda talk about their shoots with Ciro.  Amanda tries to set Natalia up with Brot, but Natalia keeps turning it down.

Brot asks if the job has changed Amanda at all.  Jake asks if Brot thinks it will change Natalia.  Brot says that Natalia didn't want to be a model, but Jake says that Fusion pays better than overtime. 

JR kisses Marissa and apologizes for not making sure she knows how much he loves her.  Marissa tells JR that there is no use looking back when they have so much to look forward to.  Scott walks up and asks JR about DC.  Scott asks JR what he has done and JR says that it isn't Scott's business.  Scott says that if it can tear the family apart, it is and asks what happened in DC.  JR tells Scott to stay out of it.  Scott says that Annie got to JR too.

Kendall says that Greenlee is upset because they all kept the truth from her, but in time, she will forgive them.  Ryan asks about things with Zach and Kendall says that there is much more to work through, but they are making progress.  Kendall points out that some things aren't working for her, but that she doesn't want to say anything because she doesn't want to ruin the progress they have made.  Ryan reminds her that the whole point of them taking Spike and leaving the country was to work on their marriage, so she shouldn't be hiding her feelings from Zach.  Kendall says that she doesn't want to push things because things are fragile.  Ryan asks how long Kendall wants to stay there.  Kendall tells Ryan that Spike is learning Spanish and that he goes fishing with Zach.

Zach says that Greenlee has every right to be angry, but nothing is guaranteed in life.  Greenlee says that life is too short to keep making the same mistake.  Zach says that David won't make Greenlee happy because he can see how hurt she really is.

Kendall asks Ryan how she is supposed to choose who to fix things with: Zach or Greenlee.  Kendall says that she is hoping that Zach could talk some sense into Greenlee.  Ryan says that Zach isn't the right person for Greenlee to be talking about this with.

Brot and Jake talk about Natalia while Amanda and Natalia talk about Brot.

Scott tells JR to admit that Annie got to him.  JR says that Scott fell for Annie, not him.  Scott asks what happened in DC.  JR tells Scott to stay out of it.  Annie walks in and says that she needs to know where they stand.

Greenlee says that Zach has to tolerate Ryan because of Spike, but Zach wants him out of Kendall's life for good.  Zach says that if he wanted Ryan gone, he would be and that he wouldn't need Greenlee's help.  Zach says that he isn't giving up on Kendall, and Greenlee shouldn't either.  Greenlee says that Kendall tried to kill her, but Zach says that they all make mistakes and it wasn't intentional.  Zach says that Greenlee shouldn't have been on the road at all, but Greenlee says that she was looking for Zach.  Zach says that Greenlee almost lost her life on her wedding night because she was sticking her nose into someone else's business.  Zach tells Greenlee not to mess with his family and to let it go.  Ryan and Kendall walk in.  Greenlee asks what Ryan is doing there and he says that he came to see Spike and to offer support.  Greenlee asks if Ryan was intending to hold her hand or Kendall's.

JR reminds Annie that they agreed that it could never happen again.  Annie says that they should try to clear the air so that there isn't any awkwardness because people will pick up on it and JR agrees.  Annie says that she can't get what happened between them out of her head because they had a connection.  JR says that it is best for both of them to pretend that DC never happened, but Annie suggests that she may have changed her mind.

Jake asks how asking Natalia out can be scarier than what Brot went through in the war.  Brot says that he has asked her out: to a charity bowling tournament.  Jake says that maybe Natalia doesn't see wearing smelly bowling shoes as a date.  Brot says that he doesn't know if Natalia is even interested because she keeps giving him mixed signals.  Jake says that women send you mixed signals to mess with your head and keep you on your game.  Brot asks Jake if Amanda played games with him and Jake says that they started out as friends with benefits, then things turned serious.  Brot asks Jake how he knew when he wanted it to be more and Jake says that if it is the right woman, you just know.

Amanda and Natalia talk about Ciro and the photo shoots.  Amanda tells Natalia that Ciro will love working with her.

Kendall says that nobody expects Greenlee to work through all this right now, but Greenlee says that time won't make her forget what Kendall did.  Ryan says that Greenlee is angry, but she can't keep blaming Kendall for something that wasn't her fault.  Zach suggests that they should go out and get some air.  Kendall says that they need to go back to Pine Valley and work through things together.  Spike runs to Ryan and demonstrates his Spanish.  Kendall and Ryan tell Spike how good he did.

Natalia says that she isn't looking for a relationship, but if she was it wouldn't be with someone she works with.  Amanda says that love has a funny way of sneaking up on you.  Natalia says that Ciro is going to have an aneurysm tomorrow.  Amanda says that she needs to get home and get some sleep so that she doesn't have bags under her eyes.  Jake asks if Amanda is ready.  Amanda asks Brot and Jake to tell Natalia that she has nothing to worry about.  Jake starts talking about the fan mail and Amanda brings up her new #1 fan.  Amanda tells Natalia that she will be great and leaves with Jake.  Brot tells Natalia that Amanda is right about the shoot and she thanks him.  Brot asks Natalia to join him for a drink, but she says that she has to get up early.  Brot asks Natalia what she is afraid of.

Annie says that it's been nice having someone to talk to and she doesn't want to lose that.  JR says that he loves Marissa.  Annie says that he can't stop thinking about her either.

Zach says that Ryan hasn't seen the fish that Spike caught.  Kendall says that the fish is outside in the cooler and Ryan says that they should take a look.  Kendall tells them to wait for Zach because he said he wanted some air.  Kendall tells Greenlee that she wants to fix things between them.  Greenlee says that Kendall can't force her to forgive what happened.  Kendall says that she can work on her marriage to Zach in Pine Valley, so she is going back and that she already talked to Ryan.  Greenlee says that she is glad Kendall and Ryan have things figured out.

Natalia says that she is a little stressed, but she isn't afraid of anything.  Brot says that Natalia is great at everything she does.  Natalia says that she won't look great if she doesn't get home.  Brot offers to give Natalia a ride home, but she says that her car is out back.  Brot wishes Natalia luck and kisses her.  Natalia thanks him and asks why he kissed her.  Brot says that it seemed like a good idea.

Annie says that they can pretend that nothing happened, but the memory will stick because something that good is hard to forget.  JR says that they don't have a choice because he loves his wife, but he wants Annie.

Ryan asks Kendall what she said to Greenlee.  Kendall says that telling Greenlee that she wanted to fix things set her off.  Zach says that Greenlee left in a cab, but he doesn't know where she went.  Ryan says that Greenlee probably went home and Zach says that maybe Ryan should too.  Ryan says that he hasn't seen his son in months.  Kendall suggests that Spike should spend the night with Ryan and then they can meet for breakfast in the morning.  Ryan says that he will get Spike's things.  Kendall tells Zach that she wants to go back to Pine Valley too, so that she can make things right with Greenlee.  Zach asks about making things right with them and Kendall says that they need to head back to the real world and start living their lives.  Zach says that he won't stop her from going back to Pine Valley and Kendall realizes that he won't be going.

Greenlee says that she needs a ticket, but she doesn't know where she is going.

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