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Adam says that he should be fluffing Brooke's pillows because she just had surgery, but Brooke says that his heart nearly stopped.  JR shows up at the mansion and Adam says that JR and Annie were doing something more important in Washington.

Liza asks about Adam and David says that Adam is probably home by now.  David says that he adjusted Adam's medication and pacemaker, but if he doesn't change his lifestyle, he will die.  Liza says that it doesn't hurt that the jury saw David save Adam's life.  David asks what happened after he left.  Liza says that the DA tried for a mistrial, but the judge agreed to proceed.  Liza says that she would have more confidence with Greenlee's testimony.  David asks if Liza has heard from Greenlee.

Erica runs into Ryan.  Erica says that she tried to warn Kendall about Greenlee is still alive, but Greenlee got there first.  Ryan asks if Greenlee knows about Kendall's part in the accident and Erica says that she doesn't know because Kendall insisted that she leave. 

Kendall tries to convince Greenlee that it was an accident, but Greenlee says that Kendall was thrilled when she thought Greenlee was dead. 

Ryan says that it is about time that Greenlee hears the truth.  Erica says that Greenlee is going to jump to every possible wrong conclusion.  Erica asks Ryan why he is there if he isn't going to help.  Ryan says that he is there to see Spike.  Erica says that she is going then, but Ryan says that Erica isn't going anywhere.

Kendall says that she didn't want Ryan, but Greenlee says that Kendall never stopped wanting him.  Greenlee brings up all the things that Kendall has done to her.  Kendall tells Greenlee to stop rewriting history to make herself always the victim when they both know it isn't true.

Liza says that she assumed that Greenlee would be back.  David asks Liza where Greenlee went.  Liza says that she would rather focus on the trial and David asks if Liza told Greenlee about the accident.

Marissa asks Colby how Adam is doing and Colby says that he will be fine.  Colby says that David saved Adam's life.  Marissa says that she hopes David goes to jail for a long time, so that he can't hurt anyone else.  Colby asks if JR was surprised when Marissa showed up in DC.  Marissa says that she thinks the trip took more out of JR than he expected. 

Annie says that she is never leaving Adam again and he says that she is overreacting.  Adam says that this was an isolated incident.  Brooke says that if Adam doesn't tell the truth, she will.  Adam says that he hasn't been feeling well for a while, but he didn't want to worry the family.  Adam asks about the trip to DC.  Annie says that it was fine and asks Adam why he told Brooke and not her.  Adam tells Annie not to take it personally, but Annie reminds him that they are married.  Brooke says that Adam didn't want to worry Annie.  Annie confronts Adam about lying to her about Brooke being at the mansion instead of the hospital.  JR says that he would like to talk to Adam alone.  Colby says that she will get Adam some juice.  Brooke tells Annie that Adam doesn't need the stress because it could kill him. 

JR tells Adam not to cut him out of the loop anymore.  Adam says that he doesn't want JR pushing himself too hard, but JR says that he is getting stronger everyday. 

Liza says that she didn't tell Greenlee that Kendall ran her off the road and asks David to focus.  Liza admits that she slipped and said something about the other car involved.  David asks Liza what Greenlee was planning and Liza says that Greenlee thought Kendall might know something.  David says that if anything happens to Greenlee, he is holding Liza personally responsible.

Erica tells Ryan to open the door, but he refuses.  Erica says that Ryan is there for Greenlee as much as for Spike.

Kendall says that she has hurt Greenlee, but that Greenlee gives as good as she gets.  Greenlee says that self-defense is the only way she could have survived their friendship.  Kendall reminds Greenlee of all the things she has done.  Kendall reminds Greenlee that she almost killed Spike and asks for forgiveness.

JR tells Adam that he and Annie aren't at each other's throats anymore.  Adam asks if they worked well together in Washington and JR says that they have a better understanding of each other and are going to get along from now on.  Annie brings Adam his juice.  JR goes to check on AJ.  Annie makes Adam promise not to lie to her again.  Adam says that he is proud of Annie for all the things she has done for JR.

Colby asks JR about Washington and asks if he got the tape.  JR tells Colby that he didn't get anything and that she needs to forget about it.  JR says that he wants to spend some time with AJ.  Colby says that she needs to know if JR is still planning to go through with the plan.  Colby says that something definitely went down with Annie.

Erica says that this is Ryan's perfect chance to get Greenlee to fall back in love with him, but Ryan says that Erica doesn't want him with Greenlee and that she is just trying to protect Kendall.  Ryan says that Greenlee deserves to know the truth and that this is between Kendall and Greenlee.  The conversation changes to Jack and Erica's relationship. 

Jack meets with David.  David asks if Greenlee went looking for Kendall.  Jack says that she did and he hopes that she gets the truth.  David says that Jack needs to bring Greenlee home before she finds Kendall.  David says that if Greenlee finds out the truth about her accident, it could destroy her.  David says that if he could do this all over, he would keep Greenlee away from everyone forever.

Kendall says that she was heartbroken when she thought Greenlee was dead and that Ryan was shattered.  Kendall says that she and Ryan turned to each other because they had both just lost the love of their lives, but that it was a mistake.  Kendall says that they should be celebrating.  Zach walks in and sees Greenlee standing there.

Jack and David argue about Greenlee.  Jack says that there is too much evidence for David to get off scot-free.  David realizes that Ryan went after Greenlee and Jack confirms it.

Greenlee says that it isn't the first time she has survived the impossible.  Kendall asks Zach to tell Greenlee the truth about the accident because Greenlee thinks that it was intentional.  Zach asks Kendall to give the boys a call.  Greenlee says that Zach took Kendall out of the country because he knew she was alive.  Zach says that he didn't know that Greenlee was alive and that they are out of the country because they are working on their marriage.  Greenlee asks Zach if he has gotten over the fact that Kendall and Ryan both betrayed them.

Colby asks JR what happened with Annie.  JR says that he just feels guilty because he wasn't there for Adam when he needed to be.  Colby tells JR to back off his plan for Annie.  JR asks Colby to drop it.  Annie walks up and Colby says that she is going to bed.  JR tells Annie that they need to talk about what happened.  Annie says that there is nothing to talk about because it won't happen again. 

Jack says that Ryan may be exactly what Greenlee needs right now, but David says that Ryan showing up will only piss her off even more.  David says that Ryan is making a mistake.  Jack says that David needs to think about how he will survive in prison.

Kendall shows up at Erica's room and asks Ryan what he is doing there.  Ryan says that he had to come.  Kendall says that Greenlee thinks the accident was intentional so that she could have Ryan.  Kendall says that Erica should have told her that Greenlee was alive as soon as she found out.  Erica says that Greenlee tried to destroy Fusion and married David to hurt Ryan.  Erica says that Kendall needs to find Zach, take the boys and leave.  Kendall says that Zach is with Greenlee.

Greenlee reminds Zach that Kendall cheated on him again and Zach says that they were going through a rough patch.  Greenlee asks if Zach has been able to forgive and forget Kendall and Ryan sleeping together and Zach says no.

Annie says that she wants to snuggle with Adam, but he says that the doctor told him not to chance it.  Brooke reminds Adam to take his medication before he goes to bed.  Annie suggests that they should head upstairs too.  Adam says that he is going to finish his book, but tells Annie to go ahead.

Marissa tells JR that AJ just fell asleep.

Liza asks David if he is going to fire her.  David says that Greenlee wants him to trust Liza, but the tactics are about to change.  David tells Liza that he needs to get out of there, so she needs to find someone he can bribe to get rid of the charges.  David says that Greenlee is with Kendall and Ryan, who are going to break her into a million pieces and he needs to be there to help put her back together.

Erica tells Bianca that Kendall is fine.  Kendall tells Erica to go see Bianca.  Ryan says that he is there too, so Kendall will be fine.  Erica agrees to leave and asks Ryan to make sure Greenlee doesn't hurt Kendall.  Ryan assures Erica that it will be okay and Erica leaves.  Kendall asks Ryan how Greenlee could think that she wanted her dead.  Ryan says that Greenlee might not have died that night, but something inside her did.

Zach says that he forgave Kendall, but he can't forget what happened.  Greenlee asks if Zach still loves Kendall like he used to.  Zach says that he doesn't think he will ever love Kendall like that again.

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