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All My Children Update Monday 4/12/10


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Kendall asks if Greenlee knows about her and Ryan.  Kendall explains that they went to identify Greenlee's body and that she wouldn't even let Ryan lift the sheet because she didn't want him to remember Greenlee decomposing on the morgue table.  Kendall says that they were trying to numb the pain and that nothing was the same for anyone after the accident.  Greenlee asks what really happened that night.

Damon says that he wishes the probation officer would send him to jail, instead of making him wait to find out.  Tad says that the probation officer just needs more time to reevaluate the case and that it isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Damon says that Shelton is planning to make an example out of him.  Tad says that there is still a chance that Shelton could cut Damon a break.  Damon says that he barely got any sleep because his arm hurt so bad.  Tad says that he will find out what Angie can do to get Damon something for his arm.  Damon screams.

Liza tries to get Adam to wake up.  David tries to help, but the bailiff holds him back.  David says that if they wait, Adam will die.  David says that Adam is going into shock and Brooke asks them to do something.  Jesse tells the judge to let David help.  Judge Meyers agrees to let David help Adam.  David says that he has to get Adam to the hospital to do an EKG.  The DA says that they are in the middle of a trial and that David isn't going anywhere.  Liza asks for a recess.  The DA reminds Liza that David is in police custody, so he can't go anywhere.  Brooke tells the judge that David is the top cardiologist in the country and might be able to save Adam's life.

Annie tells JR that it was incredible and that she can't believe it just happened.

Greenlee tells Kendall about waking up from the accident, thinking that it was still her wedding day.  Greenlee says that David told her what he thought she could handle and asks Kendall to tell her about the accident.  Kendall remembers Zach telling her to slow down and running Greenlee off the road.  Kendall apologizes to Greenlee and asks if they can just celebrate that Greenlee is alive.  Greenlee asks if Kendall knew that she was going to find Zach because she wanted to help her best friend.  Kendall says that she doesn't know how to say it and Greenlee says that she thinks she already knows.

David says that they need to leave for the hospital.  The DA says that David is a flight risk.  Liza suggests that David could go with a police escort, so that he will still be in custody, but can also treat Adam.  Jesse agrees to ride along to keep David from running.  Judge Meyers agrees to let David go to the hospital with Adam.

Angie tells Damon that he didn't dislocate the fracture and that he needs to stay still.  Damon says that he would be resting if they would give him something for the pain.  Tad asks Angie to give Damon something to take the edge off.  Angie says that Damon already got morphine and that she is trying to space out his meds because she doesn't want him to overdo anything.  Damon says that he can't take it anymore and Angie gives him a shot.  Tad tells Damon to stay in bed and not do anything unless Angie tells him to.  Angie tells Tad that she has to try to hold Damon off on his medication because he needs to learn to work through the pain without relying on medication.

A nurse tells David that he can't bypass the ER because Adam needs to be admitted.  David orders tests and an IV for Adam.  David tells Brooke that he isn't going to let anything happen to Adam.

Annie asks JR to help her with the zipper again.  JR says that it wasn't supposed to happen like this and asks how he could have let this happen.  Annie says that she could have left after the kiss, but she wanted him.  JR tells Annie to finish getting ready because they don't want to be late.  JR says that nobody can know about this and Annie says that she has as much to lose as he does.  Annie leaves and JR throws his briefcase against the wall.

Angie and Tad talk about Damon.  Angie says that a therapist can't offer a proper diagnosis without doing an evaluation.  Angie says that unless they can prove there were mitigating circumstances, Damon's probation could be revoked as soon as he is released.  Tad suggests that maybe Damon got out of bed, so he could stay there instead of in jail.  Angie offers to talk to Damon, but Tad says that it is time for him to step up.

Brooke tells Colby and Scott that David took Adam for some tests.  Scott asks what David is doing there and Brooke explains that she asked the judge to let David treat Adam.  Colby asks if Adam is okay.  Brooke says that the tests are just a precaution, so they can make sure there wasn't any further damage to Adam's heart.  Colby says that she has to call JR, but Brooke says that she already left him a message.  Colby goes to call JR and Scott goes to get an update on Adam.  Scott tells Colby to tell JR to give up his plan for Annie and come home immediately.  Colby says that JR has everything under control.

Marissa shows up at JR's hotel room.

Liza tells the DA that he almost killed Adam.  Jack applauds and says that Liza must be proud of herself for manipulating the judge.  Liza says that David has nothing to worry about.  Jack reminds Liza that there are still other charges that haven't been addressed yet.  Liza asks Jack if he happens to know where Greenlee is.  Jack says that Greenlee isn't going to be Liza's ace in the hole.

Greenlee says that she couldn't understand what was so awful that everyone felt like they had to keep it from her and she knew that Kendall would be completely honest with her.  Greenlee asks Kendall to tell her what happened.  Kendall says that Greenlee wasn't the only one being protected.  Greenlee realizes that Kendall was driving the car that almost killed her.

Liza tells Jack that Greenlee is a material witness and that she has every right to call her to the stand.  Liza asks Jack what would be so important that Greenlee would leave in the middle of her husband's trial.  Jack says that it is personal and Liza asks if Greenlee went to find Kendall.  Liza tells Jack that Greenlee wants David acquitted.  Jack says that Greenlee wants the truth and he is going to make sure that she has the opportunity to deal with it.

Kendall says that it was a terrible accident that should have never happened.  Kendall explains the accident to Greenlee and Greenlee asks why it was covered up.  Kendall explains that Zach covered it up because Kendall was such a mess.

Marissa says that JR seems stressed and says that she isn't contagious anymore.  Marissa asks if JR got her message and he says that they were forced to turn their phones off during the session.  Marissa asks what happened and JR says that he screwed up.

Tad tells Damon that if he keeps messing around, all it will do is tweak his arm worse.  Damon asks Tad to get the nurse to give him another pain pill, but Tad says that Angie is going to regulate Damon's medication.  Tad tells Damon to breathe through the pain and brings up the subject of the psychologist again.  Damon says that he isn't a mental case.  Tad says that sometimes the best way to deal with problems is to face them head on, but Damon says that he isn't interested.  Tad asks if Damon would change his mind if it would keep him out of jail.

Kendall says that she can relate to what Greenlee is going through because of what happened after the tornado.  Greenlee says that there is still a very big part that Kendall is holding back.

JR says that coming on the trip was a mistake because he should have been there for her instead.  Marissa says that she is proud of JR and he should be proud too.  JR says that he overslept and missed an important interview, so he threw something and broke the mirror.  JR says that he wants his life back under control.  Annie opens the door and sees JR and Marissa hugging.

David explains to Colby, Scott and Brooke that Adam suffered a ventricular tachycardia induced arrest due to the stress of the trial.  David says that Adam's heart didn't suffer any further damage.  Brooke asks what happens now.  David says that he can adjust Adam's pacemaker and medication, but it won't make a difference unless Adam's lifestyle changes.  David suggests that Adam should retire because he has dealt with too much stress in his life.  David says that if Adam doesn't remove some stress from his life, he will die.

Annie says that Marissa surprised JR in time because now they can all go meet the president together.  Annie explains that they are going to the British Embassy for dinner and that the president is supposed to make an appearance.  Colby calls JR and tells him that Adam collapsed in court.  JR says that he is on his way.  JR tells Marissa and Annie that Adam collapsed a few hours ago.

Brooke tells Adam that she isn't going to let anything happen to him.

Tad tells Damon that none of his problems might be his fault.  Tad says that if they can prove there was another reason that Damon was distracted, the probation officer might not make an example of him.  Tad tells Damon that he might have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and that they won't know unless Damon is evaluated.  Damon says that he would rather be in jail than be crazy.

David tells Jesse that Adam checked himself out of the hospital, but he has paperwork to do.  Angie says that she will make an exception because technically David doesn't work there, so the rules don't apply to him.  David says that Liza is doing a brilliant job, so he will be back at the hospital soon.  Angie tells Jesse that if David comes back to the hospital, he will make her life a living hell.

Liza leaves a message for Greenlee.  Greenlee asks why Kendall didn't come home.  Kendall says that she and Zach are working on their marriage.  Greenlee says that all Kendall had to do was check in at Fusion, but Kendall says that she was checking in and Erica didn't say anything to her.  Greenlee says that Kendall tried to kill her, so that she could have Ryan to herself.

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