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All My Children Update Friday 4/9/10


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Annie says that her testimony couldn't have went better.  A waiter shows up with room service.  JR says that he called in the order before they left because he thought a celebratory brunch was in order.  JR offers Annie some champagne.  JR walks the waiter out and tells him not to allow any calls to the room.

Adam asks what Brooke is doing out of bed.  Brooke says that she is feeling better and is going to court with him because he needs the support.  Brooke thanks Adam for setting up the videoconference with Laura and Jamie. 

David asks if Liza has heard from Greenlee.  Liza says that David needs to wipe the smile off his face because Greenlee is the only character witness they have.  The judge comes into the courtroom.

Jack meets up with Ryan and asks about Greenlee.  Ryan says that Greenlee is in Mallorca, along with Erica.  Jack says that Greenlee deserves to know the truth and Kendall should be the one to tell her.  Ryan says that he isn't arguing with Jack.

Erica calls Kendall and says that she is in Spain.  Erica says that Kendall needs to know something, but the call is dropped.  Greenlee surprises Kendall.  Greenlee tells Kendall about David finding her and taking care of her.  Kendall says that it is unreal.  Greenlee says that she has had an interesting couple of months.  Kendall says that Greenlee doesn't know how much she was missed.

Jack asks why Ryan didn't stop Erica.  Ryan says that it isn't his job to chase Erica and he was fired from protecting Greenlee.  Ryan tells Jack that Greenlee wants to move on, so he has to respect it.

The DA questions Jesse about Adam's pills being switched.  Liza gets to question Jesse and points out that there is no direct evidence linking David to Adam's "doctored" medication.  The DA calls Gayle to the stand.

Annie says that she is going to call Emma's principal when they get home to set up a date to talk to the children about being compassionate and generous.  JR reminds Annie that they still have the reception at the British Embassy to attend.  JR proposes a toast to Annie.

The DA questions Gayle about the statement she gave to the medical board.  Gayle admits that she lied to protect David from losing his medical license.  Gayle says that David wanted custody of his grandson, so he wanted Adam to be disoriented.  David tells Liza not to mess this up.

Annie and JR talk about how being in DC makes Pine Valley seem insignificant. 

Liza questions Gayle about changing her story.  Gayle says that she covered for David with the medical board because he asked her to.  Liza asks Gayle about Gloucester and Gayle admits that she was caring for Greenlee.

Greenlee says that she can't do the whole happy reunion thing right now because she is trying to catch up.  Kendall says that she has only had contact with Erica for months and didn't know that Greenlee was alive.  Greenlee tells Kendall that she married David.

Annie says that it is easy to get swept in by DC, but nothing has changed.  Annie says that she knows that she won't be able to stop JR from thinking of her as a selfish, two-faced bitch, but JR says that Annie couldn't be more wrong.  JR says that he was impressed with how brave Annie was in front of Congress.  Annie tells JR that she owes him for her happiness because if he hadn't gotten sick, she couldn't have helped him.  JR says that he should be thanking Annie because she saved him.  Annie says that maybe they saved each other.

Liza continues to question Gayle about her relationship with David.  Gayle admits that she loved David, but that she was angry when he married Greenlee.  Liza gets Gayle to admit that she wants revenge on David.

Ryan and Tad talk about Jack's visit.  Ryan tells Tad that Greenlee isn't his responsibility anymore and Tad suggests that maybe Jack wishes she were.  Tad says that having a son-in-law like David would be any father's worst nightmare.  Ryan says that being kept from your child is also a father's worst nightmare.

Kendall and Greenlee talk about David.  Kendall asks Greenlee to explain it to her and Erica says that she can do that.  Kendall confronts Erica about not letting her know that Greenlee was alive.

Tad says that it makes sense that Ryan would want Spike out of the line of fire, while he is going through the custody battle for Emma.  Ryan says that Spike wasn't supposed to be out of the country for this long.  Ryan says that it is time for him to go see his son.

Erica says that she wanted to give Kendall the time she asked for, so they could start to rebuild their lives.  Kendall asks how long Erica planned not to tell her and Erica says that she would have kept it a secret for as long as she needed to.  Erica says that Greenlee has been acting irrational since she came back.

Annie explains to JR that she originally went through with the procedure to make Adam love her more.  Annie admits to JR that she ripped into him on his deathbed.  JR starts laughing and says that they should keep the hate in the past.  Annie says that she is going to get ready for the reception.

The DA questions Adam about the medication he was taking.  Adam tells the DA that when he killed Stuart, it was the worst moment of his life.  Liza asks Adam if he blames David for Stuart's death and Adam says that he blames himself.  Liza questions Adam about allowing David to stay at the mansion, while knowing that David was a fugitive.  Adam admits that he has been having some trouble with his heart and David is an excellent cardiologist.  Adam says that he was using David to keep him alive.

Annie walks into JR's room while he is getting dressed and apologizes.  JR tells her to come in.  Annie asks JR for help with the zipper on her dress.  JR tries to help and apologizes for his hands being so cold.  Annie thanks JR for his help. JR says that Annie looks amazing.

The DA questions Adam some more. David tells Liza to get Adam off the stand immediately.  Liza says that she doesn't think Adam is feeling well. Judge Meyers asks Adam if he would like a recess.  Adam collapses and Brooke gasps.

Kendall asks Erica to leave her and Greenlee alone for a little while.  Erica says that she is at the Hotel El Mar and tells Kendall to call if she needs anything.  Erica leaves and Kendall asks if Greenlee knows about her and Ryan.

Tad says that he knows a PI that could track down Kendall.  Ryan says that he knows they were in Mallorca and that he will search for the yacht.  Ryan leaves a message for Jack saying that he is going to Spain.

JR asks what Annie is feeling and she says that she is feeling JR.

Liza tries to get Adam to wake up.  David tries to help, but the bailiff holds him back.  David says that if they don't do something, Adam will die.

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