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All My Children Update Thursday 4/8/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Lark

Amanda tells Opal that Trevor was asleep as soon as he hit the sheets and Jake thanks Opal for doing this for them.  Jake tells Opal to call them if there is any trouble.  Opal says that she is jealous that she can't take a peek at Amanda's first night as a big-time model.  Amanda says that it is unbelievable, since she found out that the nudity will be tasteful.

Damon asks if Tad told Brooke how sorry he was.  Tad says that there is no way that Damon could have known that Brooke's daughter was killed by a drunk driver.  Jim Shelton shows up to see Damon and they discuss Damon's probation.

JR introduces Annie to Congressman Wilton.  JR gets a call from Colby and plays it off as his doctor checking up on him.  Colby asks JR if he realized his plan is insane and JR says that Colby has to trust him.  JR asks about Brooke and Colby says that Brooke has been released to the mansion.

Brooke tells Adam that she is capable of walking and doesn't need him catering to her.  Liza shows up and tells Adam that they need to talk about him testifying at David's trial.  Liza tells Adam that he has been subpoenaed to testify for both the prosecution and the defense.  Adam gets a call and leaves the room.  Brooke tells Liza not to use Adam. 

JR tells Colby that things are working out perfectly because Annie doesn't know that Adam and Brooke are at the house alone.  JR tells Colby that he will call her later.  Annie tells JR that they have been invited to a reception after their testimony and might meet the president.  Congressman Wilton leaves. 

Brot confronts Natalia about not picking up any overtime.  Natalia says that it is unfair for her to take all the overtime now because Brot needs his fair share.  Brot says that Natalia has plenty of time now that the Fusion assignment is over and she says that the undercover part is.  Natalia says that she is going to get some dinner.

Jake confronts Amanda about the nudity of the photo shoot.  Jake asks if he will be allowed to come show his support.  Amanda says that she isn't sure if they allow outsiders and Jake has to work.  Opal tells Amanda to stop pulling Jake's leg.  Jake asks if there really is nudity and Amanda apologizes.  Amanda tells Jake that Frankie is covering his shift, so he can go with her to the shoot.  Amanda tells Jake that maybe they can talk about the nudity part when they get home.

Colby asks Angie about Damon.  Angie says that she is going to check on Damon and invites Colby to join her.

Shelton tells Tad and Damon that he will make some calls and let them know what he finds out.  Colby and Angie walk in as Shelton is leaving.  Tad says that Damon might actually catch a break because texting-while-driving isn't even a ticket in their state.  Angie asks Tad if they can talk.  Colby asks Damon about his arm.

Angie tells Tad that she talked to the on-call psychiatry resident about Damon. 

Amanda asks about Erica and Randi says that Erica got called out of town.  Randi says that they are going to stream the whole session onto the web, so that the public can leave comments.  Ciro introduces himself as the photographer.  Randi introduces Ciro to Amanda and he asks where she modeled before.  Amanda says that she has never modeled before.  Natalia shows up at Fusion with Brot right behind her.  Brot says that Natalia is in uniform, so she can't be there undercover and Natalia explains that Greenlee hired her to be a model. 

Adam tells Brooke that he knows her children would like to be there, but Brooke says that they have busy lives.  Adam agrees not to bug Brooke about her children and she agrees not to give him grief about taking care of her. 

Annie talks about her testimony and then apologizes to JR.  Annie says that JR must be tired, so she will let him rest, but JR says that listening to her energizes him.  JR tells Annie that they have something in common: they are both screw-ups and have turned their lives around.

Tad confronts Angie about lining up a psychiatrist for Damon without telling him.  Angie says that she was trying to figure out Damon's problems because he reminds her of her brother Teddy.  Angie says that she wants to help Damon figure things out before it is too late and asks if Tad can get Damon to allow Dr. Reingold to evaluate him.  Tad says that it sounds like a great idea.

Damon and Colby talk about Brooke.  Colby apologizes for offering to be Damon's tutor.  Damon says that he wants to be more than Colby's student and Colby says that it sounds good.

Ciro tells Amanda to put lipstick on.

Natalia and Brot argue about her being a model.  Natalia introduces herself to Ciro and explains that she wanted to come early, so that she didn't come cold to the photo shoot.  Ciro tells Natalia that she can watch.  Jake and Brot talk about the photographer.

Marissa calls JR and he tells her that he will be home before she knows it.  JR suggests that Annie should give Adam a call, so she decides to try.  Annie calls Adam and he tells her that Brooke is still at the hospital.  Brooke asks Adam if he has seen her laptop and Annie hears it.  Adam tells her that it was the television.  Annie tells JR that Adam just flat-out lied to her about Brooke being at the hospital when she is really at the mansion. 

Adam asks if Brooke needs something.  Brooke says that she needed her laptop, but she found it.  Brooke says that she is out of the hospital, so Adam could go meet Annie in DC.  Adam says that he has been subpoenaed, so he couldn't go if he wanted to.

Annie says that Brooke probably bribed a doctor, so she could get released early and be alone with Adam.  Annie says that she should show up at the mansion and catch Adam and Brooke in the act.  JR says that he can call Congressman Wilton and cancel, and she could do it via videoconference, but she can't do it with the embassy reception though.  JR tells Annie that if she wants to open up to him, he is right there for her because she looks like she could use a friend.

Ciro tells Amanda what to do for the shoot.

Colby says that she can't wait until Damon is out of the hospital and he says that he is going crazy in there.  Tad and Angie walk in as Colby is leaving.  Angie tells Damon that one of the residents, a psychiatrist, could possibly help Damon. 

Colby runs into Liza and asks what she is doing there.  Liza tells Colby that the big trial starts tomorrow and she wanted to touch base with Colby.  Colby tells Liza that Damon's probation officer was being cool about what happened. 

Angie tells Damon that maybe a professional can give him some guidance.  Damon says that shrinks are for people who are messed up and he isn't mental.

Liza runs into Mr. Shelton and they discuss Damon.  Liza says that Shelton is probably going to get a lot of pressure from his bosses to make an example out of Damon.  Liza wishes Shelton luck.

Natalia says that she is glad she watched Amanda's shoot because now she feels like she can do hers.  Natalia says that Greenlee is offering her more than she can make by working overtime.  Brot asks about Natalia wanting to be a detective and she says that she can do both. 

JR gets Annie a tissue and turns on his hidden camera.  Annie tells JR that she is so lonely lately because she and Adam haven't been together in a long time.  Annie says that she thinks Adam is falling back in love with Brooke.

Damon says that he doesn't need anymore doctors and that all he needs is to get out of there.  Mr. Shelton shows up and says that he is going to have to give it more thought because Damon did break the law.  Damon says that he thought Shelton was going to help him out.  Shelton says that maybe Damon needs a little jail time to turn him around.

Amanda tells Opal about the shoot and Jake says that photographer was crazy.  Jake tells Opal that the shoot is on the internet, so the public could leave comments.  Opal says that she can be Amanda's first fan and they log onto the site.

Brooke says that it is time to call it a night.  Adam says that there is one more thing that he wants to do for Brooke and shows her that he set up a videoconference with her children for her.

JR leans in for a kiss and tells Annie that he is there for her.  Annie runs out of the room.

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