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All My Children Update Wednesday 4/7/10


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Colby asks JR why he and Annie are going to DC alone.  JR says that the congressional subcommittee won't come to Pine Valley and the doctors are giving him the green light to travel.  Colby asks JR if his plan includes getting Annie into bed.  Annie walks up and asks if they have seen Adam because she doesn't think he came home.

Brooke wakes up and sees Adam sleeping in her room.  Brooke asks Adam if he was there all night and Adam says that he came in early this morning.  Brooke tells Adam that he should try to change his clothes next time and Adam says that he was worried about her.  Brooke says that they need to talk about what Adam said to her in the park. 

Ryan says that he thought Tad would be at the hospital, but Tad says that he wanted to clock a few hours first.  Ryan asks about Damon and Brooke and Tad says that they both came through surgery fine.  Tad says that Damon is torn up about the whole situation and Ryan tells Tad to try to be there for Damon. 

Liza leaves a message for Greenlee.  David asks Liza about his plea bargain and Liza says that the DA won't agree to one, so they are going to trial tomorrow. 

Natalia meets with Greenlee.  Greenlee says that she needs Natalia's help as a cop. 

Annie says that Adam spent the night with Brooke.  Colby says that Adam's world doesn't revolve around Annie, but JR says that Adam didn't want to upset Annie.  JR tells Annie that he got the all-clear for their trip to DC and that he arranged a limo, so they can leave as soon as they are packed.  Annie says that she doesn't think it is a good time for the trip, but JR says that Adam would want her to go and the subcommittee is expecting her.  Annie says that she is going to the hospital to check on Adam.  Colby says that JR should hope that Annie doesn't go because this is his worst idea ever. 

Adam says that it was foolish of him to bring it up.  Brooke says that they have to put things right between them because Adam is married.  Adam tells Brooke that someone brought her a note and Brooke tells Adam that Damon wants to meet her. 

Marissa tells Krystal that she is feeling better and that she is getting something to eat.  Krystal says that Marissa needs her rest and that she doesn't look better.  Marissa says that she is going to try to eat something that doesn't make her nauseas. 

Ryan says that if Liza moved the court date up, she must feel confident about the case.  Tad says that maybe Liza is messing with the DA.  Ryan says that he is going to take a trip to see Spike.  The conversation changes to Greenlee, but Ryan says that protecting her isn't his job anymore. 

Greenlee tells Natalia that she knows there was another car involved in her accident, but can't find out who it was.  Natalia says that she can access the official police reports using her PVPD status.  Natalia says that Greenlee has a right to know the information and Greenlee thanks her.  Natalia gets to the official report and finds out that it has been sealed.  Natalia says that it usually happens when there is a minor involved or when someone with a lot of pull gets it sealed. 

Greenlee goes to see Erica and says that she knows everything.  Erica says that the accident has nothing to do with her.  Greenlee says that she knows the accident is being covered up and knows who is being protected.  Greenlee asks Erica what she knows about the accident and Erica says that she knows Greenlee skidded off the road on her motorcycle.  Erica says that nobody is hiding anything and that she has work to do.  Greenlee tells Erica that she isn't going to stop until she finds out what happened.  Erica leaves and Greenlee decides to find out what Erica is hiding. 

David tells Liza that he wants the deal, so she needs to talk to the DA again.  Liza says that any deal would include jail time and it isn't happening.  David asks what the plan is and Liza says that they moved the court date up to throw the DA off.  David says that Greenlee isn't to get involved because he doesn't want to chance Greenlee hearing that Kendall drove her off the road.  Liza tells David to get used to time behind bars then. 

Colby asks JR what he ordered from the spy tech shop.  JR says that the plan is to get Annie to come on to him in DC, so he can record it and show Adam.  Marissa calls and JR tells her that he is going to DC with Annie to give their pitch to the congressional subcommittee.  Marissa tells JR to take care of himself because she doesn't want anything to happen to him.  JR says that when he gets back, Marissa will be all better and then their family will be back together.  JR says that he will call Marissa later.  Colby asks why JR didn't inform Marissa of his plan with Annie.   

Adam tells Brooke that Colby is fine and Brooke says that she should see Damon alone.  Brooke tells Adam to go talk to his wife and meets with Damon.  Damon apologizes to Brooke. 

Annie says that she was worried because Adam didn't come home.  Adam says that he didn't want to leave Brooke alone and that he should have called, but didn't want to wake Annie.  Annie says that she is staying because Adam needs her and the trip to DC is a mistake. 

Liza says that she might need David to take the witness stand, so they should go over what he will have to say.  Krystal shows up to see David and tells him about Marissa having the swine flu.  David says that maybe Marissa is better off with out him and Krystal says that he is taking the easy way out. 

Erica tells Ryan that they need to talk about Greenlee.  Erica asks if Ryan told Greenlee anything about the accident and Ryan says that he hasn't said anything.  Erica says that Greenlee is hell-bent on finding out what they are all hiding.  Ryan says that he doesn't understand why they are hiding anything because Greenlee can handle the truth.  Erica says that Greenlee is more vindictive than people think. 

Greenlee tells Natalia to search Erica's files.  Natalia suggests that maybe everyone is trying to protect Greenlee, but Greenlee says that she doesn't need protecting.  Greenlee says that Kendall will tell her what really happened. 

Ryan says that the truth about the accident should be out in the open.  Ryan says that if Erica isn't going to do the right thing, maybe he will and leaves. 

Natalia and Greenlee look at a picture that Kendall sent Erica.  Natalia says that if they can get the name of the yacht, they can track it down.  Natalia and Greenlee blow up the picture and find out that the yacht is called "The Red Wing."  Greenlee says that she hopes Kendall is ready to see a ghost. 

JR tells Colby that he will not betray his wife.  Colby asks JR if he remembers how crazy Annie gets unleashed when she has a new guy to obsess over.  JR reminds Colby that she tried to get Scott to seduce Annie away from Adam.  Colby says that Scott isn't married and reminds JR that her plan didn't go anywhere.   

David says that he should have reached out to Marissa more, but he isn't going to force a relationship on her while he is locked up.  David promises to make it up to Krystal and Marissa when he gets out of jail, but Krystal says that she doesn't have much faith in his promises.  Krystal leaves.  Liza tells David that they need to get back to business, but he says that they can do it later. 

Annie says that Adam can't keep sleeping in hospital chairs until Brooke gets out of there.  Adam says that he only stayed because he wanted to make sure Brooke was okay after her surgery, but will be sleeping in his own bed tonight.  Annie asks if Adam will reconsider going to DC with her, but Adam says that he won't be much fun on the road.

Damon says that he is glad that Brooke and Colby are okay.  Brooke says that she will be fine in a couple of days.  Damon says that it wouldn't have happened if he wasn't so stupid.  Brooke says that accidents happen and Damon tells her that he was texting and driving.  Adam comes over and asks if Brooke is okay.  Brooke sobs while Adam takes her back to her room. 

Ryan asks if Greenlee is there, but a woman says that Greenlee left a little while after Erica.  Ryan asks Erica what is going on.  Erica says that Greenlee went though her stuff after she left.

Greenlee shows up to see David and says that she won't testify if he doesn't want her to.  David asks if something is going on and Greenlee says that she just has a lot going on.  Greenlee tells David that he will get cleared and asks him to trust Liza.  Greenlee says that she has to go and David asks where she is going.  Greenlee says that she won't forget everything that David has done for her. 

Tad asks what is going on and Damon says that Brooke was there.  Damon tells Tad what happened and Tad tells Damon about Brooke's daughter Laura being killed in a car accident. 

Brooke apologizes for getting so emotional.  Adam says that Brooke will never recover there, so she is going home with him to the best care available. 

JR asks Colby to make sure AJ doesn't stay up real late.  Colby asks if JR still thinks they are going to DC and JR says that Annie will be there.  Annie shows up and JR asks if she is ready.  Annie says that Adam promised not to spend the night at the hospital anymore, so she is going to finish packing. 

Erica says that there isn't anything there that could give Greenlee information about the accident.  Ryan tells Erica that the picture from Kendall was accessed recently.  Ryan says that maybe Greenlee went to find out what happened from Kendall.  Erica calls Val to charter a flight to get to Kendall before Greenlee does. 

Liza asks Greenlee to get David to allow her testimony, but Greenlee says that she has to go somewhere and she won't be available to testify.  Liza asks if this has something to do with the accident.  Greenlee tells Liza to do whatever it takes to get David acquitted.

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