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Erica leaves Kendall a message saying that they need to talk about Greenlee's accident immediately.  Greenlee snatches the phone and tells Kendall to call her instead of Erica.

Tad asks Damon if he knows how dangerous texting while driving is.  Colby says that she was sending the message to Bailey and that Damon was just dictating what she was typing.  Liza tells Colby to stop protecting Damon because he isn't worth it.  Damon admits that he was texting and that it was all his fault.  Jesse and Tad talk about what is going to happen.  Angie walks in and says that it must wait because Damon needs surgery.

Adam says that Brooke should be the priority, not Damon.  Frankie says that they are doing everything they can for Brooke.

Annie asks JR if he thinks that everything will fall into place if she speaks from the heart.  JR says that it will be like talking to friends instead of giving a speech and it will give off a different vibe.  Annie says that she can do it.  JR says that now all Annie has to do is pick out a dress.  Annie calls Adam and asks if they should take the limo or the private jet.  Adam says that he isn't going because something happened at the hospital.  Annie tells JR that she doesn't know what is going on with her and Adam.

Colby asks if there is any news on Brooke and Adam says that he hasn't heard anything.  Colby tells Adam that she is okay and Brooke will be too.  Frankie comes over and tells them that Brooke has a ruptured spleen and that the surgeon is removing it.  Adam asks if Brooke will be okay and Frankie says that they don't expect any complications, but there is a lot of internal bleeding.

Tad says that he doesn't know whether to wring Damon's neck or hug him.  Jesse says that they don't have to do this right now and that Damon is going to have to check in with his probation officer.  Tad says that Damon can't do time.  Jesse says that he can call Damon's probation officer and try to feel him out.  Tad asks if he is supposed to tell Jamie that his long-lost brother killed his mother.  Jesse says that Tad should tell Jamie that his mom is going to be just fine.  Tad asks Angie to call after Brooke comes out of surgery and asks Jesse to let him know what the probation officer says.  Ryan asks Tad how Damon is doing and Tad says that he isn't good.

Colby says that she is going to get some water and asks why Liza is still there.  Colby and Liza argue about Damon.  Liza offers to take Colby home, but Colby says that she is going to stay there.  Liza says that Damon has Tad and that Colby has been through enough, but Colby says that she is staying.  Liza asks why Colby won't let her help and Colby says that if Liza really wants to help, she can be Damon's attorney.  Liza asks what it will take for Colby to stay away from Damon and Colby says that maybe she should stay away from Liza.

Tad asks if Liza is okay.  Liza says that Damon almost killed Colby and tells Tad to keep Damon away from her daughter.  Tad says that Damon needs a friend and everyone is entitled to someone to talk to. 

Ryan runs into Liza and asks about Colby.  Liza says that Colby is fantastic, as long as she isn't around.  Ryan asks if Liza has talked to Tad.  Liza asks why she would talk to Tad when she is busy with the trial of the year.  Ryan says that he is confused and Liza says that the case is going to cement her reputation as an attorney. 

Erica says that Kendall doesn't need to hear Greenlee harping in her ear because she is trying to repair her marriage to Zach.  Greenlee says that Erica doesn't want Kendall to discover her Fusion takeover quest, but Erica says that she is protecting her daughter.  Greenlee tries to get Kendall's number from Erica's phone.  Erica says that Kendall doesn't even know that Greenlee is alive because the timing hasn't been right.  Erica says that there is no way she will let Greenlee hurt Kendall the way she hurt Ryan.  Greenlee tells Erica to give her Kendall's number, but Erica tells her to call information.

Colby says that she brought some water and apologizes to Adam.  Annie leaves a message for Adam and then tries to call Brooke, but gets her voicemail too.  Adam remembers his conversation with Brooke.

Angie tells Tad that Damon's arm was fused together with metal hardware and that with some physical therapy, he shouldn't have any problems.  Tad says that Damon will be happy to know that he can play guitar again, but he hopes it isn't in prison.  Tad asks to see Damon and Angie tells him what room Damon is in.  Tad and Colby go to see Damon.

Angie tells Jesse that Damon is going to be fine and that Brooke should be out of surgery soon.  Angie asks if Jesse got in contact with Damon's probation officer and Jesse says that everything is up to the judge.  Angie asks if Jesse can make this better and Jesse says that Damon needs a swift kick in the butt.

Tad and Colby go to visit Damon.  Damon asks about Brooke.

Frankie tells Adam that Brooke came through surgery without any complications and Adam asks if he can see her.

Liza tells the DA that David is interested in an offer.  The DA says that if David pleads guilty to all charges, he will be out in 5 years with good behavior.  Liza says that she will relay the message to her client, but Greenlee says that there is no way that David is going to prison.

Erica tells Ryan that they need to talk about Greenlee, but he refuses.  Ryan says that he would help with anything, but not with Greenlee.

Tad says that he would like to be the first to sign Damon's cast.  Colby says that she can get a tattoo artist to draw something edgy on it.  Colby's phone goes off and she says that her dad is sending her home.  Colby finds Adam in the hallway and he tells her that Brooke pulled through and is out of surgery.  Colby asks if Adam is going to come home too and he says that Brooke needs him. 

Adam visits Brooke in the hospital. Colby tells JR and Annie what happened.  Annie asks if Adam is at the hospital sitting with Brooke and Colby says that he didn't want to leave Brooke alone.  JR asks where Annie is going and Annie says that she is going to show her support.  Colby says that nobody wants Annie at the hospital, but Annie leaves.  Colby and JR talk about Damon.  Colby says that Damon just needs a chance and that is why she is going to tutor him for his GED.  Colby tells JR that she knows what she is doing.

Angie asks Damon how he feels and he says that he is a little fuzzy.  Angie says that Damon will be up and about in a few days.  Tad says that he will sneak Damon in a couple of pizzas.  Damon says that he really screwed up and Tad tells him to leave his cell phone in his pocket next time.  Angie tells Tad to look at Damon's transcript comments.  Tad says that he hopes Jesse appreciates Angie because he does.  Jesse says that he is the luckiest man on the planet to have Angie as his wife.  Angie says that they aren't going to be able to go to the Evergreen and Jesse tells her not to get sucked in too deep because she needs a break too.

Greenlee says that David isn't taking the deal because she is going to make sure he gets his day in court.  The DA says that he was under the impression that David wanted the case resolved as soon as possible, but Greenlee says that he is mistaken.  The DA says that the deal is still on the table.  Liza asks Greenlee if she is willing to testify and the DA says that they will see each other in court.  Liza says that the jury needs to hear how David rescued and nurtured Greenlee back to health.  Greenlee says that she will make sure they hear every detail.  Liza says that first they have to convince David to go to court.  Greenlee says that David has no choice but to see reason.  Liza says that she doesn't know who is more stubborn, David or Greenlee.

Brooke wakes up and asks Adam where she is.  Adam asks if she remembers the car crash.  Brooke asks for some water and Adam gets it for her.  Adam gives Brooke the gift from Colby and says that he never should have let her leave the park.  Adam tells Brooke to give herself time to recuperate.  Adam tells Brooke that he meant everything he said and everything he didn't say.  Annie shows up and asks if there is anything she can do.  Adam says that there is nothing that Brooke can't handle.  Annie says that Adam should get home and that they will go visit Brooke tomorrow, but Adam says that he can't abandon Brooke.  Annie says that she will get them some coffee, but Adam tells her that Congressman Wilton is waiting for her.  Adam says that he will call her when he can come home.

Erica tells Ryan that they have a problem.  Ryan says that Erica wasted a trip because he isn't getting involved.  Erica tells Ryan that Greenlee has been digging into her accident and that they have to stop her, but Ryan says that Greenlee deserves to hear the truth.

Greenlee says that she and Liza need to work together to get David off.  Liza says that she better not be disappointed and asks what the plan is to get David to trial.  Greenlee says that Liza needs to tell David that the DA won't make a deal.  Liza says that it is completely unethical, but Greenlee says that she will take the blame if David finds out.  Liza says that Greenlee needs to come off completely sympathetic to the jury.  Greenlee says that she was half dead and lost a year in a coma, so she obviously couldn't help herself.  Greenlee asks Liza what David is trying to protect her from.

Annie says that Adam married her and now he is cherishing Brooke.  JR says that Brooke doesn't have any family in Pine Valley.  Annie says that maybe it is time for Brooke to go back to her family.  JR says that Annie is just upset because Adam doesn't want to go to DC with her.  Annie says that she was going to walk the halls of Congress with Adam on her arm, but now she will just be another nobody.  JR says that she will still be Mrs. Adam Chandler, just on JR's arm instead of Adam's.  JR says that they are in this together.  Annie says that she still hasn't figured out what she is going to wear.

Adam and Brooke say good night.

Angie asks if Jesse thinks Damon is working her.  Jesse says that Angie shouldn't take on more than she can handle right now.  Jesse says that he will see her at home.  Angie and Tad talk about Damon.

Ryan says that Greenlee deserves to tell the truth.  Erica asks if Ryan would feel the same way if it meant Zach and Kendall ending up in prison.  Ryan says that it was an accident.  Erica tells Ryan that he can't tell Greenlee the truth and Ryan says that Kendall needs to.

Greenlee asks Liza to tell her what David is hiding from her.  Liza says that Greenlee should be having the conversation with David.  Greenlee says that she should know in case it throws her on the witness stand.  Liza says that there was another driver involved in Greenlee's accident.

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