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Adam says that he owes Brooke an apology.  Annie comes up and asks what happened between him and Brooke.

David tells Liza that Greenlee's best friend drove her off the road.  Liza says that Zach took responsiblity when he was talking to the police.  David says that Zach lied and that he kept it out of the press too.  Liza says that she gets why Zach covered it up, but asks why David did.  David says that he couldn't risk upsetting Greenlee with all their betrayals because she was still too fragile.  Liza asks how long David thinks he can keep this from Greenlee.  David says that the only other person who could tell her was Erica and he is sure Erica hasn't even told Kendall that Greenlee is back from the dead.

Greenlee asks Erica what she doesn't know.  Erica says that she has work to do.  Greenlee tells Erica to just tell her what happened.

Ryan gives Tad a last chance to back out of the job, but Tad says that he needs the distraction.  Ryan asks if the kid Tad has been helping is causing trouble.  Tad says that he thinks the kid is going to self-destruct.

Colby says that Damon is going too fast and that she will text Bailey for him.  Damon says that he is done and then tires screech and metal crunches.

Ryan says that he was a lot like Damon when he was younger, but that Tad just needs to be a little patient with him.  Tad says that patience is in short supply.

Ryan and Madison talk about Craig.  Madison asks if Ryan wants to join her for a drink, but he says that he has some business to take care of.  Madison says that she is going to try her luck at the tables. Ryan asks Tad to keep an eye on Madison for him.

Erica asks why Greenlee won't let it go.  Greenlee says that she almost died, so she has a right to know what really happened.  Erica tells Greenlee about all the things Ryan did after the accident and asks her to drop it.  Greenlee says that she is not letting this go. 

Liza tells David that this new information pretty much guarantees an acquittal, but David says that he isn't going to blow Greenlee's life out of the water.  Liza suggests that Greenlee could testify to just what she remembers, but David says that the more Greenlee harps on that evening, the more it will come crashing back at her.  David says that he wants to plead out.

Adam says that he kept getting distracted while he was supposed to be working on some Tempo paperwork with Brooke.  JR tells Adam to stop worrying because he is fine.  Adam says that he has a call to make.  Annie and JR talk about the speech they will be giving in DC and the statistics about bone marrow donations. 

Adam leaves a message for Brooke apologizing for what he said and asking her to call back.

Jake tells Angie about basically being fired by the nanny.  Angie says that there is something to be said for a little alone time.  Jesse shows up and says that he has a bag packed for their trip to the Evergreen.  Jesse gets a call saying that Colby's car was involved in an accident and tells Angie that he has to take this.

Tad asks Ryan why he is watching Madison.  Tad tells Ryan about Madison causing some problems at the dance marathon.  Tad gets a call from Angie.  Angie tells Tad that Colby and Damon were involved in an accident.  Tad asks Ryan to find someone to cover because his kid's in the hospital.

Ryan asks Madison if her luck ran out.  Madison says that things could turn around if Ryan would be willing to float her a loan.  Ryan says that he can't do that and suggests that they should get a drink and start being honest with each other.

Liza asks why David wants to cop a plea.  David says that there is no way he is destroying Greenlee by putting her on the stand.  Liza tells David that Greenlee married him to get back at Ryan.  David tells Liza to make the call because it is his life and his decision.  Liza gets a call.

Adam leaves Brooke another message.  Then Adam gets a call from Angie.

JR tells Annie that she should be the one to address the committee because she went through the operation that they are trying to raise awareness for.  Annie says that she isn't doing it alone.  JR says that he will help her prep, but Annie says that she would rather get help from Adam.

Angie goes to check out Colby, who is more concerned with Damon than herself.

Jake checks out Damon and says that his arm is broken and maybe some ribs too.

Angie asks Jesse about the other car.  Jesse says that fire and rescue are having some problems getting the other driver out.  Angie asks if the family has been notified and Jesse says that he just got an ID and it isn't good.

Ryan says that Madison got in pretty deep last summer and Zach cut her off.  Madison says that her father settled the debt and asks about a line of credit.  Ryan refuses and says that he is trying to make sure Madison's life stays on track.  Madison says that she isn't an addict and Ryan suggests that they talk a walk.

Jack leaves a message for Erica.  Greenlee walks up and tells Jack that she is stronger than he and David think.  Greenlee says that she knows there is more to the accident than she is being told and asks what else happened that night.

David gets a visit from Erica.  David says that Erica must know that Greenlee is digging for informaiton about her accident and that Erica is worried that Kendall could end up sharing a cell with David.

Annie says that she can't believe Adam took off.  JR says that Adam probably had some business to take care of.  JR says that it took him almost dying to finally see what Annie was made of and that is why he wants her to be front and center in DC.

Colby tells Adam that Angie wants to do some X-rays to be safe, but she is fine.  Adam asks how this happened.  Liza tells Adam that there was another car involved, so they should assume that it wasn't Colby's fault.  Adam asks Colby if the other car swerved into her lane and Colby says that she doesn't remember because it happened really fast.  Colby asks if they have to do this now and Liza says that the police are going to want a statement.  Colby says that Damon was driving.

Tad asks Jake what the verdict is.  Jake says that Damon's arm is broken in several places and that he will need surgery.  Tad asks Damon what happened and Damon says that it wasn't his fault.  Damon says that the other car was totaled and asks if Tad thinks the other guy will be okay.  Tad says that they will let them know.

Angie checks out Brooke when she is brought in.

Annie and JR talk about what she should wear.  JR says that the most important thing is the speech.  Scott walks in and JR says that he was helping Annie prep for her testimony in DC.  Annie says that she is going to get started on her speech.  Scott tells JR that he knows what is going on with Annie and it won't work, but JR says that it already is working.  JR tells Scott to focus on the company and try not to lose any more deals like Zach's casino.  JR says that Adam would never admit it, but he is looking for a way out.

Adam says that he wants to see Damon.  Liza says that Damon has done nothing but cause trouble since he got to town.  Colby tells Liza that Tad can see that Damon is a good guy and asks why she can't.

Doctor Wyatt tells Damon and Tad that they will reduce the fracture and put in some hardware to hold the bone in place.  Dr. Wyatt says that he will book an OR.  Tad asks what happened and Damon says that the steering went out.

Adam asks Angie how Brooke is doing and Angie says that it is too soon to tell.  Angie tells Adam to get out of there and let her do her job.

David tells Erica that he has taken a plea bargain to keep Greenlee of the stand, so the secret won't come out in court.  David says that he has done his part and tells Erica to do hers by keeping Kendall far away.

Greenlee needs to know what happened, but Jack thinks she needs to concentrate on her recovery.  Greenlee asks what it will take to prove that she can handle it.  Jack says that pursuing this isn't going to help anyone.

Ryan tells Madison that he understands what it is like to grow up with an abusive father and says that enabling her isn't going to help.  Madison says that she thought they were becoming friends.  Ryan suggests that maybe Madison was just telling him what he wanted to hear.  Madison asks what Ryan thinks she wants from him.  Ryan guesses that she wants an unlimited line of credit.

Adam asks about Brooke.  Angie tells him that she has some internal bleeding and that they are going to get her into an OR as soon as one is available.  Adam asks if he can see her and Angie agrees.

Jake tells Colby that she doesn't have any fractures and is free to go.  Jake tells Colby that Brooke was in the car they hit.  Colby asks if Brooke is okay and Jake says that Angie is doing everything she can and that Damon needs surgery too.  Jake says that Damon busted up his arm, but it's not too bad.  Colby runs into Damon's room and tells him that he is going to be fine.  Liza walks in and tells Tad that Brooke was in the car that Damon hit.

Adam apologizes to Brooke and says that he cares more than she knows.

Scott makes plans to do business with Palmer.  Annie overhears and Scott tells her to keep it to herself.

Annie and JR talk about her outfit choice and her speech.  Annie says that she hasn't come up with the speech yet.  JR tells her to speak from the heart and she relays what was going through her mind through the whole ordeal.  JR tells Annie that she was amazing.

Tad tells Brooke that Laura sends her prayers and that when he talks to Jamie, she will be out of surgery all ready. Adam tells Tad that Damon was his responsibility.  Tad says that it was an accident.  Adam says that if anything happens to Brooke, Damon will answer to him.

Jesse tells Tad that there is something he should hear and they walk to Damon's room.  Colby tells Liza that she isn't leaving until Damon is out of surgery.  Liza says that Damon almost killed Colby and Brooke, but Colby says that Liza has it all wrong.  Jesse says that it turns out that Damon was sending a text while driving.

Jack meets with David.  Jack says that when Greenlee finds out the truth about the accident, she will think that it was anything but an accident.  David says that Greenlee will think that Kendall tried to kill her.

Erica leaves a message for Kendall telling her that they need to discuss Greenlee's accident.

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