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Adam says that he had the best night's sleep that he has had in weeks, along with great dreams.  Brooke asks about Adam's dreams and Adam says that he isn't sure.  Adam remembers dreaming about sleeping with Brooke and she asks him what is wrong.  Adam says that his happy dream was with her.

Liza thanks Judge Harris for fitting her in.  Colby comes up and says that she applied to get course credit for being a tutor and it was approved.  Liza says that she didn't know Colby was interested in tutoring and Colby says that it is a favor for a friend: Damon.  Liza asks why Colby wants to be with Damon when he isn't going anywhere.

Tad shows up to see Angie and asks what Damon did this time.  Angie says that Tad should have seen his son because he was incredible.  Angie explains the situation to Tad and says that Damon showed the kid a card trick and it calmed him down.  Tad asks if that is good and Angie says that it is remarkable.  Angie says that nobody in the hospital could reach the kid, but Damon did.

Erica and Jack go to ConFusion and argue about a table.  The waiter asks if they would prefer separate tables.  Jack says that Erica asked him out on a date and Erica tells him not to make her regret it.

Greenlee tells David that she can handle whatever life smacks her with now and asks if this is about something that already happened.  David says that he doesn't know what she is talking about.  Greenlee asks David what happened that he is trying so hard to hide.  David tells Greenlee to go home.  Greenlee says that David risked everything to help her and save her instead of putting himself first.  David says that he is a doctor and it is what he does, but Greenlee says that this went beyond the call of duty.  Greenlee tells David that she wants the truth about why he doesn't want her near the trial and David agrees to tell her.

Colby says that the tutoring thing could be good for Damon because then he can get his GED and a good job.  Liza says that everything is great until things change.  Colby asks why it is okay for Liza to defend the world's biggest jerk, but it isn't okay for her to tutor someone who needs a break.

Angie says that she can't figure Damon out because he went on a robbery spree, but then connected with a troubled child in a way that not even trained professionals could.  Damon comes in and asks if Tad is checking up on him.  Tad says that he comes in peace and that Angie told him that Damon helped a kid earlier.  Damon says that he just hung out with the kid and that it wasn't a big deal.  Tad says that it is a big deal because Damon might have a gift.

Adam tells Brooke about his dream of dancing with her.  Brooke says that Annie couldn't have been happy to hear about it.  Adam says that it was all completely innocent and Annie wasn't there.

Erica asks Jack to remind her about why they are doing this.  Jack says that Erica asked him out.  Erica says that she isn't rescinding her offer.  Jack says that Erica wants him to let her off the hook, but it isn't going to happen.  Jack tells Erica about a girl in high school that he was intimidated by.  The waiter asks if they have decided what they would like to eat.  Erica asks about a dinner special and Jack orders for them both.  Jack then reminds Erica about the afterglow of their first time together. 

David says that he isn't convinced that Greenlee can handle his trial because she will have to relive everything that happened in the last year.  Greenlee says that she won't be surprised and that she is strong enough to handle it.  David says that it isn't worth the risk, but Greenlee says that it isn't his call.

Liza and Colby talk about Damon.  Liza says that Tad broke her heart when he was a teenager.  Colby says that Tad is nice now and they are together.  Colby says that whatever is going on with Tad is warping Liza's take on her and Damon and leaves.

Tad and Angie try to convince Damon that he could have a real future helping kids out like he did earlier.  Damon tells them that he is good for being a janitor at the hospital.  Colby comes up and tells Damon that she can be his tutor and get course credit for it.  Angie says that a lot of successful people graduate late from high school.  Tad says that they are trying to help, but Damon tells them not to.

Brooke tells Adam that she needs to get back to the office.  Brooke tells Adam that he needs to start working on his marriage to Annie and tell his family the truth about his health.

David says that Greenlee is underestimating the effects that the trial will have on her, but Greenlee says that she will study every detail about her accident and every day until she walked back into Pine Valley.  David tells Greenlee not to do this and the guard comes to tell them that their time is up.

Tad says that he wants Damon to be proud of what he did and to see the potential in it.  Damon says that he can't do this and that he needs to get out of there.  Damon says that he is going for a drive and asks to borrow Colby's car.  Tad yells after Damon and Colby says that she will go.

Liza meets with David and says that she is more than earning her fees.  David tells Liza to kidnap Greenlee and get her away from the trial before it is too late.

Erica and Jack talk about dinner and their date so far.  Erica leaves for a moment and Greenlee shows up.  Greenlee asks Jack how she can be on the witness stand if David refuses to let Liza call her, but Jack says that he can't tell her that.  Greenlee says that she will dig until she knows the whole story, starting with the night of her accident.

Adam says that he can't tell his family about his condition yet.  Brooke says that their deal was only temporary and it isn't her place to be his confidante.  Brooke says that she has to get back to the office.  Adam says that he is grateful when Brooke is around.  Brooke tells Adam that he is married and needs to stop dreaming about her.

David tells Liza that Greenlee is more determined than ever to take the stand at the trial.  Liza says that it is very admirable of David to try to spare his wife the stress of the trial, but he needs to think about his freedom.  David says that he won't set Greenlee up to be crushed.  Liza asks what the big deal is and David admits that Greenlee doesn't know everything.

Greenlee realizes that she is interrupting Jack and Erica's dinner.  Erica says that she is going back upstairs, but Jack asks her not to go.  Erica thanks Jack for dinner and says that she has work to do.  Greenlee tells Erica and Jack to finish their dinner and that she will see him later.  Erica asks Jack what Greenlee said about the night of her accident.  Jack says that Greenlee wants to testify at David's trial, but he didn't say anything about Kendall causing the accident.  Jack says that they can't keep this a secret forever and Erica says that telling her would be disastrous for everyone.  Jack says that Greenlee needs to know the truth.

Angie and Tad talk about Damon.  Angie reminds Tad that he has two terrific sons.  Tad says that this time he feels like he has a hand tied behind his back.

Colby gets into the car with Damon.  Damon tries to stop her and Colby reminds him that it is her car.  Damon rants about Tad and Angie wanting to plan his future and missing Stuart.  Damon says that he asked Bailey to send him a new picture of Stuart, but she hasn't.  Damon starts to text and Colby says that it can wait.

In the park, Adam calls for Brooke as she runs away from him.

Liza asks what Greenlee could find out that would be any worse than Ryan sleeping with Kendall and Erica.  David says that Greenlee's best friend, the same one who jumped into bed with Ryan, is also the one who drove her off the road.  Liza says that Zach took responsibility when talking to the cops.  David says that Zach lied and kept it out of the press too.  Liza says that she understands why Zach covered it up and asks why David did.

Greenlee sits in her office and looks up information on the Internet about her motorcycle accident.

Erica and Jack talk about Greenlee finding out the secret.  Jack tells Erica that Kendall should be the one to tell Greenlee the truth about the accident.  Jack says that Greenlee doesn't even know that there was another vehicle involved or that Zach used his influence to keep it out of the media.  Erica asks why Jack wants to ruin everything and Jack says that the secret is going to come out and he doesn't want Greenlee to be blindsided again.  Erica tells Jack to leave it alone.

Erica gets upstairs and Greenlee asks her what nobody is saying about the accident. 

Angie tells Tad that he isn't doing anything wrong, but he says that he is doing everything wrong.  Angie tells Tad to give it some more time because he will figure it out. 

Colby tells Damon to give her the phone, and she will text Bailey, but he is very upset and declares that he is done. Then he loses control and the tires screech as the car runs off the road.

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